His Hand Doesn't Even Move

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Orca Prod : an hour after eating chipotle

Nadji Fadel : She : so what are your talents ?? Me : I can draw lines. She : what ?? Me : .. Edit : wow thanks for 1.6k likes

btsbuncat : Plot twist: it’s not the actual chalk making that noise but him...

15 Sxope : Why am I watching a person draw lines at 4AM?

ThePubgGod : Watch at 0.25x

RAGNES7 : So, This is Math After Meth

simbadg13 : Top 10 mysteries that scientists still can't explain....

Josh Innov8 : When you’re trying to teach but helicopters keep flying by

Spagno : A Great way to use his Parkinson

okay kate : Am I the only one that finds this sooo satisfying?🤔

Abdulrahman Ahmed : For everyone that doesn't get it, he's basically drawing lots of dots quickly on the chalkboard

itsSkippy641 : This man must be popular with the ladies

R.I.P X : I can't even draw a circle or a straight line...

Ding Ding : I can't even make a straight line with a ruler

selma9450 : It's actually pretty easy My teacher used to do this all the time and no he's not dotting dots so fast The trick is you need to hold the chalk 90degrees to the table and go the direction you want with pressure and the chalk itself will make skips therefore create multiple dots

Daniel Sambar : After 6 years, it's still in my recommended...

Technical Galaxy : When you are trying to teach but you can't stop😂😂😂

Neelanjana Kanive : Its really not that hard The dot thing not the math

Mrezo 21 : Anyone hear the guy laughing at 1:33

OreoMask : This is why I didn't go to college *oh wait*

zNekoChan _ : Some says he has the power to slow time....

ANDREA STOJMENOV : Why is this in my recommend

Bhavesh Prajapati : For the love of physics

fo jez : ZA WARUDO *video plays*

Hdhd Vxxv : Когда съел шаурму в Сочи

Mahir Cave : Funny how this impresses people more than the stuff he is teaching

BoziHD : Why am i watching this

Th3 T0yZapp3r 735TM : For the people who don't get it, you can see there is dots on the board without moving his hand I didn't get it either but when I check the guys comment, I putted this for y'all Oh.. Now I get it...

Gamer Not Fake! : Friend: what are you watching? Me: A *His Hand Doesn't Even Move* Friend: Really?, Are you kidding me?! It's *hellicopter* Me: ... I like my own comment cause no one enjoy my story

鉱山「Mina Chaan」 : I remember having a teacher like this, but not as fast :0

I post memes Guy : I thought I was listening to a lightsaber battle lmao 😂😭

Spencer Robertson : And then the white board was invented and his career plummeted

helen, a crackhead : i don't know if it's good that i understand most of the things he had written on the chalkboard

DougTheDog6 : The mathematic equivalent of aimbot

Neo2266 : 1:45 Penis

Young Blue Skeptic : Sounds like a helicopter

Rohan : I actually understand the stuff on the board. Since I'm taking that course this semester !

Amitoj Rehal : Why is this in my recommended

Pouya Rezaie : Grab the end of a long chalk. Place it perpendicular to the board and don't grab it tightly. Move your hand

Pavan M V : My maths teacher does this😂😂😂👌👌

Ava In Currant Red : I hear a helicopter and a fart. Just me?

fjfjfjjejfjejjejdifkrkfkjffj fjfjrbnrkrkrkrkrk : its not a challenge to learn his ability its challenge to found a comment that was written when this was published

Derp Beef : This is how I learned to spam like a boss

Tim Dela Cruz : *The fastest dash lines drawer in the WEST!*


Techno Mania : All i can see is some amazing creativity and all i can Hear is Farts

Karlo Express : Why is this video recommended i didn't not watch this

gito and mito : Me after eating spicy food

Muhammad Kashif : I may see something with an ×8 scope.

Life Of Chris : I can’t tell if this is audio of a 4 stroke Dirtbike or after eating too much Taco Bell ..