Making The Bus Monitor Cry

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Alannah A : Why isn't the bus driver AT LEAST standing up for her?

The Doctor : I'll punch that kid right in the face

Dat Boi : The sad thing is her oldest son really commited suicide

Emily Artz : I hope when those kids become old “fat farts” there made fun of

Britt Britt69 : I would have gouged those kids eyes out if I had been on that bus. This video makes me want to rip their throats out.

JaContex : This is so cruel. It's making me so sad how people do this, that lady reminds me of my grandma :(

Kelly Marie : this is absolutely disgusting...the poor woman... these kids have no morals and certainly no respect...what this brave brave woman went on to do is amazing ❤I hope their parents are ashamed of the way they raised their kids...i also hope that one day people (adults or children) can be charged for this kind of mental abuse...wishing you a happy healthy future bus monitor lady ❤

Eyeless Jack : I'll rather be bullied than be a bully (( and you people can't even afford real gold so quit talking -.-))

nintendo fanboy : Parents should have worn a condom

Come Join Melissa Vlogs : omg I wish I was there to kill them

Spooneads : They need a good smacking. With a bat. In the face. Multiple times.

The Fan-tastic Lindsey : i hope the kids that bullied her have a bad life.

jay and valtreyek beyblade evalotion masters : Grandma punch them

Martian_Gaming : Hey I stumbled across this video after a while and I guess no one uses reddit because a while back people did some digging and found out almost every kid that was on that bus was suspended/expelled (have no links because digging through reddit is a mission)

Petty Realist : These children are obviously sociopaths

Elijah King : I legit wanna meet these kids and actually beat tf out of them

Zdub Gaming : This breaks my heart, I cannot believe the things people will say, especially to a elder. You should always respect your elders. I'm praying for her, and she didn't deserve this, nobody deserves this.

CJ Arts : I hope those bullies get karma shoved right up their Arse!

Lucas Tesch Official : i hope that there idenity got publicy exposed so that everyone could smash their faces. dirty little bastards. NO RESPECT!!

Wolf Knight the roleplay dude : If I was there I will knock the bullies teeth out

Kylie Bigbie : Ooo I wish I was there to beat the crap outa them

BleTrick : It’s been 6 years and I still can’t believe this fucking happened. How could someone ever be this rude and cruel? It astonishes me, it really does.

Galaxy Girl : *Respect* *your* *Elders* *.*

Antonio Brizuela : I want those kids to be beaten to insanity

Nano Swarm : I would to meet the kids alone and teach them a lesson, The old Bolton way.

ExtraLargeForward : I hate my generation

Dylan Both : Those bullies lucky they dont know me

Steven Valencia : Wow thats someones mom so disrespectfull kids of today are so juvenile an disrespectful. What a shame are future are these kids what a disappointment

esha : Aww if I was there I would've sat with her I feel so bad how could people be so mean😿

Mia Folder : i wish i could give her a hug

Aka Michael Jackson lover Bubbles : if I was there I would stop this and let her sit with me

Semetra Turner : Those boys need to stop if I was on the bus I would stand up for her I would tell the bus driver

CLONE 187 : whoever EVER liked this video they should die

RoseDiMeco101 : Wow these kids are the cruelest, meanest, nastiest kids I’ve ever seen. That poor bus monitor 😭

Textingpuppy Kinz : That poor lady! What did she do to deserve that?!?! This made me cry.

RandomizedClips : I just want to hug this poor women.



Sahil Nabi Malik : I wouldn’t be able to live with my self if that happened to me I would never ever do that to an elderly person

Eyeless Jack : Lucky I wasn't there i would bring my knife there and start stabing all the kids reaptedly the eat there hearts for how dark hearted they are and it's sad she was partly deaf and the PERSON DRIVING THE BUS SHOULD OF DONE SOMETHING like I'm crying cause of how bad I feel for her and KIDS SHOULD STICK UP FOR THE POOR LADY # STOPBULLYING IT KILLS PEOPLE SUICIDE IS A REAL THING

Bleach : We love you Karren, don't EVER forget it.

Selin Sariaydin : Wer kommt von RTL?😂

Moi Miek : Her son killed himself 1 year before the video was made

Mason A.D. : These kids deserve the death penalty.

HairLineMcgee 24 : I swear I wanna drop every one of them... Edit... Forget that. I WANT THEM ALL TO BE EMBARRASSED IN THE EYES OF THE ENTIRE WORLD AND AFTER THAT BE WIPPED WHILE EVERYONE WATCHING LAUGHS. If you want me to take this comment down I will but till then... bye

shortii12341 : If she were my grandmother I would beat their a$$es. No one talks to an elder like that!!!

Ckeyara Simmons : Their so disrespectful

Imani Rivera : This is so disrespectful! The bus lady was and is better than they will ever be! I wanna beat the hell outa them🙏🏽😭🙄🙄

Legit mango 1818 : Freaaking American boys, i wouldve snapped their necks