[782] Visualock Gun Lock Opened With a TWIG!

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AgentAileron : Video 783: "Opening a Gun Lock by Exhaling on it"

JockOfAges : I wonder what the subject of the next company meeting will be?🤔

Kühn : Wow... I thought master locks are a joke... But then u came up with this 😂😂🤣🤣😄

Fwiffo : I don't think I'd trust it for accidental discharges. It's likely to unexpectedly pick itself then shoot itself in the foot.

Chase Comer : The leaves make it all the more humiliating

billtheunjust : Seems like there is a very narrow usage case for this item. Children who can't open this are likely too young to know how to load an unloaded gun (making this device hardly better than storing the gun with empty magazines). Children who can open this are likely old enough to be taught gun safety (at this point you either trust them or get a better lock).

R.P. Rosen : I think this vid is going to go viral, just based on the ... thumbnail pic!

stefantrethan : That might be the first lock that isn't even bird-safe. I've seen video of crows using twigs as tools.

Kao Zorri : LPL is probably the scariest man alive. He has the power to get past nearly any lock you would use to protect yourself from him, has an arsenal to take down any person in his way, and is a lawyer that will be more than capable of defending himself if he were ever to be caught. Not sure what comic book he is from, but it sounds sick.

bird718 : the lock picking twig.... thats a first.

retread01 : To be fair, that species of tree is well known for its gun lock opening properties.

jurj florin : well done. Humiliation for the company

Mmmyess : "As such, it's not something I would recommend relying on to stop anything but accidental discharges." I chuckled at that.

DrSid42 : That's not a lock, the device is designed to prevent collection of dust inside the barrel. I guess.

MrPibb23x : My last comment on one of your videos was about how you have sometimes have bias in unlocking gun locks with such sophisticated lockpicking tools. I stand corrected.

Pumpkin : Now I gotta worry about trees trying to break into my shit. 😱

Terry Schneider : "Leaves" you to wonder why the manufacturer even bothered to build this. What a waste!!!

Jewker : Literal definition of Lockpicking 100

SegaDisneyUniverse : Perhaps it's best to *stick* with a better quality lock!😉

Jyva : next: undoing a lock with your pinky

masterzedd4 : I have trouble liking a lock for a gun that requires you to chamber something, especially when you then need to manipulate the end of the barrel.

Eddie : It's just a step above a chamber flag, really. Some ranges might require something like this but I wouldn't rely on it for any kind of security.

Kirk Decker : Who the heck down voted this? This was awesome!!!

Urbansumo : What eats shoots and leaves? A panda with a twig.... Evidently

Scott DiMiceli : They've clearly adopted a loose interpretation of the word "lock."

PsychoticBovine : I really have no words.

Jonathan Gibson : Brings a new meaning to the phrase - "eats, shoots and leaves!"

Eulemit Beule : Well, looks like a new variant for rock, paper, scissors: Twig beats gun.

Owen : Someone should send this directly to that company. Christ, what a trash product

frealms : Congress approves this lock and deems it mandatory for all gun owners.

RealUnimportant : Good grief... Also, I really do not like the idea of having to chamber anything as part of a make-safe routine, it's just gonna cultivate bad habits.

Sal Coraccio III : Hilarious, "Anything stick shaped- " so he uses a stick. Thanks for that.

DrJohnners : Haha - coming from the UK it's odd to hear the phrase "every 380 handgun I own"...

Killua Zoldyck : Next time pls just open a look by blowing

TravisFabel : This is actually horrible for accidental discharge. Because you "loaded" it the same way you load a bullet, someone that is distracted could actually put a real one in the pipe and then have their hands all down the muzzle. It's a horrible design in every way.

CO Jones : Stick it to them LPL! This sort of bush league product leaves even Master Lock looking good. Maybe they should branch out into something else because their gunlocks aren't very secure.

Ozan : Is this the DemolitionRanchPickingLawyer? o.O Man how many guns do you have? :))

Funny Vines : Master Lock, manufacturer of the worst locks ever. Visualock: "Hold my beer"

Tom's Tinkering and Adventures : “I don’t have any lock picking tools.” “Hold my pruning shears and watch this!”

Brian S : What kind of twig was it tho? Did sparrows land on it?

J D : Mother nature wins again! Lol

Mihael Panjkrc : You should have tryed to open it with your tiny coq cilinder

chadoftoons : This makes me more worried about gun locks than the gun itself. People who made this probably should'nt have guns

PXCharon : I suppose it has a use as a muzzle flag...

stilldking : The gun lock that leaves you wanting more... They should stick to making other types of locks.

Ed Jack : if you see this in the store, leave it alone.

Rick Wade : Tooooo Funny! A twig! Thanks for the laugh!

Austin Hibdon : Not to be that guy, but you spelled the Visualock wrong in the title.

THR33STEP : Houston, we have a problem!

Bunyip Dan : Other than a rated gun safe (.....we haven't seen you have a go at those.....just saying.....could be a next step), have you come across any decent methods for securing a gun in the home?