no one came to my workshop. i held it anyway.

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rayr : I have literally never even heard of this guy but I felt soooooo bad. He probably was so excited

Tired Gal : Props to you for handling this so well, my sensitive ass would’ve broke down crying right then and there

로미언니RomiUnnie : I thought this was a clickbait... and here's my apology..😐

Imani Maldonado : *I hate when things like this happen because I know how it feels.* My sister and I have our birthdays 3 days apart so we always had parties combined. My mom let us invite like 3-5 friends so we did. Long story short, I invited people who I felt were my friends, I mean I hung out with them everyday, but no one showed up. All of my sister’s friends showed up.... I stayed outside until around 7pm until I accepted the fact that they weren’t “just late”. I pasted on a smile and hung out with family instead :’)

Yoda : Wow this guy must feel terrible. I feel bad for him...

Mahir Mahir : Positivity level = Infinite

Neil Orion : Where can i find the 45 minute version?

eric lavel : This "failure" has turned into a total success! More attention and empathy than an overflowing workshop could have remotely achieved.

Magi V : I would have broken. I'm actually crying right now because I feel so bad for you. This is one of the most inspiring thing I've watched in a long time.

DrGinger Official : Bad luck and ignorance of a crowd resulting in a viral video. This is beauty in itself. Goes to show that endurance helps out a lot

Carlos Murillo : Your wife is the biggest MVP of all time for being there. Much love to her, she's the best!

Soumojit Bhattacharjee : *Me to my heart:Don't cry don't cry man he only had this happen once* *Heart:But you are crying* *Me:cries*

Anirudh : I know how it feels when you've worked so hard to make a project and no one cares to notice. I participated in the science fair in middle school when I was 11. Made a working project and worked super hard on the presentation, printed flyers out and made a chart to display all the information I had found through my experiment etc. When it was the day no one came to my stall, everybody just went to the dry ice counter to play with that and to the volcano one. I felt quite sad for myself that day

B To The T To The S To The BTS : Your self esteem is off the charts

Anonymous : NO your wrong, 2.4Million People attended including me. Subbed n liked Much love ❤️

JazzyJacy : i would have literally cried so much, wow i feel mad respect for you

Robin Vansal : I subscribed, having seen how dedicated you are to your passion. Also, don't count it as a loss.

rad mom : reminds me of my birthday party I had in maybe first or second grade, my mom and I printed out invitations for my entire class (about 28 people) and only one showed 😂 never had another party after that. good on you for staying positive!

Tennyson Mathew : *2.5M people watched your workshop!*

Kachapol Tangudtaisak : His wife is so lovely...and the way she claps! 😍😆

Frizzable : Yo I need someone in my life that is as supportive as your wife

sky maser : The truth is i feel sad for you so thats why i just subscribed😂

Migz Cruz : i would have been crying the whole time when this happen to me.. wow. cant believe you have that positivity😭💖

sheentheexplorer : The show must go on 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’m happy to see how supportive your wife is 💕

Bike : the feeling when all those viewbots wont show up to your workshop

Abhishek Bandyopadhyay : Uploading your workshop video here on YouTube is the best thing you can do. In fact, making all your workshops virtual would probably guarantee millions of views. Power to you my friend for not losing heart.

Mellissa Smith : I had a birthday party as a child and 1 friend showed up. I cried and cried and never had another birthday party, even as a 43yr old, I wont have one. I have always wanted one but remember the pain.

Julia : Okay this was sad Why was this recommended to me?

The Seagull : *literally me trying to do anything in life*

Earth Is A Donut : I was there, my soul at least was.

Kevintendo : Press F to pay your respects

Pulsjax : You get my sub because your dedication and positivity is off the scale. If I were there I would have attended especially because Youtube is something I wish to pursue in the future. Keep up the good work and hey who knows by how things seem to be going with your channel maybe next time you'll be doing a presentation on a million subscribers.

Abhi : Positivity level= legend!

divu ck : I haven't been to ur chanel before..but thank you for sharing this..i had lately been through lots of stress but your reaction made me feel much positive. All the best to you.

ㅤ ㅤ : You have a good personality for youtube, not so much the real world. Sorry. You seem introverted by nature and it feels awkward watching you in this clip. When you're recording yourself it's more relaxed and personal so we get a different version of you, the difference in quality of depth between the event and your commentary epitomises this. Michael from vsauce is an odd fellow in real life, so its not just you. He's memorising in digital form yet slightly painful to watch on stage. All your other videos are excellent though, thanks for making them.

an other name : I massively ADMIRE and respect this guy for showing his failures unfiltered, and to show us that everybody deals with the same kind of strugles

MarufTIM : Why not *us* the one who's gonna be the audience?


Daxt3rDeFluff2 : I like how you turned that into a positive situation that’s amazing!

The Chrome Knight : >doge memes in 2018

Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? : Imagine walking in to a guy by himself talking to no body doing a presentation

Kanuwo Wazabe : Is there a ghost out there? cause that room is so creepy😄

shabrina paramacitra : I love your spirit anyway

Bree Iero : You are amazing! I would have cried so much but you handled it so well and I'm glad things worked out for you

Jeet Bania : I thought it was a clickbait, but wuts this? Am crying?!

RoboKast : if it makes you feel better I would totally have come to that if it wasn't over 1,000 miles away

mouldy pork : wow this video is so positive but the comment section is so deppressing and i feel you guys so much _i am so proud of this community_

breezyjimin : if i was there i would have attended the workshop, you’re such a good and positive guy😭❤️you got all my love

Justin Y's Stand : I was the leader of Santa's workshop. The only people that came were businessmen and Chinese children who were also my employees.

Debasish Sarma : Though no one came but he still got a sponsor 😂