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Daniel Tillotson : Before he was the spawn of satan he used to play fetch

Mᴀᴅᴀᴍ Mᴀɪɴᴇᴄᴏᴏɴ : I think your pigeon is sick.


Hola Burger : The thumbnail looks like it was eating a fish lol.

PhantomKiller76 : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He flips his gut sacc

hahalord : That cat is sick because it's recorded vertically.

Daniel Tillotson : he is okay, thick boi just eats too fast.

Noobies Legends : Category : Cars & Vehicles What I see : puking cat Nice Youtube


you know that Kate bitch : he protec He attac but most importantly he regurgitate his snacc

fireheartwarrior19 : When I saw the thumbnail I thought there was a lizard jumping into his mouth but it was vomit.... ew and poor boi

Speed Comparer : Enjoy and savour food < SHOVEL IT DOWN YOUR FKING THROAT TILL YOU PUKE

XxBlue StarxX : *m o n t y n o o o o o o*

Creativity Cat : Why is it age restricted?! I watched before it was and I was literally only a cat puking!! Wtf YouTube?!

LonelyVibes : The guy behind the camera lmfao.

Gias Wonky eyelash : Roses are red Violets are blue For gods sake Monty is going to be sick on you

akimi2003 : Need a dog too. They’d clean that right up...

Lord Fadora : (Aiming at the sofa with a precision scope) Cat: “Target locked, getting ready to fire.”

hanahakiflowers : doctor: you have 17 seconds left to be able to make any noise me: watches this and laughs

ThomerTD : *This changed my life*

theblocksays : "You can't win Hooman, I have the high ground!" *begins hacking* LMAO

GlitchMod : I can’t live without this content.

minfires : I'm so happy I clicked on this video. Idk why. But I am.

jiminsdimp1e ' : *Monty No has enter the chat*

NegroKetchum : YouTube recommending a quality cat video that isn't five years old? That's a first.

Xande : One of my cat ate salad once. He also likes to lick strawberries until they are completely desintegrated. Another one likes to drink apple juice. Always small quantities but still. I always show my cats what im eating AND, if they feel like it, I'll give them a little piece of whatever im eating. Best cats ever!

Atomic AF : He protec He attac but unfortunately, he have to yak

Dalee Springdraw : I swear to god the thumbnail tho

Tyler Mcay : Think about it, He had to go over his cat frame by frame being sick on the carpet to get that thumbnail... Let that sink in

sophie brooks : People should have to watch this video before being allowed to buy a kitten

lynx pawz : Another cat video that reached 1m views just because it's a cat video

Secret Squirrel : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He spit up his snacc

napstablook the ghost : Roik and monty Rick and morty

A Drum Tsukumogami : Monty had a little too much catnip

Ancsee013 : The thumbnail is what got me most 😂😂😂

A random Butterfly Cat : Man this new Spider-Man game looks so good

IDon'tCare ThisWorldSucks : "This is what I truly think of your interior decorating, H U M A N ."

Kasey Scarah : He was just sick of you filming vertically

Fan Person : Why am I watching a cat vomit and why is it so funny

Vitsy : When i see the thumbnail what? After see the video - *WhAt?*

Mogeko123 yf : It looked like he had a really long tongue in the thumbnail-

Julian Lagerstedt : Protectile vomit +2 Range +1 damage -6 reload

Nataley Hattery : Its funny because why would he climb all thw way up their to throw up XD

Jarrod A : Humans rain hellfire from sky But cats rain vomit from sky

Liam Gillin : Thought it was a bird that flew into his mouth while yawning from the thumbnail... Did not expect this.

SCP-017b : هههههههههه جميل ومقرف 🤣

Commissar Purity : *justice RAINS FROM ABOVE!*

Reno Uzumaki : So instead of cleaning up the previous vomit on the floor from your cat you’d rather record it doing it some more? Weird flex but okay...

Tomas Henry : When you eat to much candy 0:11

D E P R E S S I O N . . . : *Noooo he wasn’t readyy*