no one came to my workshop. i held it anyway.

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Carlos Murillo : Your wife is the biggest MVP of all time for being there. Much love to her, she's the best!

rayr : I have literally never even heard of this guy but I felt soooooo bad. He probably was so excited

Marie Golden : My respect guy, it's even more courageous putting it here on YouTube. You're bold strong and very very courageous. God bless you.

Silja Grace : I felt *SOO* bad for this guy :(

WatchLearnSee : I am now convinced I am the only person watching you and everyone else here is your wife on multiple accounts

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : Imagine walking in to a guy by himself talking to no body doing a presentation

Joel Santiago : I don't see this as a failure, you managed to turn this situation around and got 2,000,000+ views out of it. I feel like that's better than anything that would've happened if every one of those seats were filled

NPT Music : Hey , loved this video, subbed straight away

Shannice Arrechea : Your wife clapping warmed my heart. She’s a true supporter.

Patrick Mureithi : Hey Austin, THANK YOU. I've been trying to contact you since I found out about your good deed 🙏🏾

JazzyJacy : i would have literally cried so much, wow i feel mad respect for you

bob yelling : if you're not noticed, you're still valid. if no ones gonna read it, you should still write it. If no ones gonna see it, you should still do it. If no ones gonna hear you, you should still say it. You’re not measured by how people react to you.

Hayley : can you upload the actual workshop?! id love to watch it if you don't mind!!

Kimberly Walters : Your wife is the cutest thing in the world! This video was pretty inspiring regardless of the turnout. I admire your dedication.

Alvin Paul : *"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less"*

Billy Budiharjo : Wow, i think we've heard way too many success stories. But i think this is the first time i've seen a real failure story and how you bounce from it. inspiring


Reina Remias : Your optimism is wonderful. This inspires me to always make the best out of everything. Your wife is awesome! So are you! Best of luck next time(:

Kim H. : Your audience was still amazing though. Everyone clapped.

Sam McAllister : It takes absolute courage to take a "loss" like this, learn from it & move on. Congrats dude, great stuff.

Mario Uranjek : Why didn't you post a flyer on the first room door explaining the change?

Sayed Almosawi : U deserve the views for this. I was hoping this was clickbait.

Arc Azuela : So, when will your next workshop be and where? 👏🏻👍🏼

AntonioKowatsch : Hey Austin, are you going to publish the whole speech? I'd sure like to check it out.

an other name : I massively ADMIRE and respect this guy for showing his failures unfiltered, and to show us that everybody deals with the same kind of strugles

Phoebe Christian Bagay : i can just feel and hear my heart breaking

jordsupp : You have resilience, a quality that many can only dream of.

ANIBAL PRIME : It bamboozled me how this guy can physically walk. Because of THE *GIGANTIC BALLS DANGLING BELOW THE BELT.*

tornveins : I felt really really bad. I actually feel like crying haha.

the bootleg boy : you seem like such a great guy. I don't think I'd of had the courage or self confidence to push through and not let it ruin my day. I really respect you for this and love the whole video.

jungoo o : This just show up on my recommendation. I thought it was a clickbait but you made me cry... mad respect for you. Subscribed!

Ziwii : Your wife is so cute xd

Fluttershe Fly : I’ve never heard of this guy before but I can tell he is a genuinely kind person

1-minute Spanish : But in the end you have more public than chairs in that little room. :D You had 2,120,959 views when I wrote this. :)

Frizzable : Yo I need someone in my life that is as supportive as your wife

s000muk : Alexa this is so sad, play Despacito.

Tia Dalma : I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I legit wanna understand what his workshop was about. Was it about getting 150k subs in a year? But nowadays there are people like Joanna Cedia or whatever her name is, who got almost 1mil in 6 months 😥

SoulScr3am : Wow, that's a hell of a thing to post on the internet for people to see. You sure are not scared of what people think of you or your ideas, and you believe in them. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

SmilingIpad : Man, I can't stand it already just from reading the title.

Mr. Slate : The level of humility and recognition of self-worth that this took is so inspiring. Thank you, Austin, for being my motivation to keep creating :)

Castsmith : Theres alot of people there, you just cant saw it

Jared Player : For every minor setback, there's a major comeback.

Lauran Smith : Feels bad.

Maverick5588 : and this is why you gained so many subscribers so quickly. Great attitude

BlaqRoo : 1 million plus of us attended :)

pet : i feel bad; my guilt is rising

DuNamis : Damn dude. Much respect to you man. #Respect

Sonta Lovely : I am happy you posted this! This was very inspiring and it rang with the message of never give up! Never give up on the mission you came here to do even if it was a "failure". For you to put your "failure" on Youtube, a land where people are very egotistical and superficial was very encouraging to us out there who are on a mission. It encourages us to keep going even if you feel unnoticed, feel things aren't going your way or just thrown far too many curveballs. Failure's are stepping stones to your success and it also makes the end goal more of an accomplishment since you conquered it. Thank you and please continue to grow and continue on your journey!

Dimas Vian : Goblok cok wkwk yo ngene iki kemalan 😆😆 lah tema e cara dapat 150.000 subs dalam setahun kalo ga salah lah konten e arek gendeng iki gajelas yoopo pengen melok aku yo males cik gateli

Dawn-Shade : I would watch your recorded workshop if you upload it on YT