Making The Bus Monitor Cry

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CapitalTrigga : Maybe I'll try to make it clear in a comment since this video was posted back when people used to read video descriptions. I was not on this bus at the time of this incident nor was I involved in anyway. I was browsing Facebook, found the video and uploaded it here. I can understand everyone's anger, but you are directing it towards the wrong person. (This is just for the people that directly mention me)

Alannah A : Why isn't the bus driver AT LEAST standing up for her?

Liangelo Ball : That poor woman... she handled it very well! I hope she is living a happier life now that she doesn't have to monitor these shitheads!!

analia suares : You bullies are so rude what did she ever done with you? 😠😠😠😢😣

Satou Shio : It actually hurts me and the sad thing is that it's not me if it was me I would have cried :(

Klarity Dragon SDIT Handler : I would sit beside her put my arm around her and cuddle her and whisper in her ear that everything will be ok

JaContex : This is so cruel. It's making me so sad how people do this, that lady reminds me of my grandma :(

The Doctor : I'll punch that kid right in the face

Emily Artz : I hope when those kids become old “fat farts” there made fun of

marshmallowbudgie : "In March 2015, two of the four students who appeared in the video with Klein were accused of bullying a special-needs classmate with several other students in a bathroom in the local high school, forcing him to hold his crotch and consume urine out of a toilet."

PLK Kitten : This is so messed up!😡 this takes a heartless person to do this Just is so sad😩😭

Spooneads : They need a good smacking. With a bat. In the face. Multiple times.

April Craig : I disliked it

jay and valtreyek beyblade evalotion masters : Grandma punch them

nikki & annie : people can be so rude there is has to be some sort of law to stop this

THE JOKER : Pricks

Bleach : We love you Karren, don't EVER forget it.

Çhâñgkyüñ Møñbébé : Dumbass kids

Eyeless Jack : I'll rather be bullied than be a bully (( and you people can't even afford real gold so quit talking -.-))

BleTrick : It’s been 6 years and I still can’t believe this fucking happened. How could someone ever be this rude and cruel? It astonishes me, it really does.

Ana Banana_pie : Your so heartless

Aka Michael Jackson lover Bubbles : if I was there I would stop this and let her sit with me

itsN S : Oooh. She started to cry..💔 how they could .. 8:17

Ana Macasaet : This came from facebook guys this guy/girl just posted this for showing how these kids are so messed up and this isnt her/his video ok

Gamenblaster 2.0 : What the hell is wrong with those kids

Game Over : Gleich zur Adoption freigegeben solch kleine Bastarde!!! Charma is a bitch!!! Kleine schmutzige Kreatur. Eine Schande bist Du für Deine Eltern!!!

DazzaMax83 : Poor woman. I Smash those kids out

Jaden Schenk : OMG. Why???? She diserves wayy better

# GolSaftTutorials : Delete this video

Kyn gusha : komme von RTL hahaha

Jody Johnston : That is so mean

THE PENGUIN GANG : It is just sad that these kids do this to this poor lady she looks just fine and these people should not be judging her. They are making threats that they should go to jail for. I can not believe there parents let these kids be like this. I am sending my prayers for Karen.I am so sorry to all the people who get bullied like this. I don't even know why these mean kids have to curse and in the future they will be sorry.

Selin Sariaydin : Wer kommt von RTL?😂

Come Join Melissa Vlogs : omg I wish I was there to kill them

Eyeless Jack : Lucky I wasn't there i would bring my knife there and start stabing all the kids reaptedly the eat there hearts for how dark hearted they are and it's sad she was partly deaf and the PERSON DRIVING THE BUS SHOULD OF DONE SOMETHING like I'm crying cause of how bad I feel for her and KIDS SHOULD STICK UP FOR THE POOR LADY # STOPBULLYING IT KILLS PEOPLE SUICIDE IS A REAL THING

Jack Feely : Shame on you

ExtraLargeForward : I hate my generation

Oreo Plays : Wtf the boy stick the middle finger at her at 6:05

Potato Wombat : The sad thing is her oldest son really commited suicide

Martian_Gaming : Hey I stumbled across this video after a while and I guess no one uses reddit because a while back people did some digging and found out almost every kid that was on that bus was suspended/expelled (have no links because digging through reddit is a mission)

Britt Britt69 : I would have gouged those kids eyes out if I had been on that bus. This video makes me want to rip their throats out.

RandomizedClips : I just want to hug this poor women.

Ana Macasaet : Poor lady

Goddess Queen : Send these little shits to brazil prison

Textingpuppy Kinz : That poor lady! What did she do to deserve that?!?! This made me cry.

The Fan-tastic Lindsey : i hope the kids that bullied her have a bad life.

Elijah King : I legit wanna meet these kids and actually beat tf out of them



Steven Valencia : Wow thats someones mom so disrespectfull kids of today are so juvenile an disrespectful. What a shame are future are these kids what a disappointment