Tumbleweed Tumbleweed, Take Me Away....

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Joe Black : What fun..... some days you actually get to have some fun out there! I've been retired a few years now after 40 on the road, and recently learned that a lot of drivers don't run a CB radio anymore??? I really don't understand that. Talk about havin some fun and killin a lot of time...... not to mention the safety factor of instant traffic warnings. Tell me it aint so..... :)

PJ DEGUZMAN : Like your blog

White Winter : That is too funny. His truck had a little friend and wanted to keep it. Lol

Susan Stovell : Ride ride ride, hitching a ride......

Stuck In NY : Lol, I watched it again!

joyce taylor : At least this made me smile.What is that stuff ,I'm guessing wild grass Correct me if I'm wrong. goodnight chat later Goodnight chat later x

JUST Darren : Where you in Midland/Odessa the other day I say a truck like yours there.

Miss Ginny Bell : Did he just not care? I don’t see how you don’t see that in your mirrors.

CALIGROWN909 : Hey Scottie, can you make a video reviewing your GPS? Thanks

B Blod : LOL! I wonder how long that tree could have held on?

Tazz Man : Never seen that before but I'm sure those west drivers get those on their trucks from Texas and Arizona

Stuck In NY : I could say something else, but I won't. Hell, I will. He better trim that bush!

NDJackson : Hey man just found your stuff and I really dig it. Been watching all your old videos and can't wait for your new uploads.

Marie Seymour : 😂😂😂 guess he didn't see that in the mirrors


theicon2020 : lol put it next to Swift.... he will know what to do with it.

Jay Hair : "Hey Party People"

black dog1327 : But 😂😂😂😂😂

black dog1327 : Nice video bro

Stuck In NY : Scottie, when you go to truck stops, do some drivers recognize you from your videos?

Stuck In NY : May I ask something?

Stuck In NY : 🚛🌲🚔