Tom Holden 1 Year Recovery 31052018 on fire
Amazing recovery of althlete hit by a car

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This is a video showing the recovery by Tom Holden of Tonbridge Athletic Club and Loughborough University, from a major cycling accident. Tom had the accident on 31st May 2017 and here we see the progress that he has since made.


Kasey Clarke : Such an inspiration to everyone, showing me never to give up and follow my dreams, I see your recovering well!! 😃

Adam Ireland : Amazing work, absolutely inspirational.

But Tomler : Incredible. With that work ethos and will, you'll make it far

Smclinto : Great work pal. Keep it up!

Worcestershire Office of Data Analytics : Tom and Family - love your dedication - whatever life brings to you, sure you will succeed with that endeavour

Admiral Roadsoda : You are an inspiration. from one Tom holden to another

Gaming_Rewindz : I got to the secondary school he went to (wilsons)

terrarumsports : Wow, that is amazing, hopefully he get's back to the level he wants but regardless the work he is putting in and the progress he is making is inspiring

Eric Jakows : Hi Mark, we're interested in featuring this video on our TV show/digital platforms called, "RightThisMinute" with full credit to you and wondered if that's OK with you. Please email me at for more details. Let me know. Thanks so much!

MxsseyRuns : This is absolutely incredible. Heartbreaking yet so amazing at the same time. #AnythingIsPossible

Rodney McQueen : winning!

Swodeyem : That was bloody superb.

Torin Brooks : ❤️

Jimmy Tenname : hope you don't mind.. i posted this on reddit to get you some more views