The Single Biggest Layoff in Canadian History
The Single Biggest Layoff in Canadian History

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When you're talking about Newfoundland, it's basically impossible not to mention the cod. They were this island's engine for hundreds of years. They were the main driver to colonize this country, and once kept the largest empire in human history fed. But the moment we took them for granted, they all died. This is the story of the cod. Patreon account, for those who care: Follow our Instagram: Follow Evan's twitter: Follow Francesco's Instagram: This video was made possible thanks to our incredible Patreon subscribers Aaron lx, Adam Theo, Alan Biedenharn, Alberto Daval Cordeiro Araujo, Alejandro Fuentes Salazar, Alessandro, Alex Bob, Alex Van de Sande, Alex Ross, Alexis Michelle Smith, Amay Khara, Andrej Turan, Andres Rama, Andrew Larson, Anina Keller, Asher Lanzone, Audrey Brown, Austin Cousineau, Basil Hassoun, Benjamin Achrén, Blade Marcantel, Blue Penguin, Bradley Sparks, Bradley Brown, Brandon Autrey, Brendan Antosh, Brian ONeel, Bruno Mikuš, Carl Bodnaruk, Carlos Henrique Brandt, Catherine Berry, Chris Ferguson, Chris Carrigan Brolly, Christ k, Christopher Castro, Cosmo, Damon B., Dan Walker, Daniel Demsky, Daniel Lee, Daniel Tyler, David James McConnell, David Rowe, David Lister David Badilotti, Denise Lipscombe, Djof, Douglas Danger Manley, Edee Nackers, Edward Sykes, Einar Holmedal, Elmar Tirtarahardja, Eric Downes, Erik Ensing, Ethan Coyne, f1r3w4rr10r, Fiona Cameron-Mackintosh, Fiona, flox, Frode Thomassen, Gabe, Gavin Cross, Georgy Petukhov, Ggamefreak22, Giffy, Gilberto Hart, Giulian Fava, Hedi Zisling, Heikki Tiainen, Henderson Moret, Henrik Due Rønning, Hollis Davis, J Neko, Jacob Willemsma, Jacob Rebec, James Frink, James Calfee, James Reed, Jamie Cox, Jarod Hoffarth, Jerome, John Abel, John Adams, John Cline, John Goff, Jon Niezgoda, Jon C Scott, Jonathan Webb, Jonathan Lonowski, Jonathon Keddie, Josh Hoppes, Joshua L Smith, Joshua Clarke, Jose Escobar, Julia Thiele, Julian Fiander, Julian Taylor, Kaitlin Wadley, Kevin Lee, Kidd Mclayer, Krak, Laroy, Lars Hjort Christensen, Leah Eisenhart, Leo Höppner, Leszek Szczepański, Liam Oliver-Mallory, Lucas Geerdes, Lucas van Wijk, Lukas Jackowski, Luke Trust, Akasha Yi, M. F., MacFoxington, Mad Sumac, Malte Ziem, Marc Dupont, Marc Chang, Marek Slabicki, Mark Mills, Markus Sawinski, Martin Hölzel, Martin Faszinka, Marty Otzenberger, Marzo, Matt, Matthew Benteau, Melanie Sumner, Merodac, Michael Cao, Michael Wladysiak, Michael Zare, Michael Teesdale, Michael Loken, Michael Leers, Mike Pearce, Mladen Piasetskyi, MrElk, Muncorn, Nathaneal Register, Nick Achatz, Nicolas Alexander Schmitt, Nyan Saik Krat, Octavia Ward-Lasckey, OG NETWORKS, Oliwia Bieniek, Oskar Paź, Ossian, Patrick Jason Wells, Paul Estella, Paul Cleeves, Paulina Jonušaitė, Paweł Wojciechowski, Penny Brown, Peter Bjorvand, Peter Wood, Peter Lonjers, Pippin, Remi_Scarlet, Reuben Brown, Robert Velten, Ruddy Ezequiel Arroliga, sam, Sam C., Sarah Dougan, Scott Crawford, Sean Lavery, Sergey Chukanov, setoh, sharpie660, Shayne Stride, Shravan Bendapudi, Simen Thoresen, Simon Tobar, Stephen C Strausbaugh, Steve Martin De Souza, Steven Fontinelle, Svein Ove Aas, Sven Erik Jonsson, Taé Tran, Tad Moore, Taylor Fussner, theLovitas, The one and only Billy Shear, This Has Not Gone Well, Thomas Edwards, Thomas Paris, Tino Dervisagic, Tomáš Vacula, Tommy Friedrichs, Tracey Coffin, Tristan Lambdin, Twisol, Unnamed Muffin, Vicki Allardice, Walter Schneider, Wes Mills, Yash Jain, Zach Kuzmicz and Zachary Hall. We love you guys! Thanks for watching! You're clearly one of the good ones.


