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TheAndrewj96 : 41:57 I died laughing. For, like, the 67th time watching this video.

Garrick Groover : Fugal Frella

Julie Delahooke : "You can't use frizzy hair, people have frizzy hair." LOL

Dreamwalker Films : Drew hates the censors Ryan gets dirty and hates the British producer Colin likes to take advantage and mess with people Greg likes to swear Brad just screws up everything Wayne honestly plays it pretty straight

Kelly Tromans : The directors have no sense of humour

KaptKan1 : As a future dead person I take offence at the mortician joke.

BumbleBoob : 864 dislikes!? THANKS BRAD

Minacious : If this show never existed, the world would not be the same.

DarkestofTimes : "Well I can't stop starin at your breasts." Same.

John Doe : Those censors must go through some serious shit.

Brad Lawrence : I swear Colin's only aim on this show is to break his fellow contestants. That man is one of the best improv comedians I've seen .


Jake Mitchell : "You don't want dead people calling in."

High lvl : God damn never have i laughed this much at one video

Sean Kethcart : this show is 100% brilliant

Xel An : I love the gay innuendos, people were less homophobic back then.

Colin Poole : I don't get why standards had a problem with Blind Jim; are there a lot of blind people watching Whose Line?

Knack : I thought this video was like 10 minutes, when it was over I was surprised I just spent 40 minutes watching this. Best 40 minutes ever

The Financial Freedom Network : Oh man i used to love this show, I wonder if its still running

Joshua Roberts : And I thought this show was funny before! The offensive non-pc version is even better!

Janice B : "That spider's f'd up." Gets me every time lol

Pie A La Mode : I love how every time the audience laughs the director looks at Ryan immediately xD

Lee Coffill : When this reel ended I experienced genuine feelings of loss.

Frances Nolan : Drew is actually hilarious, he didn't get enough screentime.

Jennifer Jordan : "I'd be lemon flavored ass kiss..."

HopeUnquenchable : Who creamed the director? It looks like Ryan was the one who threw the pie, but they didn't show it!

MichaelaLees : "We can't use frizzy hair, people HAVE frizzy hair" hahaha oh Ryan

KADE HOLMAN : this show is already hilarious. just think how good it would be if they didn't censor it so much

RoyMach1ne : Greg's puberty hoedown was spot on

Lawrence Dockery : I would have loved to have been in the studio audience for a taping of this show.

David Wrobel : What's the joke with pretending someone is under Drew's desk? Did he actually get in trouble for a girl being down there?

SweetnSourSoren : Wow...the producers on this show really killed the fun

HellKaiserRika : The best Whose Line is LIVE Whose Line. As in: watching it in a theatre. It's a completely different experience watching it in a theatre.

Brent Coley : They need to get the original crew back together & do a show that is so un PC that peoples head will explode.

Sue Walsh : "I've had Drew's ass, and now I want more." LMAO!!!!

Sonicman234 : Colin is just a bald Bill Murray

Tupemo : "I was feeling frisky, I went for a drive, I took all my handguns and shot myself alive" hahaha :D maybe the best fail here :D

Aiden Millar : oh man this show is a riot i swear haha

devon lovett : this show should be renewed but on hbo or something so they dont have to censor or worry about the jokes it would be gold

TheCatMurgatroyd : this is one of the shows i whish i could forget completely to watch it over and over again... too bad i've seen almost all episodes :/

Nate Caney : A lot of people said rap but I wanted a style of music XD best thing ever

Bugman_oO : Best thing on the internet. Some believe that this particular video is in fact, what the internet was invented for.

Gabe Sloan : they could just air repeats and i think everyone would still watch this lol. Whose Line will never get old.

Devany Michele : back when people weren't so offended by everything ❤

Lemon Wedge : God, I miss this show.

Eric : My favorite part has to be the game played starting at 6:31. Whenever I'm sad, I just watch that.

Mojjoh : They should really make an unrated version of this show on HBO or something!

G Coop : "I do a lot of yard work because I love cocaine!"

AttilatheThrilla : Lmao best hoedown song by Greg at 26:26 ever!!! 

MrThorsStone : The superhero Blind Jim was denied because it's offensive to blind people? Well. Daredevil is offended by the BS censorship.