Wait... What???

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The Playinghand Show : Wait, what??? Dude, swallow yo food. I didn’t even understand the question you asked the guy. Something about pie...

Geets : Naddoonaninnispadodapobem (?)

G 6 : *whoa.* *What??*

Rudy Flores : Let's say they are the class of 2008. That guy has been frozen for the past *10 YEARS*

Martyy Mcflyy : I feel sorry for that gum he’s chewing

envi z : he's talking like he's still on drugs

AdemolaVictorTv : Mannequin challenge original inventor 😂😂😂

Victor Coyenn : Classic.

Você Achava Que Era Outra Pessoa,Mas Sou Eu DIO : *Wait...*

Joshman601 : That kid froze his friend before he could finish his sentence. He was gonna say, "I didn't do anything at first, but then I told him to stop, and he backed off." He should've let him finish his sentence.

Sumukh : Let that guy March for his life please.

Once * Army : The legend says he is still frozen!

Zuzu Cunt : So did he not do anything to unfreeze his friend? *You liaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!*

Justin Y. : ZA WARUDO

Shadowy Figure : Wait.....What Guys dont likmm yy frnd heremmm Who dnnnt do anythnnnn not Doin anythnn i spattnn THE problmmm

魔人ブウ : the backhand chest stop... *legendary* ..

Echoforedgarr : Lyrics “hey what’s up” *smack* “how’s that paannaanjsnight” “it was alright there was this guy and he was wit his girlfriend and he was tryina get her to do something she didn’t wanna do” “so whadudo about it” “I didn’t do anything” _woah._ _what_ *freezes the other guy* “guys, don’t be like my fren here who didn do anything. not doing anything is. parofthproblem?”

Bxldless : I like how he walks up, and HE closes his friends locker.

OMEGA CRUSH : lmao, dude clearly doesn't give a fuck about a thing. his shirt is on backwards

thachiefrocka : Dude... why'd you close my locker?

The Spherical Earth : Whoa, what? [Actor.exe] has stopped working

Eliza h. : wow I would be here cracking up at 3am before a final exam I'm for sure gonna fail at

Andre Rockrose : Suka Blyat (っ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ς)

shakuryon : This is literally how 95% of mumble Rappers today talk like during interviews

Yaris GG : *_hosthapatheothnight_*

becca : despite this being shitty af , it’s a good message

A.K. : Is this the American high school life I've been hearing about

l : 0:16 omaewa..

Sean Vang : The mannequin challenge before it became popular. Lol

Pedro Ribeiro : legend has it the other guy's still frozen till now

sourdeezle doc : “How was that pie the other night”😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

spllitz : And he's still frozen...

RandomVidz : Doitlooklikiwasleffoffbadnbojie?

friendsANDsuch350 : So he just left him frozen?

Lumina650 : WOW What ? No doin anuthin is pat of the pwoblem -Speech 100-

M'aiq the Liar : Hwsp. Hossthptyudltsn8? Owtudb8it? Woah. What? Gysntbtmfrndhrntdnythng Dnythngsptthprblm

Tran : 2007 "Your Voice, Your View" Contest Winners Wonder what they were up against

John Smith : How was that pie the other night?

Lord-Commander Savage : That's fucking dedication. He ain't doing shit. He's part of the problem.

Khaosrune : I remember my freeze frame moments in high school... those were the...

Epic GamerZ : Legends say that he is still frozen to this day.

KJ M’ckay : *_My Timeskip is Unbeatable_*

Heychuh : His head is on backwards

RandomVidz : Notdoinanythinisparoftheprobbem

Noel Arkström : Guysdonbeliemyfrenhhehodindoanithn. nodonanithispawapwopem.

Lure : Woah what guys

Kowshik Noor : They ended their friendship that day

Daniel Kelly : 0:21 "naddoeinhnenythinisparofdapraublm?"

Envious GodSpeed : Legend has it the man is not moving till this day

TechHydra : “There was this guy with his girlfriend, and he tried to get her to do something she didn’t wanna do” “So what did you do?” *teleports behind boyfriend* OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU NANI!? *ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA* *dude explodes violently* Sorry. I’ll go sit at the weeb corner now.