StuntFreaksTeam - Antti Pendikainen Motocross Base Jump from 40m

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FailsAndFights : This is still the coolest stunt I've ever seen... with only 400k views... what a shame. I hope this was published elsewhere, maybe in a movie, and got a lot more recognition...

Brent As : Afterwards on ebay: Low running hours, used once.

goommenter : "Vittu kuhan johonki" Toi oli kyllä ihan paras!

Ville Timonen : KTM = Korjaamolle Taas Maanantaina.

Tom : THIS STUNT IS THE CRAZIEST I`VE EVER SEEN ! thank you for that guys, but you must chance the titel of that video so you can get more clicks.

swajpz : damn....those fishes must have been surprised

likeboi zc give ot : kuka kattoo 2017? ps: jätä like jos katot xdd

Nikke Ohtone : tais duutsonit jäädä kakkoseks

Focker Donkey : now theres one free go pro in the river

Tuning Derbi : ois upottanu mielummi derbin :D

Mike Lunden : 4:42 siel taustalla on marjastajia :) oon paras

mulikka : ai ei korkeella oltu? joo ei ei..

Seppo Kepponen : Huhhu! Ihan viimetipassa aukes varjo. Älkää kokeilko kotona!

gruphi official : why with a ktm :(

René Michalec : RESPEKT

kyle jang : I would so try this you only live once

Thomas Williams : "It is stupid".  He had to try it 1st to figure that out....?

Raregrin : Kato video :Base wanking. Siin o iha saatanan nättei laskuvarjohyppyjä.

Lukas Schleuder : Wie behindert und dumm muß man sein und seine ktm ins wässer zu fliegen lassen manche würden gerne so eine haben.

Furestone : Löysikö pojat ikinä sitä GoProtaan?

David Sibley : Frankly, I hate to see a bike intentionally mistreated that way.

Latee6742 : 3:33 R.I.P ktm :(

( ^◡^)っ : Cant buy underwear BALLS ARE TOO BIG,

Joona : Siellä järvessä

ZorroPvP #inactive : vitun hullui jätkii...

Uni Z : Vau

TRIP : Rip katteet

joel korhpnen : happee huoralle

Olli TheMies : Sinne meni hyvä kotemi

Manintoga : I thought the common solution for extremely low altitude base jumps was to replace the pilot chute with a rocket or a pyrotechnic charge? Relying on the drag of the pilot chute is quite foolish.

João Mendes : Waste a bike for this? Grow up boys...

MC Hemuli : Rip ktm, 1 like = 1 money for ktm

Samu : Suomalainen mies💪

IAmAwake : Who tf thought about that, like do you see that river and be like *yep, im gonna jump there with a motorcycle from a ramp*

Olivio Sarikas : Why did he give up after one try, although it kind of worked the first time

romu racing : Tää on legenda

Viktor Jonsson : Legend!!!!!

Kartsu : Fucking crazy guy :D

Jason Kirby : crazy stuff

Kurty94 : That was fucking awesome!

aarteen metsästäjä johku : Hieno hyppy

MrMaze : Ihan saatanan päätöntä touhua!:D Ei mitää helevetin laskelmia että aakeeko vai eikö ja mihinkä laskeutuu. Niinku herra itekkii sano että vittu kuhan johonki perkele:D Perus savolainen saatana! Asia meininki

Juho Issakainen : HOLY SHIET

Santtu Niemikorpi : en ois ite uskaltanu vaik oon aika nuori mopon kyytiin

Surveme : now thats the most redneck thing Ive ever watched

Aito Susi : 3:26

andymorphic67 : i hope you fished to bike out so it doesnt pollute that beautiful river

Jose pelivideot gta Gt : Rip mopo

Kenneth Rodriguez : He needs a rig with a left handed pilot chute deployment.  No way to stay pegged on full throttle all the way up the ramp and also toss the pilot chute quickly enough.   That pilot took an eternity to come out, he could actually have thrown it with his left hand as he was going up the ramp still and have been perfectly fine.  It would have taken some careful timing, but you saw where his main actually deployed...  He expected to be traveling horizontal when his main deployed, he was 5' off the water when it actually did.  It was a 2.5-2.8 second difference.  So he actually could have deployed the pilot 2.5 seconds before he did, which was just after leaving the ramp.   It looked very improvised so kudos to him for even trying it and also for getting it work even if the margin was || that slim.  

_MM4X_ : Mitäs vitun järkeä tossa nyt oli kotari vaa meni paskaks