no one came to my workshop. i held it anyway.

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Kevintendo : Press F to pay your respects

Obi-Wan Kenobi : That's rough buddy. How about you put the entire video of your workshop on this channel so we can all see and learn from it? I looks like you worked hard and I would hate for the entire presentation to go to waste.

Frizzable : Yo I need someone in my life that is as supportive as your wife

AmongSuspectsProject : Your "failed" workshop has got you a new subscriber. Keep it up.

cutness of all things. o : dont forget the animation panel that happrned that day...

Mr. Slate : The level of humility and recognition of self-worth that this took is so inspiring. Thank you, Austin, for being my motivation to keep creating :)

Tom Boyden : crowd was into you. i love how you tell stories, making something out of nothing like a damn youtube magician.

Bill Schlafly : I listen to Penn Jillett's podcast and he told a story about he and Teller's early days. They, along with many other performers, were paid to perform shows in a park-ish setting over a period of time...perhaps weeks. The deal was to perform and they would get paid. Rarely did someone check on any of the performers. For whatever reason the crowds were sparse at times. Penn and Teller performed every show they could because they wanted all the money they could get and they refused to lie about performing. Many of those performances were in front of no one.

Song Theory : Wait. No one shows up to your workshop, but you still promote a movie that isn't yours, by a director that doesn't even remember you? That's true humility.

Ev'ixyn : Your wife is the best 0/

Clarke Corvo : guess thats why you made 150k in a year.. cause you transform a failure into an interesting video. well done

Эмир Пратов : I opened a Ted-Ed club and attendance was low, but I kept going until nobody came.

Robin Treilmann : This is the saddest thing ever, but i wouldve totally came, if I didn't live on the other side of the earth

The BiggestNerd : that's just so disorganised you think they would do this better for such a big event

an other name : I massively ADMIRE and respect this guy for showing his failures unfiltered, and to show us that everybody deals with the same kind of strugles

Jack Eggebrecht : Did you post any flyers by the room you were originally scheduled to present in? You just show yourself handing out flyers outside your new room. If I had been attending a convention like this, and I got to the room and found no trace of the original presenter, saw something completely different in its place, I probably would have just assumed the original person couldn't come for some reason. I know I wouldn't have thought to wander around the center on the chance he'd been moved. Probably would have just headed in the direction of my next thing. That said, I feel for your disappointment. Sounds like you had to make an actual trip of this, wherever it was.

Justin Y. : This is sad and inspiring at the same time

Tyler Ash : i love your videos. especially the one about the diverging diamond but your wife is such a hottie and a real beauty 11/10 you won the lottery with her

Štěpánka Cimlová : Happens to musicians all the time. It´s important to remind yourself that things like this are almost never your fault (or your work´s). There are so many factors that play a role in the success of an event and you rarely have complete control over them. It´s about timing, advertising, even weather... It´s such a shame, sometimes I see an excellent show with only a handful of people in the audience, just because the organiser didn´t think it through. Little bit later I see a shitty band playing to a massive crowd just because everybody had time to get drunk and would dance to a monkey hitting an empty bucket with a stick. Ah well. Good luck, I really enjoy your videos :)

RoboKast : if it makes you feel better I would totally have come to that if it wasn't over 1,000 miles away

Antiphilosopher : It it helps, I clapped when you finished your workshop!


Freedom Strider : Building a YouTube audience is impossibly difficult. Getting them into the really world, another near impossible step. You've done one, and I love how you did not let it get you donw :)

SeychellesLover : This is great. Your wife is great.

Carlos Murillo : Your wife is the biggest MVP of all time for being there. Much love to her, she's the best!

Photon : Thank you for posting this. Everyone is so quick to post the positive experience and never the negative. I wish you many success in the future :)

Johnathan Wick : Why not post a sign up stating where the new room is, inside the room that was originally booked so that the guests could be easily redirected?

Thayne Larson : I have never selected one of your videos expecting something, anything in particular, but every time i do, I expect something entertaining, uplifting, and inspiring Keep up the good work

Peshuga de posho : I would’ve cried and ran to any food place

Investing Hustler : No worries bro this video will probably get over 100k views will make up for 0 people showing 👍

Kacper Kozioł : Thats so sad, can we annex Canada

Gartt : I watched this video and discovered you. Also, by watching this video I was made aware of "Kenya: Until Hope is Found". Seriously guys you should watch it! Its extremely well done!

Ana Vargas : These cons are such a waste of time and money for everyone involved.

Anym : 150k in a month, + 500k in a day lol

Fingernail Clipper : I’m sorry I didn’t come... I can’t afford the flight ticket:(

Catherine C : This is so inspiring to me I am unreasonably proud of you for being so positive and powering through

In No Particular Order : The guy in the thumbnail looks like Martin Shkreli.

Baadshah : This is so sad. Cortana, play AliA intro

Dave Simpas : hi! i wish you could do the workshop online instead. so that anyone can attend. im curious too on how to get 150k subscribers in a year. im not in the US though so i couldn't go there

Graice Kay : your videos keep popping up on my recommend but it's literally just videos of you failing 😂😂 like your movie, then your book, now this? what's happening are you ok?

Elizabeth Small : I wanted to cry that was sad 😥 I'm sorry no one showed up but I still like you

William Azazel Miseria : absolute *_MADLAD_*

Sorenkair : this is me when i make memes

NovaPvP : I live so close to you like if I heard about this before I probably could of came.

Dawn-Shade : I would watch your recorded workshop if you upload it on YT

Tatum Murphy : I totally would have gone! Maybe you could ask someone with experience in advertising to help you reach an in-person audience.

Dangelo ROMERO : Dude, I feel so so so bad for you. Much respect for still trudging through it. Shout out to that one army audience!

Liuhuayue : 37k likes and 575k views and counting for an empty workshop (plus your dedicated wife). It's ultimately a success. Kudos to you.

Crazypixel Balthazar : Can you release the full video of the presentation?

Josh Brown : No one came? *switched rooms* Well there's your problem.