His Hand Doesn't Even Move

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Sutri Brata Saluran TV Pribadi : Motorcycle

Dank Matter : Dads at 5AM trying to start a lawnmower

Chris Hansen : *Sounds Like Me On Taco Tuesdays*

Justin Y. : Cars zipping by you on the highway

Phorlerus : My eyes didn't move either

Granny : _Sounds like my fart when i wake up in the morning_

Mahir Cave : Funny how this impresses people more than the stuff he is teaching

eshock7 : How to keep my attention during math class

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : This guy must of had lots of coke before this

Jimmy Vargas : How it feels to chew 5 gum

Bony the doge : His hand isn’t moving..... *F B I O P E N U P*

samarth Jain : Watch in speed 2x... Thank me later

Hyper Noob : Sounds like my dad in the bathroom

Mr. Haunted : The sounds remind me of WWII airplanes

MineZocker 46 : A-10 Warthog BRRRRRRRT

iTaxHD : Sounds like me in the bathroom

Victor Wayne : Como eu vim parar aqui? Kkkkk

Star Girl : I wanna learn this.

Justin Y. : So this is what happens when you eat taco bell

Don't know : He loves to draw line 😂😂

jungshook jeon : ITS SOUNDS LIKE UTOT😂

Mawile T. Chompers : *moves a airplane across the screen*

Aizya : like to see him do it with a sharpie

Aiza Bashieva : My type of ASMR

phuentae senpai : It sounds so satisfying

Arnav Verma : is it wierd that i find that sound very satisfying?

Oddly Satisfying : I thought someone FARTED! 😂

Ron Augustyn : Like the sound

Red Epic : *Harry potter theme plays*

Sandeep Chaudhary : He needs immediate treatment.

Zcheffen : LOL sounds like an a10

JLeon40 : when i found out that it's a friction thing, my soul died

SushiFairy : This man has trained not to become a professor, but to become a compass-ruler human hybrid 📏📐👀✨

The FANTASTIx Aj : Just 3 lettet O.M.G.

W. SanchesGonzaga. : Super Professor!

Moises Ramirez : Flip my mathbook

Julian Kyvik : That sound😣

Itzkzarzky : It sounds like a dubstep bass drop.

Anh-Quan Le : legend says he never moves his hands

Football Planet : 0:32 look carefully you will get the answer,its fake

Zeparoh : Hax

Lord Cekrom : That's skill =D

Jake Wright : I was amazed every time I saw this guy do this when I was watching these lectures a couple of years ago. But I tried it out on a blackboard afterwards and it's not actually that hard. Hold the chalk at the right angle and the friction makes it bounce.

Baturhan Nevik : Speedie Gonzales!

Baturhan Nevik : WTF

Hot Sauce : farts

jimin park : My stomach after a buritto😂😂

LemonOVA : When u rip a hole in the fabric of reality

Reon Baruah : Am I the only one hearing farts ?

melvin george : *Illuminati*