OpenAI + Dota 2

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MatahRL : I'm sure this is VAC ban worthy

revengefrommars : Can you guys fix the co-op bots in Payday 2 so they don't totally suck?

Dorkmo : do they delay mouse/keyboard inputs to human speed?

All Hail Mighty Papyrus : Trust me, if he successfully make a 5 super openAi, pro players can't win. Its good for the last boss or for the grand finalist in international .

AvenaPros : Valve let Open AI be in DotA 2 difficulty settings please, > Easy > Normal > Hard > Open AI

daily SLYFE : Watch there be an AI team competing someday and just completely obliterate everyone lmao.

i make memes for a living : The creep block is honestly beyond human comprehension. The zoning is crazy good. The cs is just insane. But can it type "?" in all chat?

dotafeeding : Hope we can get a game mode where we can practice against OpenAI 1v1 and 5v5. Gaben and Elon pls

Xodiac : What is the background track in the video?

Rico Jazz : This is a military project. Just dressed in friendly game "clothing". But the results will be applied in the real world and military in a few years or decades. And that is really bad news.

Talcum X : Is this what Musk does with the $3 billion in our money / tax subsidies? MAKE GAMING BOTS? #MuskPayBackYourSubsidies

Di0 : Wish this bot was public.

Eisaku2 : So basically the end of the world is going to be Terminator, but the Connors are all Korean. Got it.

Trtl boi : if this leaks,many multiplayer online games will die.

Shing Chan : Please do an OpenAI vs OpenAI

Lucas Racoci : What is the background sound ?

Kirk Scheper : Please please please make a StarCraft 2 bot next!!

Arkansis : What is the name of the song in the background?

Drewbiepie : Why does he blink so much

sardar assanov : So, if let's say, I have two of this OPENAI bots, learning SF mid, will I have two different OPENAI bots at the end??? Or will they come to the same play style and play similarly, even though they learned from different material???

nikre : how about showing the real footage from start to end? ai is not so far advanced to win against a top pro player. this is just advertisement to get more funding and raise awareness of the brand.

R. Rod. : I'm a simple PHP dev . How can i start into learning machine ?

SoliC- : I can see people using bots (when it imporves beyond human skill)to mass produce high mmr accounts and sell them.

Cocovens : Name of the song? :)

David Tharios : Fucking stupid. I'd rather develop AI for actual purposes than stupid Gaming bot.

Captain Deadpool : This is what was Elon talking about.

Turko MDF : How is this different than having a script ?

Im a bee : Wonder if IT works in csgo aswell.

Techraan! AKA Fatbeard! : I want to know how long it took, playing copies of itself, to go pro.

Jatin Bharati : And that's how the world ends. How embarrassing.

I'mposs ible : But what if we are bots..... .... ... .. .

Rinaldo Jonathan : Dont let the bot learn from SEA server.

Randhika Ikra : i really want to watch other games open ai such as csgo , ow , league , etc. would be cool human vs robot haha like its a safe war against skynet

Rob : there is a difference between an ai that can out think a player and an AI that just cheats because they dont have to move a physical cursor and can performance more actions in a second than humanly possible. humans are playing in APM while bots are playing in actions per milli second

Starlette Rai : you can't foresee terr-- techiesism.

Danny h : so where can i download openAI? and can i use it to counter me in games and do all kinds of stuf on my laptop? anyway i want a lot more information where can i get it? you have got a mail or try and talk to Elon?

Josh : "Safe AI" what the heck, they can make dangerous AI?!?

prometheus : now we just need to embody this AI into a mechanical body and let it loose on the streets.

mazaisvilijs : Wait, is the AI open?

keco185 : Now have this bot stream on twitch 24/7. It'd be an instant hit

PRiMENuVaL : How can I play with this AI?

Victor Tous : Now program it to beat StarCraft pros ;-D

Kilian Huber : Can you send this Bot to me I need to come to esports and train .

bacon : Will normal players be given opportunity to play against this bot?

Isaac Liu : If openai was really concerned about the risks of ai they would spend all their resources towards ethical programming and devising regulatory safeguards rather than trying to accelerate the danger by pushing us closer to strong AI before we're ready

Tyler Aston : @OpenAI Did you guys build in functionality in the AI to learn not to get caught being non-human? If so, does it not "care" as much if it looks more like an AI in some situations over others? Hypothetically, sticking with the Dota environment, if you run it to show it off to the media does it play a Dota game as perfect as it came, but if you run it on a newly created private account would it play as someone who is a new Dota 2 player? Or even an older Dota account thats mid ranked, I could go on with scenarios so I'll stop here lol...

ServerDownAce : hey, artificial intel was scared by human, so, this is what i recommend, since most people are afraid it might exceed human intel, how about if the artificial intel was scripted with 'fear script', it might help to limit the artificial ablty to learn, since the growth, train, copy and self crtics are real. i knew about the open a.i long ago, but dint expect this to be happening, machine learning rock! <3

Diego Guillermo Schmidt : AI can make us evolve too

V3NOMXIII : So can we have decent bots to practice with now?

U- TOOOBE : How to download thia OPEN(AI)?