Help stop the senseless spread of shirtlessness

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Dany.M : This is so good😂😂😂 #putashirton 🙌🏻😂


Nick Grimm : This is actually hilarious haha

Ohreally : Now do the same advert aimed at women.

DefiantOne : This is freaking hilarious

Khristina Huisjen : I love it 😂

neonlights777 : Fruit of the loom thinks they are being funny but its really no different then a male version of slut shamming. We pride girls on #freethenipple and then tell me to #putashirton. No thank you Fruit Of The Loom. I no longer support your brand. I support if someone feels proud of their body regardless of shape or encourage them to continue feeling good!

MrMasterCat : #putashirton

SophiaFL456 : This is now my favorite commercial ever

NebulaCow XOXO : I am tagging so many people with this XD lmao

theoboegoddess : One of the best commercials I’ve ever seen.

samtheman825 : This is the greatest commercial I've ever seen

Nicole Soileau : This is great.

Jenna Bjergo : why is this the best ad i’ve ever seen

Eidorian : What is this

Sav Szymura : It's just a shame your cotton is average. Wanna see some good quality? Get the stuff Surge Polonia uses.

newbietubie : So… in the age of anti-bullying, anti-body-shaming, free-the-nipple and being more body positive fruit of the loom is going to run an advertisement, better yet an actual campaign, that maliciously shames males for embracing their body under the guise of satire. Somehow, suddenly, males don’t have body dysmorphia. Males don’t matter? Just maybe… this kind of flagrant dismissal of an entire sex is a contributor to why males make up 2/3 of the worlds suicides. Vile and unacceptable.

Anon ymous : So.....I can't tell. Are Fruit of the loom a bunch of hypocritic morons who don't realize that #putashirton is blatantly parallel to women in today's society being told to cover up because of sexualization? Or is that part of the joke and campaign and this is a level of self awareness that I wasn't aware of?

Ryan S : So am I the only one that sees this as body-shaming men that like taking shirtless selfies? Women aren't the only people with body image issues, you don't need to tell people to cover-up so you can sell a few more t-shirts. We may be the black sheep in this situation, but my family & I didn't find this to be the least bit funny

Ansel Davis : WHAT?!?!? No No No!! Keep posting those shirtless pics! #KeepTheShirtOFF

Dane Coates : Simply Incredible!!! Take a bow, Fruit Of The Loom! #PutAShirtOn

Andrea Rahmatulla : This has literally made my weekend. Thank you for this hilarious ad and hashtag compaign!

Pudding The Toadette : I still remember Fruit of the Loom having the cornucopia. I swear on it.

Wojciech Sztukowski : #whathappenedtocornucopia #MandelaEffect

Sonia Gem : #putashirton

Jennifer ashley : Omg! This is the best 😂😂😂😂😂

Vyctoriyah Phillips : This is the best commercial ever I love it

Finnish Wolfman : Best commercial of the year..too funny.

SiCKLYWiLD : Props to who ever came up with this idea

Brandon Moore : FOTL wins the internet. 🏆

Joseph Thomas : My mom sent this to me for some reason.

Richard Ede : Where is the music from

Grumpy Games : Wow..... And this is true