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Rodrick H Smokes Dank : He was up *i wa s at theaht pawrrtty aw nigh*

Toasted Fan Art : This guy should be a mumble rapper, his name could be "Lil What".

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Legend has it that he still freezes at this point.

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : Top ten anime plot twists

Fullmetal Shenron : 10 years later:A girl killed herself after being raped and she made tapes of why she killed herself

DGR : These comments give me life 😂😂😂

TheBeaTle : "Wow! Wua? Guys, ndnJanskfbfjzkxjjdmkskd".

Elzeta : *What a plot twist*

Slime God : Wow, what? You should join it

Jake Branthe : how was that pie the other night?

Ken Mendoza : 0:16 Woah. Wut

Yee McGee : Howwasthatpietheothernight

Theo : this guy must be one of the most powerfull Xmen

Billy Casper : He froze

envi z : he's talking like he's still on drugs

Ron Jet : *Don't do drugs kids.*

Zex-Anime : I like how the other guy just freezes when the music starts

Adrian Paul : -owadapahtydeohernite -it was alright. There was this guy and he's with his girlfriend an he's was tryna get her to do something she didn't wanna do -sowahdiyoudoabait -nothing -woah wha -guys dohbelaikmahfriendhewhodidoanything. Nahdoianythingisapahofdahproblah

Truthseeker1995 : Yo! Zipper up or zipper down! PICK ONE!

A.K. : Is this the American high school life I've been hearing about

Justin Y. : So this is the power of the world.

RedHotSlap : "Woa Wat..." Now he has to go back to the school, tap his friend again to unfreeze him after 11 years.

Steve Neill : “Bye Frozen Friend.” *walks away*

El Raavs : Captions: russian (auto-generated)

Dan Root : Did he leave him frozen forever?!

Raging Gamer : 0:18 what kind of strange power is this

DiamondHead : Hopefully this get patched in the next update

Sumukh : never gets old

Bongo Bongo : Whuhwhah?

Eliza h. : wow I would be here cracking up at 3am before a final exam I'm for sure gonna fail at

slickislick : "Guys dont be like my fren here who didnt do anything. *Notdoinythingispartofaproblem* "

Religion : The only thing you didnt do was unfreeze your friend, thats part of the problem!

Shon Bera : This is white Jayden Smith.

Andrew Glinski : The reason this has so many views is because everybody keeps rewatching it trying to figure out why it has so many views.

Krwnik : *notdoeenganytheengizparthofdaproblem*

nierseloomer : He sounds like hes chewing 10 gums

Lead Singer Solaire : howasthapatheethaothanite 0:07

Nikhil Yadav : Thx for the advice

Matkenis : Legend has it that guy is still standing there frozen

Você Achava Que Era Outra Pessoa,Mas Sou Eu DIO : *Wait...*

Las Vegas Nights : Pie😅

Charlio : *Goes to the captions to understand something* Captions: - None - Russian (automatically generated)

D P : This guy could've stopped the Columbine shooting, but no, he leaves his friend frozen in time for eternity instead.

GalacticFaz : Could you repeat that?

Pixel : Turns out that it wasn't actually anything in relation to sexual violence, the guy actually just wanted his girlfriend to stop taking drugs, because he knows that she's better than that.

KING : Imagine if the friend said to him:”I neva freeze” and continues talking.

abhi seng : Kids say no to drugs.

Ryan Russell : Mumble Rap Origins

Vikrant : _Waw whaa ? guys don b lie ma fend heya hu din do anynin na doinanyin is pa o tha poblam_

Martyy Mcflyy : I feel sorry for that gum he’s chewing