I Trained Like "The Rock" For 30 Days
Guy trained like The Rock for 30 Days

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I took on "The Rock" diet and workout plan for 30 days straight. Watch till the end to see the shocking final results. 1 NEW SUBSCRIBER = 1 EXTRA PUSHUP! ---------------------------------------------------------------- ► FOLLOW BOTH OF THESE! • Twitter - https://twitter.com/isaiahphoto • Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/isaiahphoto • Website - https://www.isaiahphoto.net --------------------------------------------------------------------


Classic time : You'll be like the terminator soon keep on working out

Ice Boy 233423 : We about to have a no fatty Isaiah if he keeps this up.

JOKER Tv : I love ❤️ this I'm from an Iraq 🇮🇶 you are very good 👍

Der Typ : I couldn't have sustained it. Dude you deserve respect.

AB_OOD : continue .We are so excited to see the results of a year ♥️♥️🧘‍♂️

Strawberry : Seeing the Rock makes me want to watch the Scorpion King.

Mohammed M Hilal : So inspiring and motivating! keep up these kind of videos!

Ajh 89 : Lol at the bonus leg muscles , great job Isaiah 👍👍

Ganderlow : That's some major dedication. Nice work

saeed soso : Keep going dude 💪💪💪👍👍👍👍

Xavier 2014M : It's very inspiring to see you get results and stay motivated through this, very nice video man! Keep up this incredible work

Start The Game : Don't stop dude .We will be expecting another video in 30 days .

12 Gauge Logan : Can you smell what Isaiah is cookin?

Clayton Lynch : Hell yeah I'm first

JustCheese : Loved it very interesting It's great when you worked hard and seeing the results. Someone like me who workouts after work for about 2 hours.

Ause : Ironically I started working out I should be fatter but I'm pretty slim I'm skinny and fat but keep going bro Gamer 😉

Aaron : How do you stay motivated every time i try to start working out / dieting i always lose motivation

Alex : The human body is insane

Keith Maduro : Was that karin in the background? And i wish i have abs😭 give me advice kuya isaiah and kuya is a respectful word in tagalog

AnarchyEh : now you have to keep it up!

Isaac Carlton : Crushing it!

CrookedVibes Tv : Bro keep up woth it for sure

gurgulash111 : Great video Isaiah! Inspiring. May I ask what your height is?

Megan Stuart : I loved this video!! I can only imagine how hard this was to film but you did it!!

Stenky : So, I just grilled me some cheese and as soon as I finish eating I see this :D Btw, did you do your stream? I didn't get notification ( despite having notifications on "all" ) Edit: I also didn't get notification for this video.. I get notifications for other channels though..

De Pressed : You are underrated

Sentient : You forgot to abuse TRT and Steroids... That's part of his plan.

noirdesire : keep going. change it to a 365 day challenge and you will be blown away at the change

Matt : Did you also adopt his cycle?

Christopher Reidy : Where can we see this plan? Kind of want to try this? Anyone got a link?

Markus Magnon : Did not watch the whole video but 10:06 this... looks terrible. I mean. You look good but you can hurt your back if you are doing it like this.

Knut-Egil Knutsen : Cool vid. Name of beat/song at 1:14?

Bankstown Transfusion : You should take roids like The Rock for your next video.

S M : Do you face pulls palm up leading into a double bicep pose, its easier on your wrist and engages more rear delt/ back muscles. google face pull for visual.

poopile : I have so many questions. Sadly this was too annoying for me to last 2 minutes so I'll always wonder.

Hearthing : Wow you ate a lot of food and gained 6 pounds. Super hard work you autist.

Braden Hazle : Ok hold on Kirkland bars are the best tasting that are actually protein bars. Back the fuck up