I recently got into Hoarders, this clip set it off for me
I recently got into Hoarders this clip set it off for me

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Sharkarooni : I feel like this would be funny to me if the lady wasn't such a good actress. She crushed my heart

Benn255 B : I died when he reacted to the room, thought it was serious man this just made my day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Shadow Princess Nami : Ya know, I thought it was real until he reacted. Well done.

Stephanie iii : I was sitting here thinking 'that poor woman'. Then this.


guufm : the leadup was perfect. i thought it was an actual hoarders episode and i couldnt stop laughing when the doctor flipped out

Shane McCollum : I actually thought this was real until the 2 minute mark

Zeus Pluchino : Holy shit this was hilarious, idc if it's fake.

Zappy425 : It isn't even bad for hoarders standard

Cyka Blyat : i lost it when he fell in the garbage πŸ˜‚

Rob : Ahaha the moment he took a big sniff at the door and said "let's see" I knew he was unprofessional.

temporaryscars : I'll admit it. This fooled me at first.

sophie m : I thought it was real omg

Sky Berry : 1:40 pissed my pants and litteraly crying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

wickkidda : It got me in the beginning and I still laughed when she mentioned her smell, like some part of me knew it was a joke, but I felt bad for laughing cuz I didnt know it was at that point, lol.


Adam Van Winkle : Lol his reactionπŸ˜‚ if only this was real and actually on the show

Husky nate : why do you have a trashcan on top of the trash πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Brian McHaney : Wow. This was waaaaaay too good. I had no idea it was a parody until the guy flipped out. xP

Lyve : I thought it was serious until I saw his reaction XD

asdf : why is this in recommended list? but im not gonna lie, it was pretty funny

Daniel C : I knew this was fake but damn that ladys face when he was insulting her made me sad

Czikkan Hardt : I knew something was fishy the moment the woman started talking. Everything she said was SO damn forced. Once they got into the funny shit, it was cool, though.

nunavyour biznas : 1:40 lol Okay, you got me. I thought it was legit.

ThatZommy : I thought it was real until the body bit. I'm a tad gullible.

rapidmon17 : There's a bloody sound in this video that convinced me that my fire alarm battery needed replacement.

GRAVEMIIND : Wow lol I thought this was real until they found the hobo. i'm dying

Chloe Ellis : I enjoyed this, but why is this in my recommendations! Haha!

W. K. : Why am I only seeing this today?

biscuit : Is this a parody of the show lmao

Jhonn G : i was taking it seriois for a min lol

SantaClaws : I know this is satire, but I genuinely felt bad for that woman. Great acting.

Lesser : That woman was really getting on my nerves fast, great acting

Kane Smith : this is a pretty good parody TO

Ben Wachtel : Idk about everyone else. But I finally realized it was fake when he called his friend Jermal.

Lucky Lex : Lmao I think I shared this on my Facebook back when I still used Facebook. Now it's being reccomended to me lol

Angela Annalese : I thought this was real lol

acesyoutube : i died when the hobo came out of the trash

yupyup1562 : I fell for it, but wondered at the fact that she was herself clean and fixed up.

Weston : 3 years ago, and its appearing in my recommends now?

Zero Confidence : See, I'm not a hoarder. I'm just lazy.

That gamer : good one i thought it was a real episode at first

dsalow : I love this video, thought it was an actual episode until the "doctor" arrived then I lost my shit

TheJokerscene : Goddammit. He had me up until he got in the room. This was golden.

Lacey Randomo : LOL...That guys reaction is totally mine watching hoarders or walking into someone's dirty room.

Spooby : "....it was my smell." πŸ˜’

Help Me Get 1000 Subscribers : I don't know what's worse, her place or the bad acting

Capn Genie : Funny how he takes a nice good sniff as soon as the door opens.

Urethral Implosion : thought it was real, but when i saw the guys face i knew it was fake lol. quality skit though