I Hear That's Good

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Common Chris : Have you seen a Phil Jamesson's video... NO I hear they are short... ((JUST NEED TO FIND THE TIME))

Richard Luzum : Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick? #PHILGANGNICEBOYS

Troy Pavlek : I heard this video was good, I'll have to watch it sometime later.

Internet Superstar David Elliott : When your video needs to be shorter and you dont know what to cut, Job Phil!

Binkus Bobblethrob : Next time this gets said by any of my friends I'm making them watch this video so they can feel as personally attacked as I do right now.

BOESNIK : More of a Salt and Pepper diner guy myself.

sammicchi : i felt like i was having a stroke

Gambsmoore / MikeMoore : You are a wonderful human being.

German Eagle : this is true, it applies to me, and i should really do act on it but in reality ill do nothing about it and keep on growing my list of infinite shows i have to watch

Zach Digital : video good, can i give 2 likes if not why?

Andy rew : This is 38 seconds long but it feels like an eternity

Jordanary Blue : 38 seconds? Phil what the hell. How am I supposed to upload this to YoutubeHaiku for free karma? I thought we had a thing dude.

Taylor Renae : How my thoughts sound in my head

calvin : jOhN mULaNeY

Merlin Merlout : Nice job Phils

Kayceesprite : This makes so much more sense when high

Shogan Flamemasta : Need to write dialoge to troughfully study, very good, real good. Need write but not mindset yet

Josiah McCarthy : The funny thing is, I've never watched John Mulaney, though I've heard he's good.

EPIC GAMER GUY : Love these descriptions

tnunally12 : I don't really have much of a comment but I hear it's good.

Lachie55 : Is this what English sound's like to a non-English speaker?

WhoCaresAlisha : It feels like you secretly recorded the conversations I have with my family and used it as a script 😂

Puff,TheMagic : Phil you've seen Better Call Saul, right?

Joinen : This is good.

Kevin Sørensen : Git gud

HarrypAhsokaT1231 : Just looking at this vid like damn Peter Jackson missed out when he didn't cast this man for any of the hobbit movies 0.o Fr tumblr heartthrob right here

FRND : Content amazing, but YOUR HAIR is on another level. Omg. So gorgeous

No Body : im supposed to be doing school

Miyavistka : You are sooo cute ^_^

SpaceBearKing : I anything can't do right since because pickles.

The Fite Show (ToonTown) : john mulaney!

Kaboomthensprinkles : Same.

The Power Within : HAHA

Ovidijus Bukanas : youre a great guy phill