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Michael Jay - Value Investing : He forgot to unfreeze his friend

Beyond Tubular: nice job : Log# 4015 It has been 11 years since Edward began freezing people in time, every major government has collapsed into anarchy. Those who have survived have hidden themselves from Edward. He is close and I fear this will be the last time I move freely in this world. If you read this remember: _not doing anything is part of the problem_

Homeboy_Brando : Why was this recommended to me? This has nothing to do with anything that I watch and is over a decade old. The beauty of YouTube recommendations 😂😂

ProtoMario : Whoa hold on there buckeroooo

Sol Anima Network : Wot in enunciation!?!?

The Plains Jam : Transcript: (Enter Boy 1) Boy 1: Hey whats up? (Closes locker) Boy 1: How was tha piety the otha night? Boy 2: It was alright, but there was this guy with his girlfriend and he tryin to get her to do something she don't wanna do. Boy 1: So what'd you do about it? Boy 2: I didn't do anything--- (Freezes time) Boy 1: Whoa... What?! Boy 1: Guys, don't be like my friend here who didn do anything, not doin anthuin is part of the problum? *End

loopguru66 : Ten bucks says he went straight into the girls bathroom while time was still frozen

Kawsaki : When the comments are 10x funnier than the video

Dredd : At least he could've waited for his friend to finish. The thing she didn't want to do was thank the bus driver.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : If the avengers brought him to fight thanos, the universe would be saved

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : This kid speaks so inaudibly that the subtitles got set to russian

The Lizard Wizard : And what did you do? I didn't do anything *ZA WARUDO*

αииιкα 549 : 0:25 I thought it was a meme but it was about sexual violence 😂

Kyo Sakamoto : The manga is better

Jaguer91 : Top 10 saddest anime endings

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Paralyses his friends with a slap and leaves him to die. W O A H W H A T

McGovP : "One take, we got it."

Mr. Potatoes Head : The mannequin challenge origin story.

DarthOliptius : I love how you can hear a hallway full of students despite it being completely empty.

Blaine T : He ended it as a question...😂

Toasted Fan Art : This guy should be a mumble rapper, his name could be "Lil What".

Noodle : nado n e thing ispar oftha pablem poor guy is frozen with his shirt on backwards forever.

Soma Cruz : Ofc he didn't do anything, because he don't have such powers to freeze people as his friend does.

Sol1d Shark : Top 10 characters that can beat thanos (with the infinity gauntlet)

Supreme Bee : Still a better love story than Twilight

Dan Root : Did he leave him frozen forever?!

Zippy TTR : I hope this comes out of Beta soon

Kaboongo : The quality of this 11 years old video is better than the most of all the cctv cameras and phone cameras from nowadays.

FukboiCook : whyd he say it like a question at the end? lmaoo

liam macpoyal turd : He needs to open his mouth properly when he talks

envi z : he's talking like he's still on drugs

leavemebeehoneybe : The most essential part of history, is when time stopped for a full decade. Luckily we were saved by constantly chanting to ourselves in our heads, “not doing anything is part of the problem.” Anyway, I’m gonna go pray to satan.

TRUE FBI : I cant understand anything.... *OPEN UP

Daniel Alvarado-Angeles : Ironic, that he say's " not doing anything is part of the problem", but then decides to do nothing back to unfreeze his friend.


Voku : Naddoonaninnispadodapobem (?)

Andrew. H : Dio looks strange in this episode.

Isaiah Trageser : How was that pautie the othe night ?!

Davidenco226 : I cant even understand what is happening, I just heard the word girlfriend

benyamind : The fact the dude made it a question is a universe of its own. Dead.

Krwnik : *notdoeenganytheengizparthofdaproblem*

Lily Mega Eevee : When you freeze your friend to tell the audiance about not doing anything.

MOBADOS : *Se le olvidó descongelar a su amigo :v*

Wiley : Is 2007 trending. My feed is full of it o_o

Marco Rodriguez : The guy with the white shirt looks like he put it on backwards

WickedRibbon : It's all fun and games until Edward suddenly puts his hand your chest...

Joe Fucking Flacco #11TDS-0INTS #Joeezy #JoeCool #5 #BetterRecievers : Genie:You can have the ability to freeze time, but no one can understand it when you speak. Me:

NSwag : Caption: *Russian*

Capitalist Pig : I like how the captions auto generated to Russian.

Sdot Dangerous : Y didn't he unfreeze his friend?.. This kid is some kind of fuckin wizard or maybe he and Zack Morris are from the same family of time freezing megamen.