starship troopers animated series opening titles
Anyone remember this intro

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starship troopers roughnecks animated series opening titles mocap by Futurelight (visionart) John campuzano mocap engineer


bloodrunsclear : It's seldom the series is better than the film. I'd argue this was one of those times :)

Riga T. : Criminally underrated. There's an episode where they undertake an incredibly tough mission, and it ends with the CO's getting the acolades, while the Roughnecks get "2 hours of sleep and another mission". That, and the sarge ending the series paralyzed, taught 10 year old me everything he needed to know about war. Live forever!

NZDota2casting : this IP would be so good to reboot, animated like clonewars .

Master Blaster : I find it cool how this animation is still great, even if it has been 16 years.

Thunderbolt8296 : WHY? Why did they have to run out of money?!

Garion Rhoades : BEST INTRO EVER!!!

Louie Evans : I remember waking up to this theme every day before school when i was 10, i get goosebumps listening to it again : )

Phlebas : I remember this show. It felt like a 22 minute long old-school Starcraft cinematic.

Wol[f] Pack Productions : even to this day, this show is badass!

Don : Call of Troopers: Bug Warfare

Creature Feature : Welp time to join the space force

Harbourness Rage : 0:29 great shot. Such a gorgeous cinematography.

Spartaximus : This series was so much better than the sequels to the original film.

SuperRodimusPrime : I could never get in to the show, but I loved listening to this title sequence.

Ric Daniel : Netflix should get this one as a live action or animated series ... this was the shit back in my day

sam1904asd : The drop ships design back then were more interesting and cool.

Matthias : Waiting for that one after the 'Homefront' Campaign

Isaac Zelinski : Thomas the Tank Engine Sonata: "Come on mothafuckas!"

Vinstinctify1 : Ahh...memories. Staying up for 12 am as a kid. Sometimes trying to at least haha. Would not mind if they ever decided to reboot this.

Random Blackwing : Lol childhood

Mazron Qeucár : This is what im looking for

Benjamin Vaughn : I'm sad I never got to finish this beautiful show

Snailkloh : steam train

RubberDuckyOne : Please name of the opening theme?

Tyler M : Brought here by Doozy84's awsomeness

manwiththemastaplan : time to beat feet!

FlashBangClear Gaming : This reply will work in conjunction with Gojira335's reply: Exactly, take anime for an example, it's animated (hell, even the genre tells ya that!) but it sure as hell ain't for kids.

thenakosan : Loved this series as a kid, it was way better than the cheesy live action

cipitopus : This series is fantastic, but i hate the gun sound

manwiththemastaplan : time to beat feet!

The Braken : It will be a sad day when a child no longer knows the screams of a Trooper being ripped into bits and pieces by a big ass Bug. Someone needs to remake this show.

Broketoon : late reply is late... Starcraft came first.. however this follows the book more closely then the movies powered armor /mechs are older then starcraft :D... also I beleive Starship troopers was one of the inspirations for the original Halo.

wizzzer1337 : this needs to be remade for mature audiances. there are so many adults who want to see a proper Starship Troopers adaptations in motion, not that cynical satire from verhoeven

BULLY HUNTER_77 : If anything Starcraft copied this, don't be a fool.

Mundane05 : And I know this isn't an HBO original, but it was on HBO where I live.

Mundane05 : Back in the 90's if you were a kid and your parents didn't know HBO had these shows, you had the goods. Spawn? Fuck yeah.

Livid Thor : @jasonlee334 It's not really a kids show... just because it's animated doesn't make it a kids show. :)

Bluehawk2008 : @TheBlueKnight5 Pathetique.

BladeLigerV : Sounds off and slow

DOCTOROFLUVV88 : holy shit, in the 90's this was pretty violent for me! watched it in the mornings before going to wonder i got introuble with the teachers!

chemicalhorror : @TheBlueKnight5 It's Beethoven's - Piano Sonata No. 8 Pathetique 1st Movement. Well, that's the original piece. This Starship Troopers version is a lot shorter and use synthesizers. A cool version ;D And God I loved watching this as a kid xD

chemicalhorror : @XX1X2C It's simply the opening titles. I dont think there's a proper title.

wolverineem : @chanchan019 after Pluto is Hydora Campaign.

Kolibre : @TheBlueKnight5 =.= It's written few comments away.

Nigel Thompson-During : @Kolibre Do you know what specific song from Beethoven? I'm looking for the song!!!

Andrew Tollison : @blackhearts8 so true

XX1X2C : What is the name of the song?

Christian Lopez : HAlo copied the suits

Ikram Mohd Noor : i love the costume... so smart