Human Flight (Insane Wingsuit Flying)

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Masud Rana : I wish i could be one of them but I'm not cuz i don't have the Balls Of Steel .R.I.P to the all lost souls who defined the human spirit over and over again.

SGCrawlers RC / MyHonchoSG : Truely insane. Beautiful flights.

AlexModeling : That is one of the most amazing video and stunts i have ever seen here... period!

MDinhh : After watching this, I think I now have the courage to jump on my neighbours trampoline

carsonclick9002 : Helmet really is only a camera other purpose 😬😂

Colorful Life : welcome back

CloudVision Productions : What if, these people are old souls and were once a majestic think about that.

Christo Roppolo : Jesus h Christ! It’s hard to look at much less imagine! I’ll pray for you all! Lol! Let me do some Muzik for this ! Leave permission here. Peace Christo 👽👽🕺🕺🙏🙏👍🏻🔦🔦✌🏻✌🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎶🎶🛸🛸

vpr3i : A lot of idiotic comments: "no glory for this death", "this isn't heroic", "stupid way to die"... No one in the video is seeking glory nor trying to be a hero. They are just living life as they see fit. *WHAT IS A GOOD WAY TO DIE?*

Adrian Valentine : My God...this isn't's falling with style!

Tommy Reusse : Damn, they are all dead. RIP

revistadearmas : They sacrifice themselves to the Gods of wind

GAFFYR GADGET : I'll stick to muff diving

Rere West : Yea..leave the dog at home. Base jumping is nerve wracking enough without strapping a dog onto your body. Can't imagine the fear a dog might have falling off a cliff. I'd pee on my masters back flying down the cliff.

marc combs : I wouldn't need the smoke trail effect. I'd have a gravy train trail behind me the whole way.

dzikieswinie - Motorcycle Club and Adventures : Crazy & Brave & Experienced Guys! Excellent!!!

Rere West : All good till hooks were put in guys back...

Cristian Torres : Some peope argue these guys wasted their lifes, I think they were not !!! They represent the human spirit of conquering what for most of us is imposible... Have you ever feel this sensation of freedom following this guys lines?? R.I.P. Wonderful legacy of bravery and courage and of course, an awesome teaching of truly passion and love for what they do !!! By the other hand, normal persons extremely stressed and depressed, fading away in endless routines, that is not lethal, right?

Thatbondguy 27 : RIP to all them adventurous souls that were lost.

Jumpy Cat : They look so cute! They look like flying squirrels!

Ashley Miller : I fail to see how you can say "A film by Scoreback" when you merely put together a compilation of several wingsuit videos belonging to other people.

jopageri1964 : I don't participate in this sport anymore. I kept falling asleep.

Max Kallio : crazy

Jordan Tomasone : wow. Probably the most epic edit of all time! I don't think I am going to sleep for three days because I am so excited hahah woo!

juergen bertram : Daredevils who became addicted to their own adrenaline rush ! Like most drug addicts, they could no longer be normal, hooked, did they become wingnuts in wingsuits ?

Dream Catcher : Life is so short that I fuking must try this!!

pyth agore : your dog has never asked to have an heart attack.

skioet : Obviously it's just a matter of time before you crash and die doing BASE jumps in a wing suit .. Watching this I was only wondering why controlled flying isn't enough of a thrill but they insist on flying as close as possible to static things such as solid rock and/or the ground? No glory in this, just madness and an untimely yet instant death.

Only Melodic : Outstanding, breathtaking film.. references of passed away athletes were exrtemely strong and brought a tear, a sad but true reality of a high mortality in this sport, let it serve as a reminder.

Majacks Lelo : This Is No Different Than Drinking/Smoking or Taking Hard Core Drugs. What’s The POINT???😔

Buffalo Man : people are awesome to fly around in their sleeping bags, just awesome!

Cassius Gaspar : Amazing!!!!supers Mans !!!!

Rich Colwell : I totally get the appeal of flying (and this IS flying if you look at the glide ratios) but don't get the proximity stuff these guys do (did). Why not go up high and FLY, like a glider!! Much more appealing to me. Gotta give props to their skills though: the control is fantastic... until it's not...

David H : A lot of dead people in that video. Nice video btw.

Marshall Torres : My hands were sweating watching this. Excellent!

Mongo Gomez : 1:14 Almost as painful as seeing a guy get hit HARD in the nuts!!

laettis : What's the song called? Tried to see if someone else already asked but gave up after scrolling a while...

SpartacusYLK : amazing

Solar Flare : Long live the sport and all who lost their life, while doing the thing that they love...........

Yurricane : ALL OF THEM (flyers on video) ARE DEAD. That's all you need to know about wingsuit.

ultimate Warrior : So sad they all died at such a young age!! BUT THEY LIVED LIFE WITHOUT ANY FEAR AND DID WHAT THEY LOVED TO DO!! RIP BROTHERS!! 🙏

є†ѳ : cade os BR ?kkkkk

Mohssine : This channel should have at least one million subscribers. #Great-Videos #Awesomeness #Respect #2018

BadBoyGenuis : I can only imagine the fucking rush these guys get, you would think after one of the accidents they would all stop, but it seems the reward outweighs risk/death. And they are willing to die doing what they love. Much respect!

Oracle : deserve to die as far as I'm concerned.. should be banned and be made illegal.

jopageri1964 : Darth Vader, at the beginning of this video, looked indecisive. (Some Jedi master.)

MrDaishee : That Video makes me Sick...

James Davis : FLIPPIN INCREDIBLE !!! Must make you feel bulletproof like a SUPER HERO . . . Landsakes! That is an AMAZING video! Thank You!!!

Drew : No rocks were harmed in the making of this video.

doopy noo : Death by Sugar Glider is far better than dying Catholic, Mormon, or Muslim...