Time to Play Fair

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Our Message to Apple. Visit https://timetoplayfair.com to learn more.

Comments from Youtube

Kamil Henri : Time for Apple and Spotify to release diss tracks, Soundcloud will have the best diss though

Harsh Raj Always free : I can't wait for this to become a meme and then die tomorrow

greg ustymenko : It appears this is now in everyone’s recommendations lol

Joshua J : YouTube is pushing this to everyones recommendations cause it feels the same but too afraid to address it 😂

Toby Ibe : Apple should release a diss track

Skrooby Doo : *BUT ITS NOT FAIR* -says Tim Cook while crying in his basement

Ilham Bintang : Android nihhas be like. Spotify mod premium.apk

Edjon Stojku : Apple:*Removes Spotify from the App store* Spotify:*Surprised Pikachu Face*

Szymon Parys : y'know, I'm an Apple fanboy. But now, the Apple isn't playing fair and I'm holding the Spotify side.

Stand Apart : Tomorrow's headlines " Spotify is no longer available on the app store" 🤣

Josue Jared : Apple: Spotify: You want to listen the new Drake Album?!

M.K. Mousanz : I agree apple shouldn’t be unfair, but Spotify also should be fair with artists and give them a fair share of streams revenue.

Till Wowler : Watch as Spotify gets removed from the app store

Yehonatan Cohen : Apple should fight with T - Series instead

juanjoli : Sure Spotify, lets play fair with the songwriters as well then, by agreeing to to 44% raise in royalties ;)

Shady 123 : Spotify should just make their own phone

҉ : I've never even used spotify, why is this recommended to me lol

Planarian 17 : YouTube recommendation is actually good now.

Akicraft Plays : Finally an opponent I can’t beat Our battle is already won by you!

Claudio Jaramillo : The comments are going to be great

M Z : _I like it _*_PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE_*_ Spotify, keep going!_

Josue Jared : Where is the Apple diss track?!

King Domino : Lol Android gang over here. We don't need worry about this, in fact everyone in Android gang was low-key scared this was gonna be about getting Spotify premium for free.

promise Tochi : Spotify: it's time to play fair YouTube: yes! _Apple has joined the chat_ YouTube: Yes, yes, yesterday

Boris Aleksić : Can we get Spotify in Bosnia, at least before 22nd century if it's possible?

Amzy Da ClickBaiter : Apple are making their competitors cry lmao😂

Marvelous Cummies : That's a lot of hate speech towards a fruit

cerys jones : this made me feel so bad for spotify😔love u spotify, ur the OG❤️

Declan Dodd : When is Spotify releasing their dissttack 😂 edit:disstrack

Karan Kumar : Give an offer upgrade to pro from spotify website and get 30% off😂

Usuario de aspecto inusual xd : meanwhile on android people trying to make more cracked apks

anais ɑ : spotify diss track when 🔥😩😩🥵

EngravedinDeath : Lol now say all that without being butthurt and thinking the world should be all "fair" and equal for everyone

SuperPlayz Gaming : This is why Netflix doesn’t allow you to pay on the app.

Nelon : Tomorrow: Spotify deleted off my phone, Apple Music raised to $19.99 a month.

TB Tech : I use Android we have no Apple devices in our house why I got this in my recommended I have no idea way, Apple are greedy Bastards Any way android is best

Alejandro Gomez : I used to not really like spotify but now I do

Ian V : Imagine paying for Spotify premium This comment was made by android gang

occasionalDrifter : On today's episode of why should I care?

i.sky : Artists: "Spotify should pay us more fairly" Spotify: "What artists make from streams is fair, our platform provides artists with a way to reach a new audience and more customers" Apple: "Our fees to developers is fair. Our platform provides companies with a way to reach a new audience and more customers." Spotify: "Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS. How dare you! Everyone, look how terrible Apple is being!"

0 : This video got copyrighted by : APPLE INC

Snoble : why does it sound like Caillou narrator?

First Surname : APPLE DISS SPOTIFY 🤣🤣

Connectid Tech Talks : You’re playing in Apple’s playground. Play buy their rules or build your own playground.

Spasmomen : Isn't it also time to pay fair, the artists that is?

scrambler bricks : YouTube is in the same boat lol. I hope Spotify managers to reason with apple though.

Tyler Harriott : Please Spotify release a diss track and body Apple 😂

RossEm : Watching this on iPhone. Message from Tim Cook: We will disable your Spotify or dislike this video

Manav Goyal : Spotify: Speaks up against Apple Apple:You weren't suppose to do that