Testing The World's Longest Echo

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Tom Scott : If you want some more ridiculous noises, do check out Matt’s video — the link’s in the description and the end card!

Drulludanni : the shot was cool and all, but I would have liked to hear some yelling too.

akjgo1994 : The opportunity to tell “one take” was completely lost. Way to go Tom

SirBanana : This is some soothing ASM- *_BANG_*

Henriko Magnifico : you should have shouted in there

MadCat 741 : Now sing the halo theme in there

Thurston Cyclist : I'm getting second-hand claustrophobia just from looking at that pipe. *shudder*

Invalide_Account : *pink floyd wants to know your location*

AFaultyClockworkOrange : Huh, I thought the biggest echo chamber in the world was twitter :P

Zylon FPV : This is awesome, but I’m slightly disappointed you didn’t yell something like “BOLLOCKS!” and then show how that reverberated 🤔

Voello : The scariest thing is its a room full of oil residue with only an 18-inch pipe to get out.

AlfonsoB : Didn't know you could still get a starting pistol loicense in the UK

Gradius : I'm physically sickened that you didn't shout 'Echo!' at the top of your lungs. Instead I sat through 3 minutes of you whispering like you were in a library. A place with an echo so impressive you try and make as little sound as possible? Disliked, unsubbed, and reported to Youtub- yeah okay it was still an interesting video. But c'mon.

doodbool : couldn't you just yelled? goddammit i wanted to compare it to regular echo

Teraplexor : Very impressive video Tom, didn't think I'd ever learn something like that. Loved the video, one of the best channels out there.

100% Dork : Be careful or you’ll wake the Balrog

grovermatic : Anyone else have a mini panic attack thinking about going through that tube?

BreakingBorderline : Did you happen to get a recording of the pistol without turning up the mic gain? I'm sure other audio geeks like me would love to have an impulse response of this space, so we can recreate the reverb with our own sources.

Espen Flagtvedt Olsen : That was amazing. How does it feel to be in such a large place, dark and creepy, with no easy exits?

Trolligarch : Now cram all the ASMR Youtubers there so they can have a field day.

Skye & Winter : Please tell me you got an impulse recording available for music application. ;_;

Jokeritu : Oh, come on! You seriously didn't shout hello or something like that?

EANTY Crown : suddenly sneezing in there must be quite the experience

Fries : *Tom Scott educational asmr*

Ian Williams : "Firing a gun in an oil storage facility"

Ephigy : Lovely asmr in the beginning

Jack Alexander : They need to play hey delilah at 2:37 pm with moderate traffic there

Džiugas Kazakevičius : This is my hole it was made for me!

Emilio Fernandez : Who thinks Tom should make a video about the arecibo message?

Philosophy Mean : Ah yes, my ex-wife's birthing canal. We meet again.

Wael WM : *Claustrophobia intensifies *

FreddaRL : 42 views hype

Simeon Radivoev : Echo, ..echo, ....echo, ........echo

Dino Kranjcevic : I was waiting the whole video for you to shout something. Duck, perhaps! But I guess it wouldn't have made an echo. :/

Talentfrei Entertainment : That's a lot of fuel

thenatbro reincarnated : This guy makes awesome videos. How come he's not super famous?!

mark van dijken : Next time bring a synthesizer, I wanna hear that reverb

tehguitarque : Those tubes are straight out of my nightmares.

Anna Staverud : Honestly, I'm just waiting for the video where you step out on to Mars and explain why we as humans can, or can't, live there...

巨人の肩 : *tongueclicks* nnnoice

clive ramsbotty : I can see why they called them Inchindown tanks after having seen the way you entered them.

Beacon of Wierd : I kayaked though a pipe once, fairly large pipe but it was filled with water so you had to lean back to get through and then your nose was basically touching the ceiling... But that pipe looks way more terrifying, I don't want to imagine trying to crawl through it alone and getting stuck.

Rinoa Super-Genius : I'd be interested to see how somebody would react if they were unwittingly taken to that room, and it was left dark and such. i bet they would freak out

Jo Hinder : What happens if people eat to much in there and can’t get out again? Seems like a problem I might have if I ever go in there

Ottar Kraemer : Frankly, Tom ( and Matt) - your channel is in my opinion the best that youtube has to offer. ANYTIME you upload something it is interesting, well informed and makes me want to KNOW MORE: :) Hats off to you, sir!

sethraptor : how's it smell in there?

Silver Chariot : Get Rob Scallon in there.

Azharil Azizi : I was hoping someone to do *Fus Ro Da* !

Daniel Nunya Bidnezz : How does one of those directional speakers, the ones that can output sound in a narrow beam, work in there? :-)

Philip Hawkins : I would not want to go through that tube.