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Pikapetey Animations : Oh my god this is great

Nobody Important : I'm torn between 'what the hell did I just watch' and OH MY GOD THIS IS BRILLIANT!! XD THE SCREAMS. THE DERPY DEER. THE SPLATTING SOUND. THE SOUNDS EFFECTS IN GENERAL. THE BLACK AND WHITE PART. ALL OF IT IS BRILLIANT. X'D You made me cry with laughter, thank you. :P

VoidedFilms : Wow, that animation was beautiful! I loved how the 'comedic' elements all had a creepy undertone which really set up for the twist at the end. The constant screeching of the protagonist was actually quit enjoyable and amusing. Amazing work and I truly hope to see more animation from you in the future

Nightjar the Skywing : AHHH!!! THIS IS AMAZING! The story is so funny and fluent, and the animation is totally incredible (along with the sound effects, and the screaming)! You deserve more attention for what you made; it's just too remarkably awesome. You guys deserve a pat on the back. I just can't get over how awesome this is!

Random Pool Guy : This is currently being spread around different Discord servers. You need much more attention.

raemyshu : Oh good lawd, this is brilliant. Not only are the characters really appealing (and hilarious, complete with squawking sounds) and the animation top-notch, but I felt like I just took a journey watching this. A weird, funny, slightly scary journey.

MuffinHunterX : This is awesome. fimflamfilosophy/Dawn Somewhere (Greg) sent me.

Griffin Phillis : Oh my gosh, this is amazing. Awesome voice acting, especially! It brings this animation to life in its comedic way so well~ :'D

LegalPaper : Lots of fun to watch. I always enjoy seeing new animations. Thank you for sharing!


Riezak : I've watched this about five times and I can't help but love this. It's too cute and to funny. The comedic timing is perfect. I just love love love it. Keep up the great work!

Sterling Felker : Rapter wasn't a clever girl.

reversalmushroom : 2:09 Why did he suddenly cop out in midair like that?


Raspberry Studios : Holy heck I love this! XD

William Shreckengost : I think I could live off of shorts like this forever. I hope you have a long and rewarding career ahead.

Groves Exic Faadar : I cant believe how much you have improve, its unbelievable.

CWunderA : Awesome, love the facial expressions, sound effects and the blend of subtle and over the top humor. I'm a little confused about the green goop scene. Did he collapse from exhaustion or something else?

Blueberry Peridot : This animation was really amazing! I love the sound effect and the cute raptor.

Tiffany Sigaran : Great movie, good dinosaur, 11/10


Squrpion : That was incredible. This video deserves so much more attention. My sister-in-law goes to SCAD as well. You're gonna find a job EZPZ.

Otaku Wama Sama : My favorite animation on youtube. Every other animator has sold out by now but you've got it.

Empty Couch : Absolutely fantastic. Love the subtle emotions expressed by the main character, as well as the louder ones :) envious of your skills I am

Ellen James : I've never watched anything of yours before. Got, oh... Half way through and subbed. Do not regret.

sumomo223 : This is incredible from start to finish. XD

Thomas Stilwell : Fantastic!!! Lovely piece of work

Makkon : this is superb

fred rubble : That was excellent! I want to see how the greatest hunter caught the rest.

chakattailswisher : I love this so much. Instant Favorite! I'm sharing this everywhere I can.

Borja Landaburu : Una animación increible

ackerman66 : Dang that was great.

Clebmaher12 : oh wow this is fantastic

Sarah C : There is such GOOD GOOD humour in this, I loved it. Beautiful movement, pacing and colours.

manthrax69 : Excellent work.

Lemon :D : I love the animation!

MediocreGaming : Holy shit, this is amazing!

thesilentpony : loving this animation

SilentBiscuit333 : When he falls down the pit/shaft and made the squeaky landing I lost it. That was brilliant.

Manny Perez : nice

Everen : S H A R E