George Washington

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haunted_spritz : The best song in the Hamilton soundtrack

Noah Broude : Man, they should have kept this in Hamilton.

Maximus Brooks : I'm going to ace my history test

Jinyo Lay : Would this be an acceptable source for a research paper?

Avisogreif : Who else watches this in 1776?

ImJamon : Idk why i find this to be one of the most genius creations on youtube

Kyra Cook : Is this Hamilton

DavidModavidmoda : "He'll save children, but not the British children."

Witchfynder_Finder : Everyone seems to think this is some sort of joke video or something... History is not a joke, people. This is real shit, right here.

TheOneWhoTripped : Washington: So God? How do the people of the 20th century remember me? *God shows him this* Washington: Goddammit

George Washington : same

Gabriel Smythurst : But not the British children

Valerie Skinner : I used to work at Historic Mountain Vernon. I can confirm this is all true.

Reedster : I can't imagine how many teachers accidentally have shown this to students.

Mil : wow Hamilton is so good 😍

Wriok Müller : I wonder if his "wooden" teeth was actually just morning wood in his mouth

Jive : Time to get a 5 on my AP exam

Thamal Liyanage : Here comes the general!

ThatOneShadowChao : Is anyone else here because they like this song and brad Neely, and have no idea what Hamilton is?

Vator Hunters : The daddy of America is one chill mofo

Locke : My friend's little brother ended up playing this for a project he was doing on George Washington in a history class.

CowsAreCanadian : I accidentally clicked on this video, and my life is now changed.

리안Leanne : Im ready to send this anonymously to my history teacher

Elle J. Winsett : alexander hamilton wrote this as propaganda i'm sure.

mocha-roses : I can't believe this was made 8 years ago

second silence : One of my favorite songs, so divine, I listen to it 1776 times a day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kellianne Denison : The Hamilton soundtrack sounds great.

Desierto Digital : Hamilton put me in the mood for this song again.

miilktea : Wow, The new cast for Hamilton looks great

Caleb Fury : Hamilton looks great.

MDA TAMU : I may or may not have shown this to my US military history professor

Kevin Vizcarra : They referenced a part of this song on the Amazing World of Gumball!

Rebecca Weston : I can't believe they had to cut this from Hamilton.

Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron : Perfect, now I know all I need for my report on George Washington for school, I'm sure to get an A+

Puunk_ : 1:16 pretty much the EU right now

Ein : To be fair, the British children had it coming

Daniel Allen : happy fourth of july everyone

FrostdPoptart : Five weeks ago I named my son Washington without knowing this video existed. Now I know I made the right choice.

Warrior In The Making : I found this like years ago and then I come back and now everyone is talking about Hamilton in the comments like wtf

kizune kazukarune : Im totally gonna show this to my teacher for the test i got.

Cronsax : "RIIING SWAAAAAUUUSSSSHHHHHH" never before a verse of a poem made me feel such powerful emotions in every corner of my soul

cheesy boy : this is quality content

shinanaghins : When you get Washington in Civ 5

Stella Maris : Welcome President Washington! You lead the industrious American civilization! Formed in the conflagration of revolution in the 18th century, within a hundred years, the young nation became embroiled in a terrible civil war that nearly tore the country apart, but it was just a few short years later in the 20th century that the United States reached the height of its power, emerging triumphant and mighty from the two terrible wars that destroyed so many other great nations. The United States is a nation of immigrants, filled with optimism and determination. They lack only a leader to help them fulfill their promise. President Washington, can you lead the American people to greatness? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

IAmEvilTree : I'm British and I find this video offensive. ... Nah just kidding I find it bloody hilarious.

Doctor Whomst'd've : I'm just waiting for the Hamiltrash

Khaine's Lair : The reason the White House is painted White is so bloodstains would be easily noticeable. He would have eventually painted the entire White house Red with British blood, but was abducted by the Martians. He then killed them all and used their technology to take over the entire Universe. He then traveled to Heaven to finish what he'd started by throwing the knife. He busted down the Pearly Gates after kneecapping Saint Peter, and used the knife to kill all the angels before facing god and jesus after snorting the holy spirit like a line of cocaine, which he had invented. God and jesus begged for their lives, but he just laughed and pushed them into the tunnel leading straight from Heaven to Hell so he could use them to cushion his fall. When he got there he killed all the demons and the Devil, and then double-killed all the British people in Hell. George Washington is now Absolute Supreme President of Everything Really Great Eternal Reality Supermax, but will leave peacefully after his term is up. Which will happen at the end of the current eternity. Then he'll retire to somewhere in the countryside to kill more British people and eat the back halves of deer.

Eric Almon : he's coming HE'S COMING H E ' S C O M I N G

uncommonvolta : I, for one, welcome the nuclear savior of the states. No, not that over-microwaved saddlebag Trump. George Fissionton 2016

idk lauren : Did Alexander Hamilton make this