Flatirons Community Church - Imagine Dragons - Believer

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Grant Winsfield : Holy Crap. This needs more views.

Solomon Richmond : This is a disappointment and a shame to play this type of music in a church

Terri Taddicken : THIS IS HOW CHURCH MUSIC SHOULD BE IN 2017! I loved this cover. BRAVA!!! I wanna sing with you... GREAT Easter Service. LOVE THIS CHURCH

Amy Archibald : Wow! Love it!!!!

Anthony.C : Very nice cover as always !

Heather B : Wow! I have watched this 100 times and I get chills every time!! This band is AMAZING!! and this is a hard song to sing and they did fantastic. I wish I could hit the Like button a million times!!

Gibran Jalil Espinosa Pawling : Great camera work!!! Each video is even better.

Stuffed Peppers Inc. and more. : Ok, why would a Christian Church band cover a song written by a group who sold their souls to Lucifer in exchange for fame and fortune?! Imagine Dragons are satanic! This church needs to stop glorifying these secular satanic bands and worship God instead! Unbelievable!

jax : Very nice cover!!応援してます!From Japan

pasells : This is so great!! I could watch over and over...

Gary Randi McIntyre : We love this church so much!

Mark Johnson : I love my church! Awesome talent!

Trash Panda : This is amazing. I plan on flying out there from Arkansas to visit Flatirons.

J. N. Hups : Flatirons band is amazing!

Shana Mercer : Amazing cover!!!! One of my favorites. Gives me the goosebumps listening to it every time!

Galaxy Productions : AMAZING COVER!!! LOVE THIS!

William William : I like how there's only one girl who stand up and dance. these audience need to have fun

Ryan Burns : How does this not have more views? Also... Was the crowd in another world... lol I know it's a church and a Christian band.. But damn that was a solid cover!

zebulon mcmanama : this should've been all tommy like muse songs

Reyes Vlogs : Wow I like it 😃

Douglas Prishpreed : Not sure why they feel the need for so many electric guitars. Bill Gaither didn't need these type of props.

Nathaniel Bell : boo

Tom Hahn : So so so glad you guys are going back to old school of doing things again. This is what separated you from the rest of the church's.!!!!!!

Bernie Lowe : This is one of the best I have seen you do. How can one buy all these amazing dvd’ s here in South Africa???? Help

Deirdre Brien : We need more to see this

Amanda Montgomery : You guys are AMAZING!!!!

nandanavanam karthik : Best of all covers of this song in the internet

Emerald Isle TV : Bloodfire wow

LA Center : amazing!

Julie : I miss my church!

Julie : I miss my church!

Julie : I miss my church!

John Richards : Hi all, i am a lighting and video technician from the UK. How do you operate your lighting shows is it via timecode or busked live? Thanks, John

Piper Tudhope : Wow! Great job!

Andrew Gregory : 🔥🔥🔥

roberta scholten : When I think of how MANY different musical styles Flatirons Worship Band covers, secular to worship, and how EXCELLENTLY they do everything they do - I'm totally blown away. Tommy, et al - astonishing, as usual (as though you could do anything less - which you cannot).

Benjamin FRESSARD : Who are the different musicians and singers?

Joshua Huizing : Why?