YouTube is Down - Doomsday Date Test Success

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ღAshley : You guys make me laugh. Haha.. I bet you'll get arrested after a day or two. Yes, you may be scaring others. But not me. Because you know what? No matter what you do, Youtube will just come back. And this will just repeat, and repeat, and repeat. You may have a code or whatever, but youtube has access codes. Goodluck~

Natalie Lopez : project zorgo if you whant to stop youtube why do you have a youtube channel give me a like if you agree

kelvin liu : I will find you in your Las Vegas HQ.

Ali R 21 : i hate you project zorgo i hate you project zorgo and i really do

Betty Rakovic : You are so stupd proget zorgo

Molly Page : OMG i was wondering why YouTube wasn't working!!! It is now the 4th, the doomsday plan failed! Almost 2,000 likes!?!?!?!?!? 😃😍😮thanks so much!!!!

KT TV : Show us your face please

Carson's Creations : I hate Project Zorgo

Suzanne Ward : Project zorgo is like poop and I love YouTube

russell harrison : Ugh i hate u and you should ba in jail boooooooooo to u

KeyAno Beats : The amount of children that actually believe this is so beyond me

Gamerboy82 e : Could you had at least shutdown youtube someday esle you shut youtube on MY Birthday! :(

kelvin liu : You know why? Because I want to save youtube.

Charles Toye : It's past November 3rd stupid. Your not going to take down YouTube. BTW good luck with the police!

Veena Verma : Bro I am gonna tell 1 of my family mate to arrest you

Tien Duong : Why do you want to destroy YouTube like if you agree

Thedeadlysoybean Man : You shut down YouTube two days after my birthday. What kind of hackers are you?

Clone Assasin12 : Instead of using ur skills for some stupid horseplay, try and use it to make a living and finally move out of your parents basement.


jessica cartin : We need to stop project zorgo ZORGO diffuse

Daisy Weku : I I h I ha I hat I hate I hate y I hate yo I hate you I hate you p I hate you pr I hate you pro I hate you proj I hate you proje I hate you projec I hate you project I hate you project z I hate you project zo I hate you project zor I hate you project zorg I hate you project zorgo I hate you project zorg I hate you project zor I hate you project zo I hate you project z I hate you project I hate you projec I hate you proje I hate you proj I hate you pro I hate you pr I hate you p I hate you I hate yo I hate y I hate I hat I ha I h I Please give this a like if you hate project zorgo. And because this took me a long time to make.

Homeless Shoe’s Stuff : Luckily we have fortnite to pass the time

Wendell gaui : Parties are going to join a team and remember project zero is watching

Minecrafter John : So your the one who won't let me watch youtube someday It says (ERROR CODE 808 PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER)

Manuelito Castro : You will get 7 across the ... 100010101000111010

Karley Brenneman : Wait, if YOU'RE a youtuber, why do you want to destroy YouTube?

kelvin liu : You think that you are smart.

aoccoro elmundo : EH DUDE ZORGO VS YOUTUBE # GREAT MOVIE ....

kelvin liu : You will be died admittedly.

Five nights Super mario bros scared : Stop do it project zorgo you are not do it why because you siad you want people with you no but why you go do yourself project zorgo but you do not know us and everybody yoy are not doing it okay please we love video on YouTube but you can't do it please do not do it please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇😇😇😇😷😇

Richard Girvan : You guys are really bad like if you agree.

kelvin liu : Project Zorgo has been terminated.

Oreville Omawas : I wanna join pz but im 8year old only

Aurora the puppurinu : If this was real then.... it would be dumb

Christopher Kraft : Project zorgo you not hack me yet I have YouTube channel

Rita Roufas : I HATE project zorgo like if you agree

Hema B K : Hate this channel

Granny : Holy crap is watching video and it Was loading an hour and i got error

BannaFishBones : I was watching videos on the 3rd

Killer Mangle : NOW

Amanda Sweeney : 1 like - 2 Project zorgo members dead

Sbabalwe days locks : why are you watching That is weird please Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😤😈👿

cassandra day : But sadly, I live in a different state so I won't be able to come to the meetings.

Stormsoup : You have numbas but we have god!!!

kelvin liu : Last warning, you are terminated from us.


catnip addiction : You have youtube premium? Cool.

ole sharon : That is a lie

QUEEN_ Spy : This is gonna be interesting to watch😂

max Isassi : I agree save youtube