Anchor drop total failure, the loss of an anchor on the ship

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Paul Legge : I cant believe the guys behind it stayed as long as they did! My ass would have been GONE

DarkAvenga : Why didn't anyone grab it? Like Cmon..

John Case : He could have still tried to stop it by grabbing the chain.

osql8 : Yup, That's a total failure alright.

sachin solanki : after 1000 years they find this chain and keep it in museam

npsit1 : The brake totally just caught fire.. Yeah, that's a fail. I don't think that brake was big enough for the length and weight of the chain/anchor.

jarrod2292 : Must've been his first and last day.

JASON CUMMINS : man that went fast.

Axel Schweiß : oh no, how do you explain it to the captain?

larry g : So this is how 80s hip hop beats were made?

Dave Robinson : Dude you had a fire

ar1hk : rip

Justin A : that could have killed half the crew

9929kingfish : how many fathoms

Josuke222 : Wow dat was sick

Chad White : rookies

Emre Girgin : Malaga

lifelesskids : you fired!

Alex Hndr : noob

bestamerica : ' why not this navy ship use the flexiable strong steel cable / rope [[ stainless metal ]]... no need heavy thick chain

dingle dingas : damn

giovanni medeiros : pega fogo CABARÉ! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA