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Spot Shadow : Ali a is a living meme

Eggacy : this is gone too far? lol

Lil Spice Rack : I love this meme

Pulse Retro Pulse Retro : This is going to get millions of views just watch

RegisteredPixels : 21K views, 1.2K likes. this will change soon you see

Aqua_gaming : Ya know... This would be good for LWIAY

TUNNELROYALE Paz : The British voice does it well

ADAM %% : This is the meaning of life....

łąxēņ : This is legenderé

Vanonleak -VL- : Best 15 second of my life

Parker Necessary : This was at the top of my home page that’s how you tell it’s a Spicey meme

Tom : I’m now *W O K E*

Such Doge : Lit

DankDungeon : These are legendary😂 I also made 2 of these if you like the format you can check them out

Rayne Enyar : Best meme alive

WR Gamer101 : Look at his eyes when he says cancer lol

Justin Y. : ThIs Is leGeNDaRY

Rylan Stockdale : I subbed to him because of this meek lol

SW4GMASTER123 : I watched 20 times and thought why I still exist

Kazeba : My ear omg

jg0gg : 10/10 IGN

Kayd2004 : This meme is getting out of hand we just need Pewdiepie to clap twice to this meme

HaZaRd_chazz Wazz : Accurate😂😂

DZN x Relapse : Definitely here before 1 million views.

Anomolous Cow : Was it because of his channel?

Jamezzler : This is legendary


Nate Adams : This is legendary I can’t beleive it

ILCHSM : The 17 people who disliked have dad's who died of cancer.

Rongles : Nice

LostKeys : What annoys me is that people only started to make memes about him but he has been doing it for years like since Black ops 2 and longer

killer memestar : Amazing

キティ : God Tier meme

Tom Kapybara : That's very sad ;_; Who using intros in 2018? Oh... CharmX

ReaPiX :3 : *_A M A Z I N G_*


TRS : This is amazing we shall now treat him as a god.

BreadMix : His dad found the legendary leukaemia

UldisE Fortnite : Why does the kid think its legendary lmao

Lt Surge : LEGEN DAIRY...

Carlos Montoya : Oh dam my dad to

Leonardo Soto : Pure Gold

AL gaming : That's a spicy meme right there

A Kid In His Basement : I don't believe it

Boose Bear : Funniest meme i've seen xD

sith stalker : yay he died

Rohan Hayes : Dang he really is annoying

Sebastian Roth : mmmmm this is betiful love it

StuntVevo : His face and his voice made this funny asf

rex lewis : I guess he hated his dad