It’s Build Season Bro (feat. AC Hottie, Sol'ja Boy, MC Finer Flame & Lil' Hustle)

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Raj Sodhi : team 8 approves

Fazlul Zubair : Great job! Really enjoyed it!

Tal Fuks : dank memez

Official FIRST : Congrats on being a #FIRSTParody finalist!

Jack Schafer : nice

St. John Tsuno-Wayne : 💯🔥💯

Danny Le : Fire

MICHAEL MYERS : Whats ac hotties ig tho

Carr Builds : Life is pain

Canel Hancar : I voted for this

Maura Rhodes : Awesome job, Robotics Team!

Justin Scott : This is great.

TyingSaturn1768 : I'm simultaneously impressed and disappointed :P Still enjoyable though

Bharat Kathi : This was actually 🔥🔥🔥

Gamerdynasty4ever : Jake paul would be proud

TheRealMemist : Team 747 enjoyed this