OpenAI + Dota 2

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dotafeeding : Hope we can get a game mode where we can practice against OpenAI 1v1 and 5v5. Gaben and Elon pls

i make memes for a living : The creep block is honestly beyond human comprehension. The zoning is crazy good. The cs is just insane. But can it type "?" in all chat?

AvenaPros : Valve let Open AI be in DotA 2 difficulty settings please, > Easy > Normal > Hard > Open AI

Dorkmo : do they delay mouse/keyboard inputs to human speed?

Drewbiepie : Why does he blink so much

MatahRL : I'm sure this is VAC ban worthy

Her : I'd love to see AI on League, Faker is the most complete player in any game there ever will be. AI vs Faker. Also Dota is a joke as a game, no one cares about Dota it has 10 times less players than League which equals bad players.

Shing Chan : Please do an OpenAI vs OpenAI

Eisaku2 : So basically the end of the world is going to be Terminator, but the Connors are all Korean. Got it.

Christopher Dlouhy : Это. Просто. Нечто.

SoliC- : I can see people using bots (when it imporves beyond human skill)to mass produce high mmr accounts and sell them.

Xodiac : What is the background track in the video?


Gian Pacayra : This is scary

Dimitar Venov : Well I got an idea, how about you let the AI play ranked games, perhaps he can find a way to deal with griefers and game ruiners? Coz so far no one's got a clue how to solve that problem. That for me would be the crown achievement of an AI. Now I dont want to sound like I don't appreciate what you guys have done, this is truly remarkable and you deserve nothing but praise for your work, but I think that an AI can have a much bigger impact on gaming if it tackles the biggest issues that are plaguing not just Dota, but all online multiplayer games.

Kirk Scheper : Please please please make a StarCraft 2 bot next!!

Artem Ilyumzhinov : Oh my lord... this is all happening too soon! Thought that the AI will win ti (The International) around 2020, but now it seems that the moment will come much sooner. By the way, OpenAI team, please think of training an AI that would outdraft professional Dota 2 teams’ captains/drafters! It would also be helpful to your main goal of creating a playing AI as a good hero pick is much important and contributed a lot to a chance of winning a game!

Ådne R : what about bot vs bot?

Cocovens : Name of the song? :)

FINAL_B : E-sports A.I ''XXX'' vs A.I. ''YYY'' in a few years.

sardar assanov : So, if let's say, I have two of this OPENAI bots, learning SF mid, will I have two different OPENAI bots at the end??? Or will they come to the same play style and play similarly, even though they learned from different material???

Ryan H. : Why is it that I've only seen shadow fiend? Noone else think this would take a crazy amount of time to make perfectly for each hero? Looks like to me that they've only done one, and that's on a 1v1 map to boot. Something about this seems fishy.

Di0 : Wish this bot was public.

Ausare911 : Don't forget to keep Internet connected, would hate to slow evolution.

Vegas Chill Trap : what si this song ?

Alex PP : скажите название музыки на фоне

Lobo Maniac : This is amazing

Diego Guillermo Schmidt : AI can make us evolve too

Kristi Stevens : You can tell the guy in this video explaining this is super intelligent. All of these professional gamers are too. Playing at this level and playing some of the most difficult games out there is pretty dang impressive.

ForgottenLegend : Skynet.

Lucas Racoci : What is the background sound ?

Victor Tous : Now program it to beat StarCraft pros ;-D

Swapnil Bhoite : Cyborg incoming.

Darwin Watterson : Exam to play dota. We cant play pvp b4 defeat this bot. Then there is no suck player. Lol. Can We get a prize if we can defeat this bot?

Jar Share : What a complete waste of AI technology.

revengefrommars : Can you guys fix the co-op bots in Payday 2 so they don't totally suck?

Danila Solianichenko : Jokes aside: if you make these bots real, It will be the end of DOTA2 as e-sports and it will be a start of the end of all of us.

TheeBambam : League is better nerds

All Hail Mighty Papyrus : Trust me, if he successfully make a 5 super openAi, pro players can't win. Its good for the last boss or for the grand finalist in international .

Arkansis : What is the name of the song in the background?

Tej Patel : "Safe"

nikre : how about showing the real footage from start to end? ai is not so far advanced to win against a top pro player. this is just advertisement to get more funding and raise awareness of the brand.

Isaac Liu : If openai was really concerned about the risks of ai they would spend all their resources towards ethical programming and devising regulatory safeguards rather than trying to accelerate the danger by pushing us closer to strong AI before we're ready

theycallme Al Capone : This is what was Elon talking about.

ethsgrl : Hi guys we are building a monster who'll keep away all the gaming fun by beating us all the time. Can't wait to see where it goes...super excited fun fun fun....duh...

kevan garner : 1:47 are my spots on my face sexy?

Azio Prism : *BOT vs BOT NAOW!*

Azio Prism : *can you even ban a bot? when it is smarter then everything?*

Null and Void : Humans getting closer to elimination, any last words?

xXxJokerManxXx : Yeah DotA is made fot humans to play. It's just unfair if your opponent can predict where you are in the fog