Three Guys smoking pot in a car when a squirrel jump through the sunroof YouTube

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HeyItzWerty : Thank you reddit for this beauty baby

Pete 6641 : Gotta love it

Ronda Peplinski : I laughed so hard. It was great watching the guy in the backseat, scream like a girl.. And then the car just started rocking!!!!

Doge This! : always pass it to the left, degenerate!

Jahmakey : It took them a minute to notice it was in in the car lol

Eli Bishop : I laughed entirely too hard at this. You get the same reaction when someone blows the cherry into their lap as well.

TheJohnathonHarvel : It happens more than you

JJoe : Guys, Joe Rogan told me weed makes you smarter. This is proof.

Michael Zevallos : He panics so bad he goes out the back door!

jmg999 : Those man-eating squirrels will get ya' every time.

Ralph Sawyer : hahahahahahahahaha

monsterenergyaxe : 2018 I wish this should would come back.

Piko Van : Don’t smoke and drive.

The Graduates : Squirrels are trying to take over the world

jonw : Squirrel was a narc.

Dentariunoux : Puff puff pass bby

Barry Williams : Squirrels got that automatic delay on em

Dani LeBrun : So stupid it's hilarious!!!

superawesom12 : What's the music?

Dave Bryant : Almost looks like slow motion accident footage

Manda1954 : Why is it being filmed?

Kekísh Khan : It's whitest kids you know! Could at least throw it in there for reference.

M Wayne : City people...sheesh.

rkey16 : WKYK ??

sarcasmo57 : Elegant.

Internet Account : 0:39

The Cereal Guy : lul

Carl Carter : 2017

Humble Ango : Converting reddit karma to YouTube karma

Jemimacakes : Wkuk

Damian Hoeflinger : I can't believe 3 punks like them would be afraid of a harmless squirrel. You definitely have shown what kind of lil' boys you are when you smoke the wizard bud. It is supposed to make you feel calm and able you to get through what you are coping with. Maybe you need a Xanax. 3 little punks afraid of a lil' squirrel. Damn, if I let you on my side when we are at war. You will be the first to squirrels breath. NUTS HONOR!!!!!


Robert Chamberlain : Fake

Emma E : Not even funny

Andrew Buell : visited from reddit

Dan : Trash

2D : Stupid redditors find it funny.