OpenAI + Dota 2

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MatahRL : I'm sure this is VAC ban worthy

Rico Jazz : This is a military project. Just dressed in friendly game "clothing". But the results will be applied in the real world and military in a few years or decades. And that is really bad news.

daily SLYFE : Watch there be an AI team competing someday and just completely obliterate everyone lmao.

i make memes for a living : The creep block is honestly beyond human comprehension. The zoning is crazy good. The cs is just insane. But can it type "?" in all chat?

sexi beest : if this leaks,many multiplayer online games will die.

revengefrommars : Can you guys fix the co-op bots in Payday 2 so they don't totally suck?

Lota : Hope we can get a game mode where we can practice against OpenAI 1v1 and 5v5. Gaben and Elon pls

Talcum X : Is this what Musk does with the $3 billion in our money / tax subsidies? MAKE GAMING BOTS? #MuskPayBackYourSubsidies

nikre : how about showing the real footage from start to end? ai is not so far advanced to win against a top pro player. this is just advertisement to get more funding and raise awareness of the brand.

All Hail Mighty Papyrus : Trust me, if he successfully make a 5 super openAi, pro players can't win. Its good for the last boss or for the grand finalist in international .

Di0 : Wish this bot was public.

McMinty MP : "Elon Musks AI" is worse than saying "Steve Jobs iPhone" lol he didn't do shit just hired brilliant people to create it.

Drewbiepie : Why does he blink so much

Xodiac : What is the background track in the video?

Eisaku2 : So basically the end of the world is going to be Terminator, but the Connors are all Korean. Got it.

sebas ryan : slacks ruining the serious atmosphere lmao

Night_H4nter : Jokes aside: if you make these bots real, It will be the end of DOTA2 as e-sports and it will be a start of the end of all of us.

Dorkmo : do they delay mouse/keyboard inputs to human speed?

SPIDER MANN : PS4 MASTER RACE just dropping by to shit on you nerds...

Arkansis : What is the name of the song in the background?

sardar assanov : So, if let's say, I have two of this OPENAI bots, learning SF mid, will I have two different OPENAI bots at the end??? Or will they come to the same play style and play similarly, even though they learned from different material???

Jar Share : What a complete waste of AI technology.

Captain Deadpool : This is what was Elon talking about.

Shing Chan : Please do an OpenAI vs OpenAI

Victor Tous : Now program it to beat StarCraft pros ;-D

Kirk Scheper : Please please please make a StarCraft 2 bot next!!

Isaac Liu : If openai was really concerned about the risks of ai they would spend all their resources towards ethical programming and devising regulatory safeguards rather than trying to accelerate the danger by pushing us closer to strong AI before we're ready

Turko MDF : How is this different than having a script ?

Im a bee : Wonder if IT works in csgo aswell.

Lucas Racoci : What is the background sound ?

TheeBambam : League is better nerds

Ryan H. : Why is it that I've only seen shadow fiend? Noone else think this would take a crazy amount of time to make perfectly for each hero? Looks like to me that they've only done one, and that's on a 1v1 map to boot. Something about this seems fishy.

Diego Guillermo Schmidt : AI can make us evolve too

Ausare911 : Don't forget to keep Internet connected, would hate to slow evolution.

CmE_Psycho : stop making skynet for fucks sake. u guys, havent seen how terminator ended? we gonna die fam. we gonna fukin die. even fb AI bot started making own language. tay tweet bot started tweeting nazi stuffs n they had to shut it down. stop it before its too late. cant u just make regular stuff like weapons n sell it n then just make an iron man suit for elon musk so he can finally be happy -_-

xXxJokerManxXx : Yeah DotA is made fot humans to play. It's just unfair if your opponent can predict where you are in the fog

Techraan! AKA Fatbeard! : I want to know how long it took, playing copies of itself, to go pro.

Cocovens : Name of the song? :)

V E C T R O N Gaming : 0:05 "safe artificial AI"....... are you saying that it can be dangerous?

I'mposs ible : But what if we are bots..... .... ... .. .

Starlette Rai : you can't foresee terr-- techiesism.

prometheus : now we just need to embody this AI into a mechanical body and let it loose on the streets.

Alex Awesome : k, very interesting. Now make one for sc2. Dota too easy for the bots, give it a more complex game.

AvenaPros : Valve let Open AI be in DotA 2 difficulty settings please, > Easy > Normal > Hard > Open AI

peppermagick : Good news for account boosters!

Chris Cole : Will the team ai be a single, 'hive mind' ai or 5 separate ais just pit together on a team, with minimal to non existent communication?

Nikhil Kale : I am just curious that how this Dota bot is different & intellectual than computer chess?

R. Rod. : I'm a simple PHP dev . How can i start into learning machine ?

mazaisvilijs : Wait, is the AI open?

Lord Jaxon : What ever you do, please don't let it play Call of Duty, or Counter Strike, or Far Cry, or Rainbow Six, or Hitman, or Grand Theft Auto.