[SFM] Berdst friend

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Ujico*/Snail's House : I haven't thought my song would be used this way 😂😂😂 I like it

lolidk why : 0:54 when you make a joke and nobody notices but when somebody else says it everyone laughs

Colin the Rook Main : *Ah, my favorite things put into one video!* Team fortress 2, animation, best friends, berds, wizard dinosaurs, robot MILFs, guns, movies dealing with ptsd, and police dash cam videos!

Cutie_KittY Girl : Me: Why I think this is cute? Video : * best friend point a gun * Me: ok what next ? ._. Video: * best friend dies * Me: OH GOD WHY!! Why that orange bird head Can't have BFF... *WHY* !!!!

Not Syro : This is so sad. CAN we GET 10 likes

Fanic : angry birds movie 2 looks good so far

Brian Hart : 0:54 when keep seeing 0:54 comments

playlist guy : 75% of comments about 0:54 5% of comments saying "why am I coming back to this?" 12% of comments saying "my fav" 3% about good animation and work 5% Dafuq?

Nicole Vargas : 0:54 when someone eats the last cookie

Wolfy x Honey : 0:54 *_-NO CUSSING ON MY CHRISTIAN SERVER-_*

Moliminous : i looked away for a second and come back and the one bird has a gun...

Tokota Kiwi. : Oh

TheAlmightyWeeb : WAIT. I HAVE A THEORY. You know how hoovy rubs his eyes at 0:50? WELL he rubs his eyes as well as the end. So that means that maybe 1. Hoovy is sleeping and he just woke up at the end or 2. The kidnapping is all the hoovies imagination! When someone sees something they think they don't really see they RUB THIER EYES. But that's just a theory, a VIDEO THEORY. Thanks for watching.

Iskren Petkov : 0:54 when you see the whole comment section is full of when jokes

Television : Okay, but what happened to the dino ;-;

pixlpit : This is literally one of my favourite animations on Youtube, how bizarre the situation and characters are, the plot twist juxtaposition to the happy tune, the constantly moving camera and how everything's crunkin' to the beat the entire time. So good!

Riley Mcbride : when your mom gets you a new playstation 4 pro 0:36 but then you realise theres a brick inside and nothing else 0:54

Animator : 0:54 me when somebody spoils a movie 1:35 me when I fail to sneak snacks into the movie theatre and my friends are watching

Awesome Pro : 0:54 when someone says anime is for kids

Romeo 67 : When your shooting all the black kids in school and the cops come and start stealing your kills 0:54

Brendaniel : I felt so many things, much faster than I thought I could.

Uncoiled Tunic : me: 0:48 when no one liked my comment

BirdFeathersYT _ : 0:54 When you dont get invited to a party

Rafique1408 : This is the *berdst* animation ever

C Squared : 0:54 how it feels when the teacher blames you for something some other punk did

SadBoyScooby : *Top 10 Anime betrayal*

Malachi Jones : What i think happend was the dove was probably out doing something then he gets teleported and loses his memory but the camera flashes made him regain his memory but he thought he was kidnapped by people in an alternate universe made to copy is so he attacked everyone because he thought he abducted by aliens.

Zachary Adaes : That escalated quickly.

mercfanboi 13 : 0:54 when you get teamkilled😂

Gridixzor : When the thing you ordered is to small and they say no refunds 00:54

Magmacool Gaming : Top ten saddest anime moments

Katie Wiggins : 0:53 when you realize that the dinosaur was the best friend all along after watching it 50 times

Ezekiel Blufur : That moment when somebody steals your goal in Rocket League 0:54

XZA Angel : 0:54 when someone scam u 25 keys

Brickhead 5678 : 0:53 well that escalated quickly

wiebil0 offical : *ALL HE WANTED WAS A FRIEND*

Golden Jam : 0:54 when your parents tell you, you have to go to school

Amy Matthews Conces : 0:54 when realized trump won president

TheOofInspector : The bird with glasses looks like chicken little a little bit

Painted Colors : *Best friend for 5 second instant kidnapped* * O-O 1:35*


Aodhan Conroy : For some reason this video gives me a strange feeling of happiness and comfort and I have no idea why.

Can I get 1000 subs without videos? : This is so sad.Can we get 1000 VBucks?

Dill Power! : 00:54 When I have to go to school Me: heavy bird Mom/dad: medic bird

brad : 0:54 when you're a bird man who cocks a gun

Destiny The Fox123 : 0:54 when they won't give you your happy meal

scp 070 : when you see this video and no one make a meme new meme 00:53

1 subscriber with no videos : When summer break is over 0:54

Ann Productions : I want to become the orange bird's friend

Jullian Sabulao : Well that escalated quickly.