[SFM] Berdst friend

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Joshua Rocha : 0:54 When you have a 30-kill streak and a F2P kills you and you lose your kill streak.

EXCEPT : That beats any day I’ve ever had

You did not see anything : 0:54 When you see the whole comment section filled with 0:54


pixlpit : This is literally one of my favourite animations on Youtube, how bizarre the situation and characters are, the plot twist juxtaposition to the happy tune, the constantly moving camera and how everything's crunkin' to the beat the entire time. So good!

RoachVlogs : OH BABY A TRIPLE!!!! 0:34

• Inky : Moral of the story: Don't have friends.

STOP : 0:54 when people are trying to ruin your favorite music video with comments like this

Mr Chickened & No More : Just one thing to note: That white bird was that dinosaur before ;-;

Brendaniel : I felt so many things, much faster than I thought I could.

Hinikuna Arijigoku : This is a good Angry Birds 2 trailer.

Galaxy ._. : 10 Top Anime Death's

TJP : 0:54 when you see camera flashes

KΞK : 0:54 Steal my pizza I steal you

Hypo : holy shit

JusDaKoolAidMan : 0:54 when someone steals play of the game

Creepy Potato : 0:54 when Someone stole your « when » joke

Fiona Marshall : 00:54 when someone makes fun of my light up sketchers

Sabrina Issa Princess : Im not a boy but im assuming someone might say this 0:54 when you about to nut and someone interrupts

Magmacool Gaming : Top ten saddest anime moments

wolfy insei : I watched this so many times it addictive

Sabrina Issa Princess : 0:54 when someone says something to you on yor period

Noxempire : Top 10 Anime Betrayals.

panda bear j : 0:54 when someone eats you're sandwich


Meatbysice 420 : 0:54 when someone touches your speget Edit: omg I did not know I got 2 like I be famous in no time

niall weldon : Im gonna try to understand this...now. So the pootisbird wanted a new friend instead of the dinosaur and the dino decides to use magic to make himself the perfect friend (out of spite/jealousy (idk)) and the pootisbird and his mother (apparently a robot) accept him but the pootisbird finds out its his original friend (thanks to him wiping his eyes) and his "new" friend apparently goes apeshit and pulls out a gun and force both the pootisbird and the robot to the car and they start driving away and somehow by some miracle a cop is behind them the pootisbird notices and tries to tell the robot and she tells him to shush but the "new" friend sees the cop and stops waving to him (all the while holding a gun behind his back) and tries to pull out the gun but not before the officer shoots him and he dies but the pootisbird is so sad that he wipes his eyes again therefore ending the video... and i just thought of something what if its a timeloop? Think about it as soon as he wipes his eyes the video ends (then if you decide to replay the video) it starts over (just a thought)

Bad Puns : A sad story

Serioner : 0:54 when you are deeply depressed and realize you have a gun in ur pocket and u can end it all and everybody else

Ana Betmen : 0:54 when someone overtakes you in racing

salculd : If humanity and all of its works and accomplishments were to someday be ground into dust, if there had to be one sole survivor, this is pretty much the top candidate. It encapsulates the entire human experience. Please do not ask me to elaborate.

Sydney Skelton : Frick dude, whats the song in the background?

Music Master : 0:54 when you find that sting ray that killed Steve irwin

Bendy The Great! : 0:54 when somebody says ugandan knuckles memes are still funny (for them) 1:10 *F**K THE MEME POLICE ARE HERE*

Robert Herrera : I want a friend to. O nevermind

ツDove : When you see" When[Insert something happens here]" comments. 0:54

Blueshark809 : I love this animation and song

Fabián el chileno : This music and animation is awesome

CatalystEXE : Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Spider Boi : 0:54 When someone roasts your skechers

That One Otaku At School : 0:54 When you winning in kahoot then someone passes you up so you kashoot up the school

Huskii : 0:54 top 10 anime betrayals

Zbykhu : Berd'st clip ever

Moliminous : i looked away for a second and come back and the one bird has a gun...

Stephen Seery : 2 years ago today

DERPYWALWUS 9000 : 0:55 when you mom turns of the internet in the middle of watching your FAVRIOT SHOW

Henrique2008 : its soo cute

Clorox Bleach : TOp 10 saddest and incredible plot twist in anime

Gorden Freakman : I love this side of the internet.