Whiplash | Cortometraje | 2012

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Algorox : The drumming was really bad tbh...

Vol deMort : I think thats the same dude who played Elmer Fudd. 😐

TheHotFalafel : ehhhh kinda glad they gave Miles Teller the part....

Jacob Smith : This is some weird alternate reality

surrealIdeal : This version. Not quite my tempo.

CyanideSauce : Wow, the color on the actual movie really makes a diffrence, it looks really bland in the short.

Tabloid Junkie : "The director and writer of the film, Damien Chazelle, could not get funding for the movie, so he instead turned it into a short film and submitted it into the Sundance Film Festival in 2013. The short film ended up winning the Short Film Jury Award, and he got funding soon after."

Austin Stois : young neil really started taking music seriously

bobby sands : As a drummer who went to college this is one of the most disturbing scenes ever. There are more guys out there like that than you think.

Mr. Chivo : Why chingados are more people writing en inglés si el vídeo está en Spanish?? :V

DarkNess Of The Skyes : Milles teller does this way better

Jakkjakk123 ? : Is that Young Neil from Scott Pilgrim?

Mark Arandjus : Simmons' performance is so consistent I almost believe he was composited into the scenes he's exactly the same :D

Sebastiancardb : Probably 3 years before the real thing was premiered, but J.K Simmons was already nailing that menacing teacher role.

Shagyyy man : Poor elmur, he got the same part in the movie

breakdown zzz : original guy's acting sucks lol

Jesse Bond : Are you kidding me? He was dragging by like a clear mile.

Claudio Bonilla : Wtf the sound of the drum

MikePlaysJazz : Damn the budget was so low they couldn't afford another trombone mouthpiece for elmer 😂

Xander Cruz : I liked miles teller more

Luciano Dato : Drumming was awful

Yash Chittal : we need to have a whole movie. please.

Stephanie Rodriguez : This guy actually rushed at points so Fletcher was right

Juan Pablo González : HOLY SHIT they actually got Simmons for this!!

Li Muqing : they made this short film first to see if this film could work then they made the feature film. this film was in sundance film festival 1 year before the feature.

champo865 : this version, although it came first, just seems rushed

AlexRush : why elmer use trumpet mouthpiece in his trombone?

Jackson Tsukahara : God the drumming is so childish

Johnny Charisma : what a terrible actor

Aloha snack bar Happiness : Miles teller really knows the difference! Big funding means harder slaps!

anthrogend : Had they made a full-length feature film on the story, I'm sure Jk Simmons would've won the Oscar for his role.

DaniPalma97 : Miles Teller was a good choice. Chazelle is a genius.

Djaco : so cool for those who watched this short film before the actual film, to experience the conclusion of this

Malte Nørbæk : I mean it's good that Fletchers lines got adjusted, but even though the studio version of Whiplash sounds better than in this video, I actually prefer the natural sound from a rehearsal - makes it much easier to identify with

idk stop : I agree that miles teller is better for this role but this alternate reality I felt was more unsettling

ultraroezgang : Omg this sounds so terrible

Sebastian Mite : En esta version se ve mas reflejado el "No es mi tiempo" ya que aqui si es mas inexacto.

Gandalforce : I just watched the full movie, and this video so happens to be uploaded now..

Trevor Stanley : TJ miller did this so much better

José Cavazos : Though it’s hard to imagine this movie without Miles Teller, I think Young Neil would have done a good job.

MegaChorro123 : Man a lot of people don’t know that this was the original short film for Whiplash.

Cubsfan122112 : pretty amazing what funding can do for a filmmaker. then go on to win a bunch of awards at the Academy.

Marvin Rodriguez : So this is the Beta version of Whiplash with Jonah Jameson

Napolyon Kiraz Kompleksi : not quite my tempo, i mean the making the scene

LukaANDkrusty : Lol Young Neil playing with the big boys!

Kristófer Örn : holy shit simmons is good

Sebastian nuñez : Not quite my movie

Lukas Sanchez : It's weird and cool to see how there are a couple of lines that JK Simmons delivers in the exact same pitch and speed here and in the feature film.

Jacob Casas : Why does the bone player have a trumpet mouthpiece?

Amateur Society Productions : The actor for Neiman overacted quite a lot and to be honest, I laughed a few times at his performance. I know that the directors tell them how to act, but to be honest, I think that some actors do control how they perform their actions.