Charlie Murphy - Story of Dolomite

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Clayvoisier VSOP : R.I.P. Darkness

Brian Jackson : used to love listening to my old rudy ray moore tapes , dolemite and shine was my fav..

H2King812 : got me walkin round feeling like dolemite.

Swisha Stan : Homie knew the whole fking story thats hilarious...

Gerald Gunnels : much love outta count down texas, 210 san antonio my home. long live Charlie Murphy. real ones always leave 2 soon.

indiotaino : R.I.P. charlie

Really Muthafucka : that was some gangsta shyt right there

George's Opinion : Legendary monologue.

zazzy99 : I know this dude was the king of storytelling, but this Dolemite was on a whole nother level

Atiba Matthews : Rudy Ray Moore, can rest in peace. His work has not been forgotten.

KirbSyde : R.I.P. M.C. Gusto.

Kase Lozano : San Antonio!

Roy Reynolds : Charlie Murphy stuck his thumb in the ground and turned the world upside down

James Parker : Yo my uncle's had this JAWN on 12inch vinyl... REST IN PEACE Charlie Murphy and Dolomite 🙏😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍😎

Alex Scott : Dolemite!!!....😂😂😂😂Brillant name😂😂😂😂

Kenneth Savage : anyone think of Bullhorn from black dynamite when he charlie told this story? lol

MindGone Illestrations : dynomite!.. dynomite!

Karrieo Stewart : R.I.P

B BRYANT : classic R.I.P Charlie Murphy

Jason Tuscaloosa : This turned very disturbing towards the end... sheesh

oyeahthatguy : RIP Charlie... Long live Dolemite

Delano Loftin Sr. : classic darkness

Eric Tolbert : r.I.p. c.m. great skit!

SugarRay : What did he say right before goodnight ? This is embarrassing but I just didn't get it and he told the story perfectly. Gone too soon Charlie, one of my favorite comedians and can tell a story like no one else. I just missed this one. LOL

Jason Richardson : Salute, Charlie Murphy

H-Bomb Da Don : Rollin'

LaToya McAdoo : very hilarious

Hulk Thecredible : wow

Isiac Artison : that's alot of work

Nikki Wallace : work..................Oh how I miss you Charlie Murphy! RIP!

qubahka : damn I miss my uncle Charles yall" R.I.P. to a cool muthafucka who felt like family. Really miss this cat.

Jim Dubose : I honestly didn't get the part about the crabs saying "burn baby burn." What was that all about?

Brian Gelband : Every bit the talent his brother is but could bust your ass too. A man’s man they don’t make anymore ✌️💪Sleep ez King Charles ❤️❤️

osiris delacroix : That Shit was SIIIICK!!!! YEP YEP!

boh900 : what's the name of the song

Navares Delph : Way down km the jungle deep... A bad ass lion stepped on a signified monkeys feet. RIP to two legends