no one came to my workshop. i held it anyway.

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Imperialx Warlord : I’m not the kinda fella that cries a lot but if I was in his boots I’d cry.

Don in 5 Reviews : My wife probably would have skipped my presentation for the cosplay show.

david345878 : Your wife is a good one, treasure eachother πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ™

samuel D : His wife's tiny clapping in a empty room .. Beautiful moment in life.

NOOR DRAWS : Correction, 2.28 million people came to your workshop.

Faith G : Honestly though, giving your workshop to an empty room is kind of symbolic of YouTube. In the beginning, you just have to keep making content if you feel like your message is important or if that's just something you really want to do, and sometimes you're going to be speaking to an empty room

Eric Chan : you should have just posted the workshop on YouTube instead of fast-forwarding it

Dkuul : This literally breaks my heart, nothing saddens me more than see good work and effort go to waste like that, I'm glad you kept your cool and found a way to turn the situation around that's amazing! Wish you the best of luck buddy! Keep up the amazing work! <3

Metappo : Damn, you're one of the most optimistic person I've ever seen

Mahir Mahir : Positivity level = Infinite

c0ldw1nd : "no one came to my workshop. i held it anyway." -> 3.350.946 views TASK FAILED SUCCESFULLY.

Donald Trump : Correction, 2,923,527 people have watched your workshop.

Mr. Batman : β€œ **workshop ends** β€œ Wife: β€œ **clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap** β€œ ☺️πŸ₯°

dustyowl99 : I felt bad but then I saw you had 800k subs you're gonna be alright

Tennyson Mathew : *2.5M people watched your workshop!*

Alien skullcollector : I like him.... he looks like rabbit.

Jasmyn : This is me when no one showed up to my birthday party

Jay Lonz : I wish you didn't speed the footage up... I kind of wanted to watch it!

RosesforRosie : I feel so bad for him :( but I respect him so much for how optimistic he stayed, a lot could learn from how he handled this situation!

rayr : I have literally never even heard of this guy but I felt soooooo bad. He probably was so excited

iDyaa : meanwhile in parallel universe... crowd: why no one hold this workshop nah i think it's happenin in our universe

John Manuel Escueta : The most important person in your life showed up.... your wife. You're completely fine.

Si Hyuk Bang : this literally crushed my heart when I read the title I really hope it was clickbait but nahhh and that made me cry

Duchi : *Hold a workshop in South East Asia* The room would be jam-packed

Gabriel Mecenas : Plot twist: a lot of people came for the workshop but the guy was in the wrong room

Ron Pasko : Haha that was cute when your wife just starts clapping after β€œthanks...pause.....clapping”

Alexandra Castillo : You should record the workshop for us and post it here on your channel :) we would be glad to hear it!

13 th : The title should be "no one came to my work shop. i nailed it anyways."

you gamer : Hey buddy, you enjoying these random recommendations ?

wasabi gurll : *2.7m people (+wife) watched your workshop* ☺☺

Prashik 2703 : Dude don't worry...start posting on YouTube.I'll watch your movie. You've got people here who care yaknow.

tinman : Should’ve just live streamed it on YouTube live on location. I think either way it would have been very informative.


Anonymous40986 Anonymous : 2.8mill people watched your workshop, god bless man

onee : Make your presentation 15 minutes, and put it on YouTube. Trust me. You will reach a big audience.

alan cabello : Your wife giving you an appaluse when you finally end your workshop was the best part!!! It was funny also HAHAHAHA The best wife you ever ask for!

Simderella : I paused the video on a few of your slides and they were actually really helpful!

Jacky Star : Lol meanwhile I can't even ask a question in class because of overthinking. Mad props.

Gudy Romero : Wow! That’s the positive attitude we need to have towards every challenge we face! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Alekhya : This man is so humble. I'm astounded.

Tj Samson : Well, we're actually 3 million that came to your workshop!

Stan Shiber : Omg you're such a brave cutie I'm so proud πŸ’— and I'm sorry for you ;-;

Dodo Islamuddin : Seeing this video, i adore how you face the problem, try to solve it, and even it seems embarrassing, you still do the workshop when no one coming. You are the best :)

Thor Jokerson : Never compete with cosplay show.

MilesAndHeights : For the first time in my life, I was hoping this was a clickbait. Edit: thank you guys for the likes. We all think alike. God bless everybody.

Michael Scott : When I host a high school party.

Dj manco : 3.1 million people visited your workshop. Fighting man you can do it.

cranky pisces : Correction 3.2 Million attended your workshop

Fillia A : "Thank you so much, we have a wonderful crowd" The only 'crowd' was his wife His wife is wonderful UwU