Twitter UK Christmas Film 2018 - #NotARetailStore ft. @JohnLewis
Man who shares his name with British retail store John Lewis and receives tons of tweets aimed at them teamed up with Twitter to make his own Christmas Advert

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Watch the new @TwitterUK Christmas film, telling the wonderful tale of Mr. John Lewis — the American man repeatedly mistaken for the British retailer on Twitter.


Keep Calm and Re-Roll : This is just brilliant! I love it :D

Dan Phillips : This is great, at least he has a sense of humour about it.

Alex Byrum : Best professor I've ever had, hands down.

Pete No Surname : Love it!! And the really clever 'product placement' on the cup and laptop. It made me smile a lot! Well Done All!!!

CMDexe : This is the second greatest John Lewis ad I've ever seen :)

rebecca lock : Better than this years official john Lewis ad, well done and the singing is great x

Edurne Ace : I lost it at the penguins tbh. This was fantastic

Jean Cole : A good sense of humour John Lewis 😂

Fledhyris Proudhon : I've got that moon light! Not from John Lewis (the retailer) though. lmao "the toaster is making my bread all brown" is that a real tweet?! You have a great Christmas John and carry on having fun!

Lincoln School of Film & Media : love this - congrats to all

Craig Emery : A legend indeed.

Terry : He looks like Peter Griffin off Family Guy.

misterg1970 : Poor guy!

Colin Baker : So if I mention I'm a neighbour to the famous John Lewis, living 100yds from him in Blacksburg, do I get a discount next time I'm at his store top of Leith Walk in Edinburgh?

THERIANNAleo : Love it! 😂

Mojos Bigstick : What a hero.

zns : This is excellent.

MirrorsEdgeworth2 : Who's the singer in this?

Johan Verbraecken : Who is the singer ?