His Hand Doesn't Even Move

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A compilation of Professor Walter Lewins and some of his lectures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He draws some of the best lines, especially dashed lines - so fast that his hand isn't even moving up and down to produce the dashes. See more videos of classroom lectures and pranks @ http://www.itmustbecollege.com/videos/class/ Or upload your own classroom lectures / pranks @ http://www.itmustbecollege.com/upload-video

Comments from Youtube

Professor Gaming : 41m ppls watched a guy draw lines.... only on *YOUTUBE*

christian Harrington : I finally understand math thank you profosor woodpecker Edit "You say professor I say profosor"

DCL Studios : If anyone can draw a perfect circle it would be him.

Jakedasnake Sneaks : 92.7% of people who watched this was bc it wouldn’t get out of their recommended

MayhemsBeast : wait why am I watching this again?

Just another wahmen : Welcome to chalk ASMR

YOUR MUMS EX : Women love this guy I wonder why

MaxIsMyName : “In order to draw a dotted line, one must first BECOME the dotted line.” Abraham Lincoln “Lord of the Rings: Order of the Phoenix “

daniel280456 : There's something very Zen about this video.

Dagan Ward : I just watched a video of a guy drawing lines with chalk, and so did 41 million other people. Youtube is a strange place🤔

PUBG Shots : Why is the biology professor teaching chemistry

Top 10`s : how a pubg player taps on his screen when he sees a full squad who else have it on his recommend after 8 years?

Victor 555 : Isn't it A Motorcycle 😉😉

Quel M : This was in my recommended 🤔 Ok 👍 YouTube

Justin. Y : They didn't know he was just hiding his fart

nvxahh : An hour after you at a Taco Bell. 🌮 🔔

Rosé Park : Day 72 of why is this is my recommendeds

DayDreamer's Animation : Professor * Draws a line* Students: "What a show off"

Potato Moosh : Thank you for the amazing ASMR. I really needed it. 😊

Aura Boom : *Helicopter flies past with every line*

Trending Patrol : I listen to this several times and now it sounds like a motorcycle 😂

Nikola Tesla : wonderful! super professor! i like this video. :)

Rittick Prasad : *I also dont move while drawing something on land with a Yellow Liquid*

Bikerchicken : 1:45 wut is dat

OREOS _ : This man can fart while doing those dotted lines and no one will even notice

Mf Tripz : It looks like he uses an uneven side so it bounces when he try to draw

Unixez : This guy probably ate to much taco bueno. This explains all the strange noises every time he writes a line

Agus Carpio : Youtube: this are your recomendarions of today. Me: Well let's see....dafack is that!!?

Saurav Gayan : I can do it too. Pretty easy just you need to understand the technique

Ariel Aaliyah : “i’m going to bed early tonight.” me at 3am:

TOHRU SAMA : This is much more satisfying than ASMR

xxx editsss : Asmr chalk dotting fast speed👍

Jack P1ayz : This will be seen in 2020 that’s how YouTube recommendations work

Eli : *The best Asmr video when I'm watchet EVER*

my life is a k-flop : *airplane noises intensifies*

Elias : When i eat the last package of my spicy doritos

ohtehlolz : I like how the focus is on how he draws a dotted line, not the amazing subject he teaches.

Tza'adaiyah Zimmerman : The sound you imagine in your head when you're running silently back to your room after getting a midnight snack be like:

a.p.s ghost-seeker : Sounds just like my 4 stroke dirt bike.lool

彼の目を盗む : It’s like a tradition to watch this video every year for me lmao

thatonedamncommenter : Clickbait, his hand is clearly moving??

matekate : I can do doted lined too

Hacked YT : Student 1: Why is there a man randomly drawi.... Student 2: Shh shh..... don't question it, it's awesome.. I'm gonna record this and upload it to YouTube. Student 1: Eh, seems right.

No Name : Gas to the max!😂

Angelika Joanna : Where's my ,,Why the actual hell is this in my recommendation" squad?

RK GAMIN : Legend says that he is just writing lines not teaching

LuckyDiamond Diamond : 10 minutes after Taco Bell.

Abritistic Official : When you're on the phone and a helicopter flies by

crunchwrap supreme : sounds like a v-1 rocket.