Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer sweded

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Pennywise : Omg it's even cuter XD 0:33

BearLionMan : Bone apple tea

LE0NSKA : can't believe you got russell crow to do this 0:17

Dōson : phill says hi.

Michael Boyle : 0:08 it looks like Kylo Ren is just busting a move rather than smashing his helmet.

SEO Toy Review : Hmmm... I feel like I've seen this style video somewhere else. (Nice Job anyway)

Red Inside : awesome!

Qwairy : This deserve at least 1 billion view :P

Martín Rodríguez : Awesome.

Gabriel Williams : I actually want to see this as a full film more than the actual last gedi

Cevan : Why's the description call this The Force Awakens?

CCWIZ 67 : Great job

Currently Disconnected : Noice!

Chalcolique : Thank you i like your video

pescando : Oh snap! You guys are back! Great vid.

Joseph Yang : So awesome! Thumbsup for paper box Chewie!

LuckyCobra7 : Cant wait to see this on the big screen at the Tower Theater on Saturday!! You guys are awesome!!

purekeynoob : Starcraft reference 0:13

Ron Templeton : Goose Bumps!

NäpsDerCäp : Very nice

Alpha : How does this only have 5,000 views...

nexuslt : Please explain to me why this is not world famous with millions of views?

Rhaenyra Reigns : Your Rey actress looks better than the original. <3

Sadhbh Gordon : Cinefix does it better :/

Michael Málek : Girl looking like Jennifer Aniston :D

Mate Animations : That was very creative! Love how it turned out really well at 0:04 even it is a low-budget scene. :)) Also, the movements of the Heavy Assault Walkers are pretty cool. :)