John Emory : Love your work. Great cod piece.

Jerry Rupprecht : Everyone knew that something fishy was going on.

Evan Ulven : "But remember folks, regulating industries is wrong and is the first step on the slippery slope to communism!" -The kind of people I hate.

Øystein Solvik : "found at Dildo" what.

Wolpertinger : I`m not Canadian but I remember the heritage minutes because of the "I can smell burning toast!" phrase.

PeRK : I had some time on my hands this morning so I gave it a go and translated the video into French using the YouTube tool for that. I've been wanting to do one of these for a while but just haven't found the time. I figure videos on Canada might be the best place to start since, well, French lol. Anyways, I don't know if this type of thing is of any value to you guys or not. If it is, I might give it another go on other videos when I get a chance. If it isn't, then I'll put it down as just a fun exercise I did this morning for the heck of it and that'll be that. ^^ PS: Obviously you'd have to find a French-speaker you trust to confirm, but it should be up to standard. I wouldn't have submitted it otherwise.

Manly Astronaut : You documentaries are always wonderfully shot. I love it :)

Michael Cherry : I surely wish more people could hear (or better yet LISTEN) to what you're saying. Every single time a resource is found to be profitable, it gets exploited to the point of exhaustion. When are we as a species going to understand that we have a real, measurable impact on this world? You can still find some so-called scientists who will attempt to attribute the decline in the cod stocks to something other than man's greed and waste. My favourite was hungry seals. Just try to imagine how many seals it would take to decimate the cod stocks. We'd be wall-to-wall in seals. Funny how they're so good at hiding, isn't it? The truth is, we as a species have always had a disproportionate impact on the environment, locally and globally and it's long past time we owned up and tried to use our "massive brains" to find a better way. Rare Earth is one piece of the puzzle, objectively (to the best of your ability) defining the history of the issues and giving people the opportunity to reflect on how we got here and perhaps come up with a plan to get out. It won't be easy. However long it takes to get into a crisis, it usually takes at least twice as long to get out, but the journey has to start now.

Jake MC77 : Now do a video about the collapse of the salmon fishery on the West Coast. Much to do with the same kind of mistakes done on the East Coast.

Beefy G : Is this where Britains love affair with "fish and chips" came from. the cod supply from Canada?

Lorenzo Garza : Cod is pretty delicious not gonna lie chief

DrumWild : It's always risky when an entire economy revolves around one thing.

Simon Kete : This is not rare, as it happened and is still happening almost everywhere on earth. ; (

Justin Allen : Correction: the Newfoundland banking collapse wasn’t in the late 1900’s. It was in 1894

Hour Hour : Rare earth I wouldn’t change a thing about your style or anything, easily the most informative, diverse and satisfying channel I’ve come across on YouTube.

Thomas Kendall : As a Newfoundlander. Thank you for telling this story.

chokkan7 : There are two ways to exploit a natural resource: mine it, or be a steward. Miners find the resource, do everything they can to eliminate or minimize competition, harvest it as expeditiously and completely as feasible, then leave the mess for someone else to clean up while they move on to the next site. Stewards take the measure of the resource, learn how to handle it and extract an amount periodically that will still allow for replenishment, as well as what they need to provide to facilitate said replenishment, and then they can reasonably proceed in the knowledge that they will not kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Roughly put, mining (as I've described it) works for minerals (which is not to say that it still doesn't have its drawbacks), while stewardship is best applied to organic products. Still, farming the same crop year after year while pumping in petrochemically derived fertilizers and insecticides to increase yields could be thought of as mining; so could most North American timber harvests. Does any of that minimize the pain inflicted when the government steps in to end a livelihood? Has any industrialist ever been 'laid off'? A lot of questions were left unanswered here...

killercaos123 : I had a Chris Hadfield Masterclass ad before this video. :)

Kim Carter Taveroff : You have this ability to take the stories of others and make them sound as if they are your own, as if you were there. Although I'd argue you are doing right now what you are best suited to do, I think you'd also make a fantastic history teacher. Thank you.

