Funny Bicycle Podcast Story

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K1asH3r : Steve Wonder gets me everytime.

Yellow Artist : I'm here from markiplier

Testedant : man..... I wish I could watch this for the first time again

FB.I. Warrant : Hey guys funny story, my FBI team was flying on a helicopter to catch a serial murder who was on the run using his car. Lucky, some random pedestrian biked in front of the car to stop it! What a nice guy ;)

elijah Davila : I thought the JarJar Binks one was a little weak. But then he said 'Buy my mixtape.'

gian franco : When jar jar says "buy my mixtape " I physically leave my hysterical body and float 12ft above it laughing my astral asses off

Shae Moors : Funniest thing ever. Came from markiplier

CheesyBread : Lost it at "Stevie Wonder". It was so funny that I thought that was the apex of the joke until "buy my mixtape"

Brandon Kennedy : I always lose it at Stevie Wonder! xD

Mrius86 : Buy my mixtape

Pedro Ordonez : I hope Stevie doesn't see this video...

Pikachurin 97 : Buy my mixtape is my favorite part

Gumball 9009 : Who else came here from Markiplier??? ✋😜

woody : "buy my mixtape"

Eggs Benedict : So crazy how all these events are related to bicycles 🤔🤔

Riley Wilson Epicarcher999 : can this become a new copypasta

Dave Helli : I needed a good laugh today, thank god this video still exists.

Erik Türner : Thats the funniest shit ive ever seen

bowlofarthritus : I was mostly smirking until the jar jar bit with the mixed tape. then I just lost it

Zach F : I lose it as soon as it gets past the porn set then I'm just too far gone when it reaches Jar Jar

GlitchytheGlitch : "buy my mixtape" said the legend as he passed on to a greater place

Ruairí Breslin : I always find myself coming back to this video.

Connor Worley : Funny enough, I was driving home and I saw another person run someone over and then drive off. To be even, I then ran the cyclist over again and am now tracking the driver’s license plate so I can run him over.

loodlebop : how many times can I like this?

Dheel Adheel : That Steve Wonder bit kills me every time

MunMun MurMur : This made me feel a little more faith in humanity.

Gabriel Soldano : Meesa have a funny story...

Josh Howie Racing : These godamn cyclists fishing for insurance money🤣

Pe pe : 27 people got hit by a car today

Aaron Laniewski : *B* *U* *Y* *M* *Y* *M* *I* *X* *T* *A* *P *E*

Doesnt Matter : That's hands down the funniest thing that ever came out of twitch!

mahboi64 : I love it when he realises after a few seconds that it's Jar Jar speaking in the last post

Caleb Davis : Crazy story, I was traveling through time with an alien in their time machine when we happened to see someone watching someone else watching someone else get hit by a car while on their fancy bicycle. The whole thing was enlightening on how people used to treat others and the alien said some quip while adjusting their bowtie.

Liberal Tears : This really brings me back to the good old days of Respawn Inbox with Mr Sark.

Ruslan Goppe : i can watch this forever, that was some creative shit

BiteMePromotions : APLFisher our god and saviour. best chat on twitch.

Eyemotions : "Podcast"

syxxcubes : god i love the internet when shit like this happens

MusicMuster : The little "tehehe"-ing at the end! XD

Soltrigger : This video deserves about a million more views. I'm in tears laughing.

Khanh Nguyen : Leaf: I was laying by the curb when some bike jumps over me and saves my life by running into a car. Every like=prayer to my new bike friend.

ted. 360 : Funny story I got out of the Elton John concert and some guy laying on this street next to a $500 Euro bike after getting hit by a car after the concert was over I saw Elton John he proceeded to take the bike and piss on the man's face

first 10k subs get free VHS copies of my videos : 1:41 lmaoooo

OreoKatt : the seagulls always make me die inside

Movie Junkie : This has to be the greatest moment ever captured by any human being in a live stream situation.

Mrius86 : I have to stop halfway because I laugh so hard I can't breathe lol

TedMan 69 : First from Markiplier

Simone Sanders : It's midnight and I'm cackling in my room into a peep pillow.. Help

Gerardo Cueto : too funny

D.C MARTY : This always helps me get a good laugh