L-A-N-D-O: A Star Wars Story

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Campbell Evans : Wait- I wanna hear about Lobot

KeepOnDreamingDude : If Donald G Retires Gambino.. Who you gonna call? DEMI ADEJUYIGBE!

CarBen Dioxide : I never wanted it to end, it's so spot-on it's scary

Killer Queen : I cracked up at the second Asian girl reference

Workman Films : I'm still not entirely convinced that's not really Donald. Awesome job! Spot on!

UtubeUser : Where's the rest of the track? This is the same upload as your last one.

TheKatherineWheel - : I hope they use this in the end credits of Solo

Sufi Suhaimi : You are HIGHLY underrated You got a patreon? Or anything we could support you on?

EleFantMonty : I listen to this everyday for my health

Lane Carter : Dude. You're a beast. So glad I found your channel.

The Respected Madman : You might as well make a full 3:30 to 4:00 song. It's really good.

DC Chronicles : This song is too meta, I knew something was off lmao good tho

Kiran K. : the genius page keeps making me cry from laughter so thank you for making me feel something for the first time in a long while


PlnkYellowBlack : This impression was so well done I thought it was him.

Dorner Dorner : This is incredible. How do you keep doing this.

Arach Bonnét : i could watch this on repeat forever

Alex Edwards : Please release a full version!

Mr. Theta : This is definitely EP-Camp Gambino and I love it!

Ben Crossley : This is amazing, but where's the ending!?

Djsunblade 64 : Is this a fake childish gambino song?

Brian Schroeder : This beat is legitimately good lmao

Nando v Movies : This is currently my favorite thing on the internet.

Joseph Goltsev : This is the internets greatest video. Thank you Demi.

gooboberti : Hey, grey job. I know this took a long time to write, edit, and record.

Addison Howenstine : Please finish this

Travus [ಠ ͜ʖಠ *Stopitstravtime* ಠ ͜ʖಠ] : I feel like if there will be a lando film, donald would be asked to make a song for/about it.


Wondrous Web : Could I use this for a video, with your credit of course

pre180 : So does the Asian girl reference is from what?

Matt Stastny : Finally legit uplaod nigga

Scr4ppy : Yeah full quality! 🎉