X Y : I was waiting for a moose to shout back "hello". Disappointed

Danielle Spargo : The same can be said for so many of our other resources- the forests we're burning to raise cattle, the co2 we're pumping into the air. I know this sentiment isn't usually well received, but go veg. Even if just on mondays, even if just a day or 2 a month, start wherever you can, because everything helps. This Earth might not be around to sustain our grandkids at the rate we're currently going. I'm not saying become one of those vegan warriors, whose overzealous approach often has the opposite effect as they had intended. But it takes between 6 and 20 pounds of grain to produce one pound of meat - it's inefficient - not only do the cattle need land to be cleared/deforested for their living spaces, but also for their food. I'm not here to preach morals or superiority - I'm simply speaking of efficiency. What we're doing isn't sustainable, on land or sea. Something has to give.

cdc25 : For anyone wishing to watch the Heritage Minutes that I and every other Canadian grew up with, here they are. This is about as patriotic as Canadians get. www (dot) historicacanada (dot) ca/heritageminutes

Fresh Supply : “Tragedy of the Commons” - Hardin, 1968

miraculux : Those credits at the end are fantastic. Thank you for the video, and specifically for *that*.

Cheese E Man : Love yours vids! But you need to do documentaries in Poland Romania, Russia and Finland or I'll die

The Raff : 3:12 Found at Dildo There is a place named Dildo.

Jodi Trask : I'm from Newfoundland and I just have to say you've done a great job with our history.

kairon156 : They never should have allowed other countries take our fish. PS: Thanks for taking time to talk about Newoufnland in your latest videos.

Rick C : Well, they do get to make all those Jason Momoa movies there now, at least... 🤷‍♂️

Vijay Kaul : We're living through the collapse of all of the global fisheries. :-(

Yeawe goldberg : Good storytelling and cinematography

Larry The Butcher : I remember when it happened. I have a colleague at work who is from St. John's. I've asked him when he moved to Ontario, but haven't asked him why.

JP : Greed, my friend......unfortunately it's what us humans are known for....smh. As always thank you for the amazing work you do!

One Pun Man : Something fishy is going on

swordman2000 : Enjoying every video you make!

Lord of Laugh : That opening shot looks so good it's almost fake looking

A Wingless Monkey : The Tragedy of the Commons, brought to you by Capitalism.

Robert McGarry : I love it: "Please note that Evan is often Kind of an Idiot. DON'T EVER TAKE HIS WORD FOR IT, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Always research what you see on YouTube. Don't let anyone think for you; most people barely think for themselves." Well said.

Jesus Christ : Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish in moderation and you feed his entire posterity for generations.

nymersic : Cod tastes great, dunno what you were on about at the end there!

Cx7 Sleven : Dam good video. To keep things short Canada grow hemp

M Koivuka : The Treaty of Uutresht. Thank you Canada.

maf654321 : A great introduction to eating cod is bacalao/bacalhau in Spanish/Portuguese and generally most Latin American cuisine. The word really means salted and dried cod, as it was traditionally preserved, but these people have been learning for hundreds of years how to make tasty dishes with old dry fish and it's actually totally delicious. And to bring it back to Newfoundland, the "bacal-" word root found for salted cod all across Europe might actually have come, via Basque fishermen, from the Beothuk language itself (according to John Cabot).

Enrico Miceli : Dude every 10 min on your channel should be 3 seasons on Netflix

Samizdat Broadcasts : After the fisheries closed, everyone put out of a job - all of them - came to Calgary to work as construction laborers and/or Fort McMurray to work as oil rig hands. All of them.

srekalliW ecurB : TLDR: the Lorax of cod

hmchef927 : Brilliantly stated. I so wish that everyone could understand your simple Brilliant Elegant Final Conclusion.

gordon Bishoff : True story on so many levels of consumption of resources

Eric Rusch Sr : HELLO !!!!! What the hell was that? Man, I love these videos so much...honest.