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69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : This kid speaks so inaudibly that the subtitles got set to russian

Vivek Kumar : Youtube need to change it's algorithm.

JTsuits : I thought these were the columbine shooters

Dat : a lost gem found through my recommended

sanfi sabah : Sexuel harassment drops to 0%

Michael Jay - Value Investing : He forgot to unfreeze his friend

Marty ES : Why do I feel like being violent after watching this?

MW pLaYz : Bruh why you speaking in cursive

RoberTime : "I didn't do anything" *Freezes friend and leaves him frozen* "There now you will not be doing anything forever"

loki : *Top 10 characters who can defeat Thanos in second*

Krwnik : *notdoeenganytheengizparthofdaproblem*

njr_33 • : “You guys wanna do that again” “Nope.”

Ben Hubble : I thought It was gonna be a gay porno

loki : The comment section is *GOLD*

Sum Random Dude In the Internet : 11 years later and his friend is still standing there

The Plains Jam : Transcript: (Enter Boy 1) Boy 1: Hey whats up? (Closes locker) Boy 1: How was tha piety the otha night? Boy 2: It was alright, but there was this guy with his girlfriend and he tryin to get her to do something she don't wanna do. Boy 1: So what'd you do about it? Boy 2: I didn't do anything--- (Freezes time) Boy 1: Whoa... What?! Boy 1: Guys, don't be like my friend here who didn do anything, not doin anthuin is part of the problum? *End

- Shiroyasha - : Welcome back to _"Why is this in my recommended"_ Episode 141

Buzz Lightyear : If you want lyrics Ya man wassap? How was the paai otha niet? It was alright, there was this guy with his girlfriend.. he wanted to do something that she didn't want to. So wha didyodo abowt nothing Woo, dant belie mah frend who dindo anhihin, nat doin anihin istha partatha proem

Ayush Upadhyay : *Did YouTube recommended you this too?*

Zark Muckerberg : *subtitles has left the chat*

Jericho Five : - *Whoa* *Wha* ? -Guys don be like ma frend hear, who di do aiihing. Na do aiihing i pa oh de prablem !

Prathmesh Deshmukh : From the thumbnail I thought this video is about a dude who turns is neck backwards or something.

SmoothyBooty : _they say that his friend is still stuck in time for his crimes against humanity_

j holl : finally youtube is recommending quality content.

Dxviion : Lmao just walk up and close my locker thanks man !

Toasted Fan Art : This guy should be a mumble rapper, his name could be "Lil What".

Senixyz : Friend: *misses all 6 classes*. *not doing anything, is part of the problem*

The Club : You might want to open the mouth when you speak. Just saying.

Buzz Lightyear : Don't be like his friend, be like him and confuse the world

Jesus Negrete : "How was that Pie the other night?"

envi z : he's talking like he's still on drugs

Unknown : So... he ain’t gonna unfreeze his friend? Is that punishment for not doing anything? Rest In Peace dude who didn’t do anything he died frozen

LtBloodwing Games : Let’s play a fun game of why is this in my recommenced

Amateur Eater - Mukbang & Travel : Realized this was in english about 20s in

Misty Joja : So y'all just gonna ignore the fact that he used his left hand to handshake

Jake Branthe : how was that pie the other night?

Hozackeno Echmaru : 11 years and still in my recommendations

Conrad Andrew : YouTube recommended bringing back the oldies but goldies

RAINBOW DIP : ......and mumble rappers were born

Timur Hoku : Captions - Russian (auto-generated)

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Paralyses his friends with a slap and leaves him to die. W O A H W H A T

5steps nearDeath : 0:05 that handshake lmao

Tea : Legend says that his friend is still standing there 11 years later...


MopeyMo : Some say he’s still frozen to this day

Dan Root : Did he leave him frozen forever?!

ᴛʜᴇʙᴀᴄᴏɴᴏᴛᴀᴋᴜ - : I like the part when he says, "Woah What?"

J Gonzalez : -“Howth dat pardeee udder night?” It was alright “Wut?”

MW pLaYz : Mumble rap has changed the past....

Carlos Suave : WOAH don’t be like my friend here ...Nahdouighanyahthingishtapparhoftheaprobleam