Tom Holden 1 Year Recovery 31052018 on fire

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Pablo Aimar : This video sums up the qualities of a great/good athlete (runner) which are self motivation, determination, perseverance, passion and not to give up even if there is no light at the of the tunnel. Keep up the good work and you will get there soon 🙏

MxsseyRuns : This is absolutely incredible. Heartbreaking yet so amazing at the same time. #AnythingIsPossible

terrarumsports : Wow, that is amazing, hopefully he get's back to the level he wants but regardless the work he is putting in and the progress he is making is inspiring

Rodney McQueen : winning!

Lloyd Kerr : Bad ass 🔥

Jimmy Tenname : hope you don't mind.. i posted this on reddit to get you some more views

Adam Ireland : Amazing work, absolutely inspirational.

Smclinto : Great work pal. Keep it up!

Xx _DrizzyBoi_ xX : I got to the secondary school he went to (wilsons)

Dark Solider Gaming : ❤️

Swodeyem : That was bloody superb.

But Tomler : Incredible. With that work ethos and will, you'll make it far

Worcestershire Office of Data Analytics : Tom and Family - love your dedication - whatever life brings to you, sure you will succeed with that endeavour