Alabama - Song Of The South

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Patrick Griffith : I still remember getting some Chinese student from Shanghai who knew some English hooked on this song when I was studying abroad two months in Spain of all places. My host family didn't know any English, but they liked the upbeat tune too. Somewhere, in Shanghai, there's a Chinese guy with a burned disc of old country music hidden away somewhere, listening to it where the Chinese government can't find it.

Emily loyd : I miss this kind of country music ...because today's country isn't country 😟

John Reed : I'm a black man and I love the song if you can't understand the meaning behind the song you don't need to be American.

Ray Ray : we should have the right to have confederate leaders statues ITS PART OF HISTORY

Wglass90 : Whether anyone agrees or not, the Southern United States is the heart and soul of America. Period. There's absolutely nothing else like it. Small quiet towns, everyone minds their own business (more or less), everyone's mostly friendly, barbecues, fairs, great country music, and much more.. I've never been to Alabama, but I'm proud the say that I was born and raised, and still currently live in Virginia. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

fagout100 : I'm Proud to be White American and it not wrong saying that.

Melody Snowflake VA : I like it, I'm not American, I'm from Asia. And I love this

Rachel Reed : this is what I was grow up on now days country is bs.

Forged by Glory : Out of the 17 years I've been alive this song still chills my spine.

thatvdubguy : A simpler time when people were proud to be Americans! 15 dollar minimum wage my ass! People today don't know how life was and people were proud of the country working for its betterment but now it's all about themselves. We'll never know a time like that again.

Deanna Shoemake : i agree there no country like 80's to 90's prime country..

Bwkjam : Back when southern states knew how to vote for their own self interests.

Danny Ray : this was before Made in china

Kourtney Smith : Good ol Alabama

David Rogers : I wish i knew someone that could make a good Sweet Potato Pie like my granny could. I miss her.

Jason Tyree : I know one of the lines said "southern democrat", but I think of our future President, Donald Trump when the line in the song says, "They ought to get a rich man to vote like that." I think of a rich man as President that looks out for the working man.

Hayden Lindquist : Unless you live here, you'll never understand how awesome the South is. North Carolina born, raised, and proud.

SouthernWhiteMasterRace : Dat fiddle though.

Outlaw 9020 : The South is, and always will be the greatest place to live on this planet. Us southerners aren't like you northern folk. we'll give you the shirt off our backs, well help you in your time of need, we have RESPECT. Alot of people give the south a bad rep about incest. well let me say this. sure, there are some incest guys n gals down here like that but there's also folks from all over the rest of the planet just the same. I've not lived in this world for very long but I was raised on words and gentle kindness of a small town southern man. (to quote Mr. Alan Jackson). This country is going to hell. America has lost their faith in GOD. And without God, we are nothing. Open up your eyes people the end is coming. very very soon. I am ready. are you?

C3- PO : Southern USA has the best music.

Josiah Gregory : Real men made in America, not "Made in China".

Viruz Eclipse : It is so funny how the gays, colored, and northerns comment on videos like this using their steretypes and accusation of bigotry and hate... When they have never stepped a damn inch on southern land, nor know how life is in the south. I grew up with good morels and learned how to hunt and enjoy life. I am not racist, i am a christian and would love to watch a hunting video or country video without a misimformed hater commenting negatively about the south. Go watch lil wayne or something, we dont need you here.

FiatBurner : The Great Depression was caused by Federal Reserve's easy money policy in the 1920s. FDR just made the depression worse with his socialist policies. The next great depression is around the corner because the Federal Reserve is doing the same thing as the 1920s.

Courage Karnga : Oh for the days when country was country instead of country pop!

Barbara Rene : I remember the day when Alabama won all sorts of awards. They were a good group; I think better than what is out there today.

Vivi Lànoux : Sweet potato pie brought me here 😋 Merci bocoup Alabama...Reaven

Colttan Beasley : This isn't racism, this is beautiful and pure country magic.

mary shaffer : Looking at how Communist Russia and China intentionally starved millions of their people to force their ideology on them and the world, I am glad we were born in this country.

Justin Millette : we're Americans. Americans are used to hardship. and we're gonna fight this through. amen

MasterAceman123456 : Southern born Southern bred Southern living and Southern dead.

Gary Gilliam : Hello from Virginia long live the South, I love the South!!

Jacy Spence : This was my favorite song when I was 5 I'm almost 13 now

NIC FEL : We need more southern democrats.

Brian king : The TVA one of the few "programs" that actually helped Americans....

FLORIDA BOY : i can see another civil war happening and i will fight for the south

Willem van der Merwe : I'm not american but i love this kind of music

Jacob Good : I live in Maine and as far as I can tell it is the best state in the U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!

colin denton : They shouldn't have tooken down the Dixie flag or banned it i fly it im not racist the flag isn't racist eather everybody just thanks that everyone in the south is racist we ain't so shut up and mind ur own business

Jeff Cheesman : This song brings tears to my eyes. Reminds me of my Dad

JimboUSofA : i want The Old Deal back.

Woody : It's a damn shame that we are still arguing about North vs. South

Jake Lang : I mainly listen to Hip Hop but I can't even front I love this stuff

southern pride : howdy yah if yah are listening to this good ol country music instead of that tringy pop country shit leave a like on this comment keep it country yah

Parker Bowen : Love how it shows that the south allways finds a way to get by and get through problems

Margaret Vestrand : my grandparents lost their farm in the 30's-they had to move to detroit-so it happened all over-bless all those who survived those disastrous years

Deanna Shoemake : i agree there no country like 80's to 90's prime country..

John Crook : all I know is that music pretty much died after 2000

ron holt : just think this happened in 1929 and this is going to happen real soon but this time we are loosing are place in the world reserve

John Gialanella. : I really like this song. Play it a lot. Then it is stuck in my head for hours.

Nick123 : FDR was a terrible president. The New Deal prolonged the Great Depression. He heavily taxed businesses, this in turn made it so they could not hire more workers and expand. The Agriculture Adjustment Act mandated that crops and animals be wasted so that prices could be set artificially high. This only hurt the country. He expanded the federal government to levels that would make the founding fathers sick. He tried to pack the Supreme Court so that he would not have as much resistance to push his socialist agenda. FDR had much distain for the constitution. The failing Ponzi scheme know as Social Security is attributed to him. FDR's policies lead to all of the entitlement problems that we have today.