How do you help a grieving friend?

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jason leicestershire : I 100% agree with this. I lost my mother just over a year ago. It’s not any easier than it was then, in many ways it’s harder. Unfortunately people that haven’t lost someone really close to them expect you to be “ok” after a few months, they don’t realise the devastating impact such a huge loss has. A lot of the time I just want someone to relate to, someone to talk to who understands. I don’t want people telling me “you have to move forward, they’re in a better place, they would want you to be happy, there’s other positive things in your life..etc” because in a way that’s minimising the grief. They’re essentially saying “you’re going through something bad, but these other things should be enough to make you feel better”, and it just doesn’t work like that. When you’re grieving it can feel like no one understands you, like you’re going insane. The whole world carries on while every single second of every single day the weight of the grief consumes every part of you. What makes more sense is people saying to you “I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you, take your time, I know you’re trying to be strong but it must be incredibly difficult for you, you have a right to be angry..etc”. Anything that diverts away from how difficult the loss is, is only going to make it feel like people don’t understand you, and it might make you resent them in some way. I’m not religious either so I don’t like it when people bring religion in to it, when there’s no proof for it.

Allison P : Beautiful Megan, just beautiful.

Lynn Oatman : Thank you so much for this. I know people mean the best, but so often they don't understand, that fixing it isn't what is needed. Thank you thank you thank you.

A. Ambrose : This is very beautiful. Thank you for making this, it made me understand my own grief a bit better.

Arleen Rutten : .. yes.. yes.. yes.. ♥♥ thank you.. megan..

Heather Clements : How do I love this? Let me count the ways...

Rebecca Putman : This is so very spot on. Thank you!

ChloTheMonkey : Thank you for this video, my best friend recently lost her friend and I didn’t know how to help her. Megan, this is amazing... thank you so so much.

Gevian Dargan : Thank you. This really helps a lot. I have been struggling with how to be there for people who are grieving and dealing with loss of many kinds. I will definitely give this a try.

JasonMcGarva : Wow, what a beautiful video and message. Thank you for making this.

Alg : this is wonderful. thank you.

Joan Amero : I can't thank you enough for this video.

Frances Evelyn Rogers : Thank you

ZeluZ Gaming : WOW>>you are a good animator..why aren,t you getting views?I would try my best to promote you

Antonella Tsakmakis : Thank you Your words are so beautiful and true

Stephanie VanderMeulen : This is so, so good. And true. Each phrase is very powerful and bang on. Thank you for this.

Kathleen Lee : Thank you Megan, I'm in tears as I write this. I lost my soul child Nicholas 3 years and 3 months ago today due to an undiagnosed AVM which led to a massive cerebral hemorrhage. I found him on the floor. It feels like it was yesterday. I'm glad you wrote your book. I am reading it. You get it. Nobody in my world does. Love to you.

J Jones : Amazing video. Thank you for making this.

Becky Livingston : Bravo. I love this message "It makes things feel better even thought they can't be made right"

Claudia Nehrkorn : My daughter and I love this. Thank you so much. Being heard, being witnessed really helps.

Amy Crystal : True and helpful.

Betty Walker : So beautiful and so very true.

elona : the cultural training we get to look on the bright side is SO FREAKING STRONG!!!

Taryn Bell : How do I give this 10 thumbs up? Excellent and full of truth!