[SFM] Berdst friend

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pixlpit : This is literally one of my favourite animations on Youtube, how bizarre the situation and characters are, the plot twist juxtaposition to the happy tune, the constantly moving camera and how everything's crunkin' to the beat the entire time. So good!

Xeonex : I love this video like America loves oil

AfterGlowGaming : 0:54 When the kid you've been bullying for years has had enough

NICOLAS415 Lel : 0:51 best friend.exe has stopped working


Magmacool Gaming : Top ten saddest anime moments

Jayson W La'BoiSh : well that escalated quickly

Eggo doggo : 0:54 when you see the player that hit you with a blue shell in Mario kart

-iStoleAHorse - : 0:54 when you suddenly want a hostage.

Trashy Bashy : 0:54 when u listen to the original song and realize that the gun cocking wasnt edited in...


DrDino : I spent way too much time on this, but feel free to read. The Birb Hoovy was near his tree, lonely and wanted a new friend so he put up a poster near the road reading: "BEST FRIEND WANTED". Dino-dore, the magical dinosaur noticed that Birb Hoovy was lonely and decided to create a new friend for him so he wouldn't be lonely but in order for that to happen, the spell he was casting required a sacrifice. After Dino-dore sacrificed himself, hoping the best, the friend that he created appeared in a large explosion and danced in attempt cheer Birb Hoovy up. The best friend showed him that he was going to be his best friend from here on out, cheering Birb Hoovy up. After making great memories with his friend, Birb Hoovy noticed something was wrong. Dino-dore was just an apprentece in his magic which caused his spell that he cast to be unstable, resulting in the best friend to kidnap him and a photographer in the process thinking that it would cheer him up. After a few minutes, the police got involved and the best friend identified them as a threat to Birb Heavy and tried to fight back against them, dieing in the process. Birb Hoovy, being traumatized from this experience and knowing that he didn't kidnap them on purpose decided to go back in time, hoping this wouldn't happen again by rubbing his eyes but in the process lost all recent memory of what happened in order to stop time paradoxes. And so there Birb Hoovy was, sitting next to the tree, lonely yet again. Edit: I don't have any idea why I decided to type up this story but I didn't want it to go to waste either.

Cutie_KittY Girl : Me: Why I think this is cute? Video : * best friend point a gun * Me: ok what next ? ._. Video: * best friend dies * Me: OH GOD WHY!! Why that orange bird head Can't have BFF... *WHY* !!!!

imagne NATION STUDIOS : DEPRESSION HITS HARD AMIRITE (1 day later 1k dislikes)

Mots Tablesauce : 0:54 When you see a 0:54 comment only to realize that you’ve made a 0:54 comment.


undyne the undying : 0:54 undertale's genocide run in a nutshell 0:23 undertale's pacifist run in a nutshell

Trashy Bashy : 0:54 when ur little brother gets the last cookie

Skage Reistad : When this is America 0:54

Probably Broken : Yeah let me walk up to a cop with one hand behind my back not suspicious at all.

Brendaniel : I felt so many things, much faster than I thought I could.

TheUnknownPerson 700 : 0:54 When your friend spoils avengers infinity war.

tallspartan117 : 0:56 I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!!!!

sdjojoca :P : When a girl takes off her armor in my Christian Minecraft server 0:54

random waifu : 0:54 when someone steals your when joke

Joshua Rocha : 0:54 When you have a 30-kill streak and a F2P kills you and you lose your kill streak.

Tio Konohamaru : Algum Br kkkkk

Fafunago 00 : 0:54 When your remember that you are a bad guy xP

RichKiller hunted one : Snails house makes the best beats

Intorsus Volo : The robot chick was hot.

CatalystEXE : Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Team Randomess Galaxy : 0:34 what are those

Chei TACO : Police bertality

Mr Bork : Best one so far

Arcan Boyan : 0:54 when your best friend finds out that you have another best friend

EXCEPT : That beats any day I’ve ever had

P Freeman P Freeman : I don't know why I keep coming back to this btw 0:53

xXwildhyenaXx : Characters O is orange bird W is white bird R is robot Story O is sad because its his birthday and he has no friends. A dinosaur wants to sell his soul to become O's friend and is now W. W and O take pictures together but W gets messed up by the camera flash and becomes a murderer. You can probably get the rest

Küçük Çığlık : 0:54 SCHOOL'S OPENED

GAMERS TUBE : Pls make berdis freind part 2

Ana Betmen : 0:54 when someone overtakes you in racing

Anthony_ King : 0:54...when you lose your phone and the teacher doesnt care

Nanee Is Awesome : *This is some deep shit :’)*

Mario Gamer : 0:54 how Ninja acts when he's killed

FreddyIs Ded870 : how my roblox friend is

Moliminous : i looked away for a second and come back and the one bird has a gun...

Sarah Lima : V E R Y B O O T I F U L

GAMERS TUBE : I love this animation so much

Prista Chevalier : I LOVE THE MUSIC 😁

Comp For Casuals : Its strange to look back at the old annonimoose to see the lovely story line he told, and the now just random stuff (still love it though)