Range Rover Sport | Racing Tianmen Mountain | Land Rover USA

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Ben Merigan : I bet getting down was even harder!

Kahleng Lee : Pathetic PR stunt. Just think about the damage it might have caused to the thousands of steps and other cultural assets in the area.

Dan Sayer : Lol. Good to see the Chinese government cares more about money than it's sacred landmarks.

adam699 : Am I the only one who sees the steel cables?

Emre : And there was a Lada Niva waiting at the top.

AxwellSparrow : Awesome and nice steel cables.

adv20 : He didn't set all 4 wheels on the final step X)

JamesParksandRecTV Ministries : 998 steps, homie missed the last one.

Biplap Bhattarai : Awesome !!! Such a milestone. Congrats.

Lord Tech Pro : Amazing! Just Amazing! Except think about the damage to those stairs and the Utter Uselessness of this Stunt! Also since many people are asking, Getting DOWN was easier that Going UP! This is because the Range Rover has hill descent control and the probably used the steel cables as well!

Going Green : F*@#ing A!!!!!!!!!!!......and I thought L.A. traffic was bad. This Dude is quite the driver, hats off to him!

anonimuso : I'm all for getting publicity, but I'm not a fan of using ancient landmarks for stunts like this.

alext36 : Lots of people here say stuff like “now do it without the cable”. I believe the cables are only for safety purposes, like the helmet he’s wearing. They are not using he cables to pull the car up the stairs.

Doug Santos : 3:54 you're welcome

Going Green : Holy S@#*!!!!!!!!! ...and that is why I drive a Rover.

Kermit the Frog : Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 2015 Richard Hammond drove up the near vertical walls of the mighty Claerwen Dam in Wales in a 1940's Land Rover.

HDCreatures : I wish it wasn't CGI.

El Salvador : now do it without any cables.

Xenial Xerus : but how he gonna drive back down tho

Saif almunaifi : Wow technology 👏👏

Dishan Madhuranga : It's amazing...

slim jim : I think I'm mostly bothered by the disingenuous nature of this stunt. Range Rover hypes up the danger and suspense, but on close examination, it appears to be relatively safe. The hype: At 3:42, a Range Rover rep states "I can’t see anybody living if the car started rolling downhill". At 3:49, a Chinese official states "If he crashes, he will die." The reality: The car is attached to steel cables running along the steps for the car to grab onto in the event that it starts to roll backwards. Range Rover has even verified in the comments that the cables are placed for safety. If you look at 4:50 - 4:51, you can even see how the cables get pulled to the left as the car swerves to the left. And in the end, the car's back wheels stop short of the landing. If you look at 5:35, this is due to the fact that the cable runs straight up and anchors to the rock at the top right of the landing (where the tires rest against the rock). Again, I just feel that if you perform a stunt that has has all the safety measures in place, don't try to sell it as being so dangerous.

Silvana Ravanello : Que show meu sonho de consumo Range Rover Evoque!❤

Quick Cookie : Who flew drone? Robocinestudio? They probably have flown the whole day.

tehbilbo79 : having been there only a couple years ago, i knew that the Rover could not have navigated the steps (left or right) of the very first section of switchbacks. this is true. they modified the ramp on the right, and added a temporary landing area.

avia subagyo : oh goodness

Manish Mahanti : Damage to stairs. All commented. Lol.... The righteous people. Amazing drive!

Russ ScrewYouGoogleYouCantHaveMyLastName : This is absolutely awful. I will never own a Toyota after seeing this video.

Runze Hu : Remember to close the comment section next time lol

Homing Fung : I guess no one in Hunan speak their own Xiang language anymore since the Chinese government aims to eliminate all regional languages in the name of "national unity"

Mingrui Wei : Property Destroyer! Such a shame

Keron Stewart : this have to have broken some kind of Guinness world record! i mean didn't it!?

Islander HP : wellwellwell.....the problem is the reliability.

Rubens Catta Preta : amazing challenge.... fantastic engeneering!!!

GM 79 : You can find it there....... It is there....19 days later

ankhenaten2 : *the cables are not attached to the car : **5:07** (slow the video down to see it)*

Phantom : Though I hear a great shout of joy, where is the figure of the audience? hahaha

Ziad Moraly : The question is, how did you manage to get it down again 🤪

Rizza : And this is why I drive a Range Rover!

Going Green : Damn, I love this video so much!

VostockREvolution : when is it on top, we all think.. are you sure you put the handbrake? :O :P

WynMills1 : Absolutely unbelievable...

Ben Li : Shame on you for damaging the nature.

kaasam ali : I wonder how they got it down?

j mcintosh : but how did they get it down?

Edvaldo Antonio Da Silva : Uma verdadeira máquina.

Tosin Afolabi : Oh my!

zhenggyuu : I wonder how that cable works... if anyting happened....

Robert Yoshida : 4 wheel drive :O

M蓝色的缘分 : 公路随便你跑,但是台阶那又是什么。。。。。。