Whiplash | Cortometraje | 2012

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Algorox : The drumming was really bad tbh...

Jacob Smith : This is some weird alternate reality

Vol deMort : I think thats the same dude who played Elmer Fudd. 😐

TheHotFalafel : ehhhh kinda glad they gave Miles Teller the part....

surrealIdeal : This version. Not quite my tempo.

Tabloid Junkie : "The director and writer of the film, Damien Chazelle, could not get funding for the movie, so he instead turned it into a short film and submitted it into the Sundance Film Festival in 2013. The short film ended up winning the Short Film Jury Award, and he got funding soon after."

CyanideSauce : Wow, the color on the actual movie really makes a diffrence, it looks really bland in the short.

Superior-147 : How did they get J.K. Simmons to act this again with this dude!!

Shagyyy man : Poor elmur, he got the same part in the movie

Sebastiancardb : Probably 3 years before the real thing was premiered, but J.K Simmons was already nailing that menacing teacher role.

Austin Stois : young neil really started taking music seriously

bobby sands : As a drummer who went to college this is one of the most disturbing scenes ever. There are more guys out there like that than you think.

DarkNess Of The Skyes : Milles teller does this way better

Jesse Bond : Are you kidding me? He was dragging by like a clear mile.

breakdown zzz : original guy's acting sucks lol

Mark Arandjus : Simmons' performance is so consistent I almost believe he was composited into the scenes he's exactly the same :D

MikePlaysJazz : Damn the budget was so low they couldn't afford another trombone mouthpiece for elmer 😂

Claudio Bonilla : Wtf the sound of the drum

Mr. Chivo : Why chingados are more people writing en inglés si el vídeo está en Spanish?? :V

Jakkjakk123 ? : Is that Young Neil from Scott Pilgrim?

Li Muqing : they made this short film first to see if this film could work then they made the feature film. this film was in sundance film festival 1 year before the feature.

Luciano Dato : Drumming was awful

AlexRush : why elmer use trumpet mouthpiece in his trombone?

Juan Pablo González : HOLY SHIT they actually got Simmons for this!!

All about Kids Happiness : Miles teller really knows the difference! Big funding means harder slaps!

Stephanie Rodriguez : This guy actually rushed at points so Fletcher was right

champo865 : this version, although it came first, just seems rushed

Xander Cruz : I liked miles teller more

Djaco : so cool for those who watched this short film before the actual film, to experience the conclusion of this

Johnny Charisma : what a terrible actor

idk stop : I agree that miles teller is better for this role but this alternate reality I felt was more unsettling

José Cavazos : Though it’s hard to imagine this movie without Miles Teller, I think Young Neil would have done a good job.

ultraroezgang : Omg this sounds so terrible

Gandalforce : I just watched the full movie, and this video so happens to be uploaded now..

Malte Nørbæk : I mean it's good that Fletchers lines got adjusted, but even though the studio version of Whiplash sounds better than in this video, I actually prefer the natural sound from a rehearsal - makes it much easier to identify with

Yash Chittal : we need to have a whole movie. please.

Jackson Tsukahara : God the drumming is so childish

MegaChorro123 : Man a lot of people don’t know that this was the original short film for Whiplash.

Cubsfan122112 : pretty amazing what funding can do for a filmmaker. then go on to win a bunch of awards at the Academy.

DaniPalma97 : Miles Teller was a good choice. Chazelle is a genius.

LukaANDkrusty : Lol Young Neil playing with the big boys!

Amateur Society Productions : The actor for Neiman overacted quite a lot and to be honest, I laughed a few times at his performance. I know that the directors tell them how to act, but to be honest, I think that some actors do control how they perform their actions.

Montte Madness : My god, the hell did I just watch. Can't even tell if it's jazz anymore

Trevor Stanley : TJ miller did this so much better

Jacob Casas : Why does the bone player have a trumpet mouthpiece?

josh crutchfield : The Teacher was being a Penis in the movie LOL.

Ivory Santiago : I liked the editing and the sound design until the four minute mark. The drums just sound really off while they’re playing.

Sebastian Mite : En esta version se ve mas reflejado el "No es mi tiempo" ya que aqui si es mas inexacto.

Napolyon Kiraz Kompleksi : not quite my tempo, i mean the making the scene

auberginensalat : So this was some kind of demo for the producers, or what?