I recently got into Hoarders, this clip set it off for me

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Sharkarooni : I feel like this would be funny to me if the lady wasn't such a good actress. She crushed my heart

Grantite : God damn it, that was a convincing start.

Benn255 B : I died when he reacted to the room, thought it was serious man this just made my day 😂😂


Zappy425 : It isn't even bad for hoarders standard

Shane McCollum : I actually thought this was real until the 2 minute mark

Zeus Pluchino : Holy shit this was hilarious, idc if it's fake.

guufm : the leadup was perfect. i thought it was an actual hoarders episode and i couldnt stop laughing when the doctor flipped out

Stephanie iii : I was sitting here thinking 'that poor woman'. Then this.

Brian McHaney : Wow. This was waaaaaay too good. I had no idea it was a parody until the guy flipped out. xP

wickkidda : It got me in the beginning and I still laughed when she mentioned her smell, like some part of me knew it was a joke, but I felt bad for laughing cuz I didnt know it was at that point, lol.

Cyka Blyat : i lost it when he fell in the garbage 😂

Pvt.N00B : I knew It was fake the moment I saw that the doctor was black.

sophie m : I thought it was real omg

Husky nate : why do you have a trashcan on top of the trash 😂😂😂

temporaryscars : I'll admit it. This fooled me at first.


GRAVEMIIND : Wow lol I thought this was real until they found the hobo. i'm dying

Adam Van Winkle : Lol his reaction😂 if only this was real and actually on the show

ThatZommy : I thought it was real until the body bit. I'm a tad gullible.

Lyve : I thought it was serious until I saw his reaction XD

asdf : why is this in recommended list? but im not gonna lie, it was pretty funny

Rob : Ahaha the moment he took a big sniff at the door and said "let's see" I knew he was unprofessional.

Sky Berry : 1:40 pissed my pants and litteraly crying 😂😂😂

Czikkan Hardt : I knew something was fishy the moment the woman started talking. Everything she said was SO damn forced. Once they got into the funny shit, it was cool, though.

Shadow Princess Nami : Ya know, I thought it was real until he reacted. Well done.

Five Dee : I actually thought this was a real episode as she began to talk. But when he introduced himself as the doctor, I knew it was a parody.

nunavyour biznas : 1:40 lol Okay, you got me. I thought it was legit.

Pugnacious LB : I knew it was a skit when the doctor came to the house. No doctor is black tf

Jhonn G : i was taking it seriois for a min lol

Daniel C : I knew this was fake but damn that ladys face when he was insulting her made me sad

Lesser : That woman was really getting on my nerves fast, great acting

Ben Wachtel : Idk about everyone else. But I finally realized it was fake when he called his friend Jermal.

Angela Annalese : I thought this was real lol

Weston : 3 years ago, and its appearing in my recommends now?

W. K. : Why am I only seeing this today?

yupyup1562 : I fell for it, but wondered at the fact that she was herself clean and fixed up.

rapidmon17 : There's a bloody sound in this video that convinced me that my fire alarm battery needed replacement.

Kane Smith : this is a pretty good parody TO

Help Me Get 100 Subscribers : I don't know what's worse, her place or the bad acting

Lucky Lex : Lmao I think I shared this on my Facebook back when I still used Facebook. Now it's being reccomended to me lol

Sam Smolyar : Two easy steps one pick up the toothbrush two brush your teeth

acesyoutube : i died when the hobo came out of the trash

SantaClaws : I know this is satire, but I genuinely felt bad for that woman. Great acting.

That gamer : good one i thought it was a real episode at first

Nich Miller : i had my suspicion this was fake.. then holy shit!!

dsalow : I love this video, thought it was an actual episode until the "doctor" arrived then I lost my shit

Capn Genie : Funny how he takes a nice good sniff as soon as the door opens.

biscuit : Is this a parody of the show lmao

SquirrelForce : There's a guy that lives in the building I work at. He is at least 10 times worse. We cleaned out his room maybe 3 times already and he keeps bringing shit back. You can barely walk around in his room. He created garbage walls and he has tons of trash hanging over his bed. I'm surprised he doesn't get crushed to death in his sleep.