A Song to Rule Them All

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Low Poly Pineapple : If you don't stand for the special song, the magic sky-cloth won't freedom.

Samy thecat : yes of course the Spanish anthem *Despacito*

Chickens for the Chicken god : The only good anthem is the soviet one *ACTIVATE SOVIET EAR RAPE*

BYOwn : If I ruled a country I would make the national anthem a really fast rap song so I could watch old people attempt to rap fast.

Squack asyoulike : *When a child asks a question that is way too advanced* Here’s some chocolate.

ChillyMat : its soo cool that you put the Slovenian anthem because im from Slovenia...

Maks Kolman : Slovenian here. If you would keep the original center alignment of our anthem you would also notice it has the shape of a wine glass. 🍷

Te C-Jones : Anthems for the whole Earth: Slovenia's Anthem The Soviet Anthem Despacito All Star Africa-Toto

Flaggy Flag : 1:10 oh hey look at that

Pootin : Idk why official translation of Slovene anthem mentions God. There's no mention of it in original Slovene lyrics. The translation should be "Long live all the nations who long and work for that bright day...".

Aspen LOVELOCK : Despacito is the new official anthem of everywhere

axlrose76 : When you are watching this video and you think about your own national anthem... and when you reach the end of the video it is actually featured in it... priceless.

MiYa : Y'all know when the spanish reached the americas they blasted despacito all over the continent right?

Kozmonito : The soviet one is the best.

AK Brahma : Lots of love to Slovenia for such a sweet national anthem.

Blake Babcock : **Reads title* BLESS THE RAINS DOWN IN AFRICA

Miss Terious Girl XD : *BITCH LASAGNA* 😊

Otherwise Healthy : Dang, nice one Slovenia!

Shankar Sivarajan : _Deutschland, Deutschland über alles…_

Robert Short : The US'anthem is weird. It is all about seeing the flag flying, but the flag isn't something of note it is just an additional symbol. The song is literally do you see that symbol, which stands for the Government, which is merely the outpouring of the Constitution, which is merely the rules the sovereign people choose, still flying?

DaniDipp : #FlaggyFlag


Dav Free : 20 years ago the UK tried to change the anthem to a pet shop boy song... Some things are best left untouched by the modern world

First Cynic : Anthems do sometimes get an additional verse added. My favorite is the 6th verse of the UK anthem... Lord grant that Marshal Wade May by thy mighty aid Victory bring. May he sedition hush, And like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush. God save the King!

Someone You Don't Know : Thanks for notifying me of the endscreen

Aelfric V : Time to move to Slovenia !!

Dr3v0 : aw yes, slovenian pride

jappab : finally some recognition for us dutchies

- Horizontal - : To rule them all, huh? Good thing no one else has taken the pokemon intro song cuz I'm taking it for Canada. Sorry.


Michael Dixon : 1:10 Flaggy Flag the one true flag

Damkee : Why the hell I got notification from you cause I am not subscribed and never watched you.

Pj Mackey : Soviet national anthem no1

elitehax : Good video, havent watched it yet though!

Shankar Sivarajan : Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world…

FieryLiv : I thought this was a song

Squack asyoulike : I love a new tapakapa video.

Meeku Chan : All Star shall now be the national anthem of the United States. - Donald Trump

eyads99 : Hey Tapakapa, I know this is a small mistake but the Arabic script 1:52 is wrong the way it it written does not make sense

Luucvinky : Yay we Dutchies achieved something

Mirriky : One of your most enjoyable videos yet, loved the animation gags

Tom Owen : US State Songs get real weird.

Bart Pander : Although the Dutch Anthem is a very old song, it only became the national Anthem in 1932. The 'Wilhelmus' as the current Anthem is called, was considered too politicised and a song specific for the Organgist party when they introduced the national Anthem. The national anthem they choose as the first Anthem overtime became even more politicised and thus in 1932 they changed it to the 'Wilhelmus' which by then was considered a more neutral song with a history going back to the revolt that lead to the founding of the country and thus fitting as the national Anthem.

bai Xiaochun : i respect solvenia anthem

Hail Giratina The true god : **Insteand Dutch anthem earrape like the good ol Hilberd*

USA Education : Japan: Yes, I won! The Dutch: Not so fast bish.

Tom Kelly : Why is “God” in so many Anthems of supposedly secular countries? We aren’t meant to have a national religion. As an atheist, I’ve long been uncomfortable signing the English version of our national anthem.

dcwillis87 : Slovenia also makes a rather nice pistol: Arex Rex Zero:1 freaking bad ass. Great video btw.

LeFunnyMan : 49 views

William Wallace : SCOTLAND THE BRAVE!