George Washington

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haunted_spritz : The best song in the Hamilton soundtrack

ImJamon : Idk why i find this to be one of the most genius creations on youtube

Maximus Brooks : I'm going to ace my history test

Noah Broude : Man, they should have kept this in Hamilton.

Jinyo Lay : Would this be an acceptable source for a research paper?

Mil : wow Hamilton is so good 😍

Avisogreif : Who else watches this in 1776?

Nathaniel Tewolde : lol my college political science teacher showed us this

DavidModavidmoda : "He'll save children, but not the British children."

Jive : Time to get a 5 on my AP exam

Kyra Cook : Is this Hamilton

George Washington : same

God of Geckos : What in the merry squiddlefuck am I watching? Oh, wait, this was made back in 2009... that explains everything... God bless this era of YouTube.

Desierto Digital : Hamilton put me in the mood for this song again.

Caleb Fury : Hamilton looks great.

TheOneWhoTripped : Washington: So God? How do the people of the 20th century remember me? *God shows him this* Washington: Goddammit

Wriok Müller : I wonder if his "wooden" teeth was actually just morning wood in his mouth

Beck Newman : I always love seeing the internet used to its full potential.

Thamal Liyanage : Here comes the general!

mocha-roses : I can't believe this was made 8 years ago

Reedster : I can't imagine how many teachers accidentally have shown this to students.

Kevin Vizcarra : They referenced a part of this song on the Amazing World of Gumball!

ramensquib : Wow, The new cast for Hamilton looks great

ThatOneShadowChao : Is anyone else here because they like this song and brad Neely, and have no idea what Hamilton is?

Mustard : f&nk

Jampse : Thanks Cry.

kizune kazukarune : Im totally gonna show this to my teacher for the test i got.

Daniel Allen : happy fourth of july everyone

Goku super saiyan blue : a robot sent me a link to this video

Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron : Perfect, now I know all I need for my report on George Washington for school, I'm sure to get an A+

Valerie Skinner : I used to work at Historic Mountain Vernon. I can confirm this is all true.

Kellianne Denison : The Hamilton soundtrack sounds great.

second silence : One of my favorite songs, so divine, I listen to it 1776 times a day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ioannis Polemarkhos : Better than Hamilton.

Twee Horen : anyone else here because FUNKe?

ShrubRustle : here comes the general

Nalen Jay : how does cry find these things this song is amazing

Elle J. Winsett : alexander hamilton wrote this as propaganda i'm sure.

Vator Hunters : The daddy of America is one chill mofo

Doctor Whomst'd've : I'm just waiting for the Hamiltrash

LAVATORR : I dunno, this is a pretty dry description of well-known historical facts.

Sasha Carrillo : this is my fav song on the hamilton soundtrack!!!!

CowsAreCanadian : I accidentally clicked on this video, and my life is now changed.

cheesy boy : this is quality content

Gabriel Smythurst : But not the British children

tamarindo time : I love Hamilton

MDA TAMU : I may or may not have shown this to my US military history professor

Locke : My friend's little brother ended up playing this for a project he was doing on George Washington in a history class.

uncommonvolta : I, for one, welcome the nuclear savior of the states. No, not that over-microwaved saddlebag Trump. George Fissionton 2016

Eccetra : as a british children I am offended