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Wait what

Comments from Youtube

ArkJag : Think about it. This was the best take.

The Flaming Pike : Executive Producer: Tommy Wiseau Written by: Tommy Wiseau Produced by: Tommy Wiseau Directed by: Tommy Wiseau Starring: Tommy Wiseau

Anthony Wayne : Director: "You wanna run through that one more time?" Kid: "Nope."

Lmpsquared : "How was that pie the other night?"

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : This kid speaks so inaudibly that the subtitles got set to russian

Gilda'sDoingStuff : Wai, wha?... Guys, ajshjaidjhaoxkanxipqodjbybiaosnyoiqhdkapia

Voltaire : Why did he make the last sentence a question

human person : Tbh I half expected him to say at the end “never illegally download”

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : *"Nah do ing ahiithin is pa of dah probm?"* I don't know don't ask me


Jesi Frostwhisper : I bet that this "actor" now wishes that he didnt do anything~

NoxFury : Welcome to the : Thank youtube recommandation after 12 year 😉

Chocolate Milk : Cases of sexual assault per day before this: 258 Cases of sexual assault per day after this: -49

idk wayta : His friend didn’t do anything then, and now he can’t do anything forever

Reilly-K : Moral of the story: If you don't do anything, you'll be stuck in the same place your whole life.

Old Head : “Not doing anything is part of the problem?”

kakashi hatake : Best part is that l study in this school,and his friend is still frozen

Flash rex : For your information, it's "woah... what", not "wait... what" you uncultured swine

NoBody Talks : CC Subs are Auto-Generated Russian, and they translate as- May 13 Part II If the deal is not the only force... The whole region.. it is worth noting The Chinese government has intentions Nobody has the right t3 We live in an age where YouTube has the power to auto-generate nonsensical conspiracy theories.

Michael Jay - Value Investing : He forgot to unfreeze his friend

Yump Bagle : “So what didya do abhout it?” “I didn’t do anything.” *_”ZA WARUDO, TOKI WO TOMARE!”_*

Ethan Hudson : This is actually the funniest thing I’ve seen in forever

Jefferson Juno : **Farris Bueller Powers Activate**

Uncomfortable Introvert : ZA WARUDO! TOMAREKI TOKI WO!

Voltroll, empty cookie jars factory entrepreneur : filming a video right after the dentist is not always a good idea

Elsa Debroglie : I love how there is the crowd audio in the background yet there are only 2 people in the entire hallway lmao...

Guillermo Bolasdemadera : 0:16 *NANI!* *ZA WARUDO!* (Someone pls make that edit pls)

Badmaestro : Почему я это смотрю?

MasAD : I love it when YouTube recommend me classic videos

Ploopybear : Notdoinanythingispartoftheproblm?.

Arhfelix : i'm not an english native speaker, i need some lyrics pls ..

Les Grossman : Is anyone gonna talk about how relaxing that outro music was?

Damien Martinez : Friend EXE has stopped working

Blitz Nimbus : Legend says, his friend is still frozen in that exact same spot...

NoBody Talks : I've just returned from a week long expedition to find a comment from when this video was uploaded. Had to turn back. Don't go down there.

Alexander Frates : Legend has it the other guy is still staring at the locker

That Redjevil : Legends say he is still frozen to this day

Jon Gorostiaga : One thing better than this video are the comments which make this extremely hilarious.

Darkbloodedgamer : “So what did you do?” “Nothing” w o a h. w h a t? Guys, don’t be like my friend hair who didn’t do annyen Nahdunanythnisprblyparofthaprelm?

DragnSly : Joke's on you, I never get invited to parties.

Tubby : *slams"friends" locker, interrogates him about his social life, then publicly humiliates him in front of over 8 million people on youtube* Not doing anything is part of the problem?

MPT1983 : Why does the other guy have his T Shirt on backwards

It’sthat Fookincatagin : *chews something* Hey, what’s up? How was that pie the udder night? So wah you do bout it? Whoa. Wad? Guys, don be like my friend here hooded do anything. Nod doing anything is part of a problem? *goes back to chewing*

Toasted Fan Art : This guy should be a mumble rapper, his name could be "Lil What".

Flabby PigLegs : Man juicy fruit really makes it hard to talk

Андрей Бутурлин : -i didnt do anything -whoa, what? za warudo *bzuuuuuzzzwup* -dont be like jotaro here

R. .P : I swear the other guy said Girlfriend in an aussie accent

shubham sharma : YouTube recommendations, you did it again!

sanfi sabah : Sexuel harassment drops to 0%