George Washington

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Kyra Cook : Is this Hamilton

Maximus Brooks : I'm going to ace my history test

George Washington : Fuck the British children

Mr. Creazil : Historian here, can confirm.

Mojo Risin : Fucking right.

Noah Broude : Man, they should have kept this in Hamilton.

Reedster : I can't imagine how many teachers accidentally have shown this to students.

Jinyo Lay : Would this be an acceptable source for a research paper?

Lydia Wei : i think the reason america's education system is failing is bc teachers are not showing this to the children we need this

Nathaniel Tewolde : lol my college political science teacher showed us this

trash cant : wow Hamilton is so good 😍

Eccetra : as a british children I am offended

God of Geckos : What in the merry squiddlefuck am I watching? Oh, wait, this was made back in 2009... that explains everything... God bless this era of YouTube.

YouGotGunYouGotGun : Six foot twenty fucking killing for fun

Jive : Time to get a 5 on my AP exam

Desierto Digital : Hamilton put me in the mood for this song again.

Chops : Here come dat general... O shit rise up

Rock Lobster : this sounds like Beck

DavidModavidmoda : "He'll save children, but not the British children."

Wriok Müller : I wonder if his "wooden" teeth was actually just morning wood in his mouth

Matthew Helm : Sioux me if I go too fast.

Caleb Fury : Hamilton looks great.

Thamal Liyanage : Here comes the general!

ISupportPokemonXandY : This sounds like a song Mordecai and Rigby would come up with.

Fuckhands McMike : the fuckin breathin oh my god

Kevin Vizcarra : They referenced a part of this song on the Amazing World of Gumball!

ThatOneShadowChao : Is anyone else here because they like this song and brad Neely, and have no idea what Hamilton is?

Mr. Mustard : f&nk

Jampse : Thanks Cry.

George Washington : same

TheOneWhoTripped : Washington: So God? How do the people of the 20th century remember me? *God shows him this* Washington: Goddammit

PixeledRamen : Wow, The new cast for Hamilton looks great

volbia12 : does "a fucking ton" weigh more or less than a shit load?

B Pose : Washington Washington six foot eight weighs a fucking ton opponents beware (x2) hes coming (x3) let me lay it on the line he had two on the vine i mean two sets of testicles so divine on a horse made of crystals he patrolled the land with the mason ring and schnauzer in his perfect hands here comes George in control women dug his snuff and is gallant stroll ate opponents brains and invented cocaine hes coming (x3) Washington Washington six foot twenty fucking killing for fun spread spread Delaware hes coming (x3) sue me if i go to fast but the sons of his opponents wish that he was their dad hes got a wig for his wig got a brain for his heart he'll kick you apart (x2) ooH he'll save children but not the British children (x4) (vocalizing) Had a pocket full of horses fucked the shit out of bears threw a knife into heaven and can kill with a stare he made love like a eagle falling out of the sky killed his sensei in a duel and he never said why Washington Washington twelve stories high made of radiation the present beware the future beware hes coming (x3) did i mention his 4 nuts? well he also had four dicks if you took off his boot you'd see the dicks growing of his feet well i heard that motherfucker had like 30 goddamn dicks he once held an opponents' wife's hand in a jar of acid at a party rrRRINNG VROOOOM

Ein : To be fair, the British children had it coming

Twee Horen : anyone else here because FUNKe?

Beck Newman : I always love seeing the internet used to its full potential.

Nalen Jay : how does cry find these things this song is amazing

ImJamon : Idk why i find this to be one of the most genius creations on youtube

Daniel Allen : happy fourth of july everyone

Witchfynder_Finder : Everyone seems to think this is some sort of joke video or something... History is not a joke, people. This is real shit, right here.

Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron : Perfect, now I know all I need for my report on George Washington for school, I'm sure to get an A+

Leanne 리안네 : Im ready to send this anonymously to my history teacher

ShrubRustle : here comes the general

R4zE : I heard, that, motherfucker had like... 30 goddamn dicks.

second silence : One of my favorite songs, so divine, I listen to it 1776 times a day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kellianne Denison : The Hamilton soundtrack sounds great.

Brony Clopper : i cant stop watching this video

Madi Boyd : i heard that mother fucker had like 30 god damn dicks

MTrecs : Wow. Never knew this was made by Brad Neely but now it all makes sense.