His Hand Doesn't Even Move

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Orca Beats : an hour after eating chipotle

i got so many subs by commenting : *_the whole class can fart without him noticing_*

Ariel Aaliyah : “i’m going to bed early tonight.” me at 3am:

MADBRO : Plot twist: he was trying to do ASMR

GODSPEED : I just wasted 2 mins of my life watching a guy draw dotted lines on a board... And for some reason I don't regret it

ginny weasley : My math teacher does the same I think this is their super power

Kaylee e : this is what happens when you survive no nut november

Agoston70 : What a moron, he can't even draw a straight line.

Wesley : I can see his hand moving tho... 1/10

Mahir Cave : Funny how this impresses people more than the stuff he is teaching

Ehmm Fortnite : Plot twist: *His hand does move!*

Okurrr *L U C A S* : Am I the only one who watched the whole video

chaké : *_enemy Warthog above_*

B Ningthouja : I have always wondered how YouTube's recommendation algorithm works. With this video being recommended as strange as it is, it gives me yet another reason to wonder further.

Daniel Sambar : After 6 years, it's still in my recommended...

Abhishek Biradar : When you're teaching the same subject for 20 years

John Howder : Me: I'm going to bed Me at 3 am:

Fajar Sophian : plot twist:the chalk is a paid actor

Basically Homeless : Guys the only way this is gonna stay out of our recommended is if we stop clicking it...

Abdullah Adelabu : For everyone that doesn't get it, he's basically drawing lots of dots quickly on the chalkboard

Slash : Oh so now i understand where star wars got laser swords sounds from:)

Eggy VDT : His wife: I lost my vibrator The professor: say no more

Alyssa Sweeney : *were not aiming for the truck*

Manas Bhandari : Took me 30 seconds into the video and a visit to the commebt section to realize he won't be saying anything in this video. 😂😂😂

RAGNES7 : So, This is Math After Meth

Jafar Uchiwa : 41 years of training...🧐

Hazeeq : I came here just to listening the sound...its very satisfying❤

Boom s : is this a10 minigun sound ?

Foxeh GingerHawk : Why is this in my recommended again

Harry Potter : I thought I was listening to a lightsaber battle lmao 😂😭

Llama g : It's actually quite simple to do Read more

NebulochaoticOfficial : Thought it was a A-10 thunderbolt shooting

k.k __ : Did anyone tried to watch this video in 0.25 speed

Adult Swim Addict : Firmly grasp the chalk and hold it to the board at an angle so your knuckles are higher than the chalk and lightly draw a straight line. The chalk will skip on the board making the dots.

Avacado Sushi : I hear a helicopter and a fart. Just me?

JustWacky ツ : He's wife must be hyped everynight Cuz she doesn't need to buy a vibrator

Naulo Sanchar : Is that only me After 7 years got this video in recommendations

F.B.I : Why it's still appearing in my recommendation?

Mr. Doomguy : Ultra rapid farts

Techno Mania : All i can see is some amazing creativity and all i can Hear is Farts

Aisha Mak : Is he trying to hide his farts??

Bruce Nguyen : We found a new version of asmr XD

E E : Nice work mathematician , *but still i dont f*cking like you*

Nadeem Musthafa : Itmustbecollage:his hand doesnt even move Me:hold my beer😎

Assassiner003 : Why did YouTube recommend this to me? lol

I dont care : Me after no nut november

Sequila : I thought by best lines it meant jokes, but this is 100 times better

50 subs without videos Chicken Nugget : *Am I the only one who always wonders how I end up here after watching a video ‘how to make pancakes’*

Leon Kim : But white boards took over and people cant do that

UnPhayzable : Can't tell if I'm listening to NASCAR or chalk