Testing The World's Longest Echo
testing the worlds longest echo

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Technically, the Inchindown oil tanks in Invergordon, Scotland, have the world's longest reverberation, but that makes a much worse title. We tested them with a loud noise and some very sensitive microphones. Matt's musical experiments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzMVJkTjKNc Behind the scenes on the Matt and Tom channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4qplnaPjbk Thanks to Allan, Alan and Preston for all their help on the day, and to landowners the Bannerman Group for allowing us access! Edited by Michelle Martin, @mrsmmartin I'm at http://tomscott.com on Twitter at http://twitter.com/tomscott on Facebook at http://facebook.com/tomscott and on Instagram as tomscottgo


AFaultyClockworkOrange : Huh, I thought the biggest echo chamber in the world was twitter :P

Henriko Magnifico : you should have shouted in there

Zylon FPV : This is awesome, but I’m slightly disappointed you didn’t yell something like “BOLLOCKS!” and then show how that reverberated 🤔

doodbool : couldn't you just yelled? goddammit i wanted to compare it to regular echo

Invalide_Account : *pink floyd wants to know your location*

Wealdstone Raider : Get 100 men to sing the Halo theme together god damn it might open up a portal

Voello : The scariest thing is its a room full of oil residue with only an 18-inch pipe to get out.

Ian Williams : "Firing a gun in an oil storage facility"

SirBanana : This is some soothing ASM- *_BANG_*

akjgo1994 : The opportunity to tell “one take” was completely lost. Way to go Tom

grovermatic : Anyone else have a mini panic attack thinking about going through that tube?

EANTY Crown : suddenly sneezing in there must be quite the experience

Gradius : I'm physically sickened that you didn't shout 'Echo!' at the top of your lungs. Instead I sat through 3 minutes of you whispering like you were in a library. A place with an echo so impressive you try and make as little sound as possible? Disliked, unsubbed, and reported to Youtub- yeah okay it was still an interesting video. But c'mon.

BreakingBorderline : Did you happen to get a recording of the pistol without turning up the mic gain? I'm sure other audio geeks like me would love to have an impulse response of this space, so we can recreate the reverb with our own sources.

Jokeritu : Oh, come on! You seriously didn't shout hello or something like that?

Philosophy Mean : Ah yes, my ex-wife's birthing canal. We meet again.

Skye & Winter : Please tell me you got an impulse recording available for music application. ;_;

Teraplexor : Very impressive video Tom, didn't think I'd ever learn something like that. Loved the video, one of the best channels out there.

Džiugas Kazakevičius : This is my hole it was made for me!

Rachel Foster : "check your volume, we're returning to normal speech" more channels need to do that if there's a quiet bit in their videos

Jack Alexander : They need to play hey delilah at 2:37 pm with moderate traffic there

Anna Staverud : Honestly, I'm just waiting for the video where you step out on to Mars and explain why we as humans can, or can't, live there...

Trolligarch : Now cram all the ASMR Youtubers there so they can have a field day.

Wael WM : *Claustrophobia intensifies *

Hamza Ziati : I could hear Freddie Mercury singing his "EHO" note in there

wafemaster : Am i the only one thinking of farting in a megafone?????

O Circles : "This tank was professionally cleaned in the 90s, but old oil still slowly seeps back out of the walls" Perfect place to fire a gun in :D

JJs shits n gigs : okay but i cant be the only one who heard a PS2 powering on no?

clive ramsbotty : I can see why they called them Inchindown tanks after having seen the way you entered them.

Ottar Kraemer : Frankly, Tom ( and Matt) - your channel is in my opinion the best that youtube has to offer. ANYTIME you upload something it is interesting, well informed and makes me want to KNOW MORE: :) Hats off to you, sir!

idhott2003 : Legend has it the Comfortably Numb guitar solo was recorded here

巨人の肩 : *tongueclicks* nnnoice

James : R.I.P. headphone users who didn't adjust their volume, bet that hertz.

Gord Slater : Fuel vapours. Starting pistol. No tanks (geddit?)

Silver Chariot : Get Rob Scallon in there.

BitTripTristam : Oh so it wasn't Gordon Ramsay talking in the beginning.

LEGO Yoda Ghost : The paranoia I got watching you slide through that 18 inch hole

Ultra Nyan : Would play loud nigra from a bluetooth speaker


DMD : can i take my v10 with custom exhaust to this place thanks

p. f. : Imagine if this tank would have been empty during ww2 and inside there would be British headquarters. And now imagine, a German soldier sneaking inside to steal some intel and accidentally dropping a piece of metal on the ground. OOF.

Dino Kranjcevic : I was waiting the whole video for you to shout something. Duck, perhaps! But I guess it wouldn't have made an echo. :/

Light Energy : Someone needs to sing Auld Lang Syne or How Great Though Art or something else that would echo well in that tunnel

Light Energy : Someone needs to sing Auld Lang Syne or How Great Though Art or something else that would echo well in that tunnel

AlfonsoB : Didn't know you could still get a starting pistol loicense in the UK

Dai Jeffery : Sing the halo theme in there.

Regian : Did someone say oil? *Calls trump*

Dexter Starling : Halo 1 theme anyone?

100% Dork : Be careful or you’ll wake the Balrog