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Daniel Tillotson : for anyone wondering what this spawn of satan is doing up there

Mᴀᴅᴀᴍ Mᴀɪɴᴇᴄᴏᴏɴ : I think your pigeon is sick.

Daniel Tillotson : he is okay, thick boi just eats too fast.

Speed Comparer : Enjoy and savour food < SHOVEL IT DOWN YOUR FKING THROAT TILL YOU PUKE

akimi2003 : Need a dog too. They’d clean that right up...

GlitchMod : I can’t live without this content.

Atomic AF : He protec He attac but unfortunately, he have to yak

IDon'tCare ThisWorldSucks : "This is what I truly think of your interior decorating, H U M A N ."

Екатерина Ивановская : - Monty, nooo - MONTY YAAAS, BEEEERERDFFDFDF

Natia kaxa Svanidze natia : 11/10 for that thumbnail

Julian Lagerstedt : Protectile vomit +2 Range +1 damage -6 reload

Versaucey : Have you tried turning it off and on?

AliveC4T : 1960: People will be living on Mars by early 2000's 2018: People watch barfing cat on youtube

Mirani Kawanapu : That last "nooo!" has me deceased 💀😂

Purity fbi : *justice RAINS FROM ABOVE!*

Secret Squirrel : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He spit up his snacc

Mictlantecuhtli : Yep, I have found a twin of my cat. Eating too fast, vomiting it afterwards and meowing that he is hungry again. Nice throw, Monty.

Kakes Cake : This made my day!! "MONTY NOOO!! "

Hououin Kyouma : He's just having fun trying to puke from far distance

Snake_XIX : Death from above

standby unit : Too much drinking last night with the cool cats

LeaderOfTheStarrySky : Khajiit eat bad moon sugar

Gamal Elkordy : From the thumbnail I thought there was a bird climbing in his mouth

Payres : A lone b17 flying over Berlin dropping the last of its ordnance in a desperate attempt (colorized, circa 1945)

內馬爾 : watch a cat throwing up at 2am and it's funny in a weird way

Jonathon Horrox : This, this is what the internet was created for

valou technic : He protec He attac But most importantly He vomit on bad people

Brayden Faganello : This is karma for stealing that man's lunch money.

B-Wulf : The untold glories of cat ownership, they always go for the carpet. ALWAYS!

A Person : he do a sicc. Help him.

Depression Session : *Play of The Game*

Tomislav Tomljenović : This is what I call a quality content

Anime_love aly :3 : *Smart boi, getting his enemies from above*

tristan bourette : When you tell your cat you sold the wrx for a Jetta

Mew Two : Pretty normal. Cats before fly, empty their stomachs to have less weight ;)

Brown Gumshoe : When you go to jail for stealing that $1.50 I'll take care of Monty

Richy Miles : Why does he kinda sound like Andrew from Shane Dawson

Robotic Venom : That's some of the nastiest things I've ever seen a cat do, Daniel why have you shown this to me. You absolute wizard

Gias Wonky eyelash : Roses are red Violets are blue For gods sake Monty is going to be sick on you

WPG original : I thought Monty was eating a chicken on the thumbnail

Dima Viper : First thing to see in the morning - a cat puking from height 🤣

FlightSim Parodies & Stuff : Ever had to pull out a shoelace from your cat's rear end? That was an interesting experience, man.

Playstation Moments : One daring wall climber remembers their fear for heights and then proceeds to experience a sickly ptsd episode

SoBayK80🐼 : Only this guy can make me 'like' a cat puke vid 😬

riz : he protecc he attacc but most importantly he spits on your rag

Sam Stroth : Gonna cost more than $1.50 to clean

311pique : life is so painful

Creativity Cat : Why is it age restricted?! I watched before it was and I was literally only a cat puking!! Wtf YouTube?!

Bryan Garcia : I thought the thumbnail was him regurgitating a fish out.

Geddoe : A cat gargoyle that vomits😂