[SFM] Berdst friend

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Ujico*/Snail's House : I haven't thought my song would be used this way 😂😂😂 I like it

Tokota Rynders : Oh

James Sosa : 1 Like = 1 Actual friend for berd

Katie Wiggins : 0:53 when you realize that the dinosaur was the best friend all along after watching it 50 times

Not Syro : This is so sad. CAN we GET 10 likes

Fanic : angry birds movie 2 looks good so far

Aidan Pina : 0:54 When someone puts 0:54 in their comments

brad : 0:54 when you're a bird man who cocks a gun

C Squared : 0:54 how it feels when the teacher blames you for something some other punk did

Ghost 05 : 0:54 when sombody touch your spaghetti

Moliminous : i looked away for a second and come back and the one bird has a gun...

Pokemon slayer, Minecraft player scrubs4U81975 : 0:54 when the guy at KFC gets your order wrong

Uncoiled Tunic : me: 0:48 when no one liked my comment

RafiqueCraft : This is the *berdst* animation ever

Riley Mcbride : when your mom gets you a new playstation 4 pro 0:36 but then you realise theres a brick inside and nothing else 0:54

pixlpit : This is literally one of my favourite animations on Youtube, how bizarre the situation and characters are, the plot twist juxtaposition to the happy tune, the constantly moving camera and how everything's crunkin' to the beat the entire time. So good!

CIA Is watching : 0:54 when I see an empty pizza box

Malachi Jones : What i think happend was the dove was probably out doing something then he gets teleported and loses his memory but the camera flashes made him regain his memory but he thought he was kidnapped by people in an alternate universe made to copy is so he attacked everyone because he thought he abducted by aliens.

Golden Jam : 0:54 when your parents tell you, you have to go to school

Toed Tardis : 0:54 when you get twice the homework you got the day before

Brendaniel : I felt so many things, much faster than I thought I could.

mercfanboi 13 : 0:54 when you get teamkilled😂

Ann Productions : I want to become the orange bird's friend

Brickhead 5678 : 0:53 well that escalated quickly

Terminal John : The bird with glasses looks like chicken little a little bit

Pedo Bear : *Top 10 Anime betrayal*

reddy for the knight : 0:54 When you just meet your berdst friend but then takes you hostage while continuing to sing then gets shot by cops 10000 times

Infinity Toaster : 0:54 When the medic turns out to be a spy and just bullies all the heavys

S4LAM4D3R B01 : 0:54 When someone trys to kill you but he missed

Can I get 1000 subs without videos? : This is so sad.Can we get 1000 VBucks?

DG Magma : Top ten saddest anime moments

GoldenRaptorGaming : 0:54 When someone steals your scar in Fortnite

Aodhan Conroy : For some reason this video gives me a strange feeling of happiness and comfort and I have no idea why.

ByrdBoy07 : 0:53 when you keep getting sniped in fortnite

1 subscriber with no videos : When summer break is over 0:54


Amy Matthews Conces : 0:54 when realized trump won president

NICOOL : When the thing you ordered is to small and they say no refunds 00:54

MagicalAnimations Productions : 0:49 *He got mad Nam flashbacks*

WaffleDoesGacha • : Omg song name?


ar ødã : Me: Awww so cute 0:54 Me: uhhhhh ok....

Smartalex75 : 0:54 when you thought I was gonna make a joke about this (I love this video tho)

FortniteMobile : 0:54 when pump takes 9 damage and you want to kill epic

natergater10 : 0:54 when someone spoils the ending of red dead 2

Destiny The Fox123 : 0:54 when they won't give you your happy meal

The Violinist : 1 like=1 berd Every like i will put 🐥🐥🐥

Beastslayer 936 : 0.00-0.52: awww he got a friend! thats noice 0.52-1.39: holy moly, that escalated quickly. ( i really like the animation!)

Its Your Boi Guy In The Black Hoodie : 0:54 when you gotta beat your meat one last time but your fleshlight broke so you gotta make a new one

Yokko Kurama13 : 0:54 When your friend order pizza and it's pineapple pizza