Three Guys smoking pot in a car when a squirrel jump through the sunroof YouTube

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James : This was so simple but fucking hilarious, reminds me of Monty Python

Doge This! : always pass it to the left, degenerate!

Wertyop70 : Thank you reddit for this beauty baby

ADIDASects : I ilke how Andy Kaufman was the last one to notice.

Dentariunoux : Puff puff pass bby

Piko Van : Don’t smoke and drive.

JJoe : Guys, Joe Rogan told me weed makes you smarter. This is proof.

superawesom12 : What's the music?

Humble Ango : Converting reddit karma to YouTube karma

Jahmakey : It took them a minute to notice it was in in the car lol

Dani LeBrun : So stupid it's hilarious!!!

The Graduates : Squirrels are trying to take over the world

Jemimacakes : Wkuk

M Wayne : City people...sheesh.

Michael Zevallos : He panics so bad he goes out the back door!

jmg999 : Those man-eating squirrels will get ya' every time.

Emma E : Not even funny

Ralph Sawyer : hahahahahahahahaha

Pete 6641 : Gotta love it

Barry Williams : Squirrels got that automatic delay on em

Carl Carter : 2017

Andrew Buell : visited from reddit

jonw : Squirrel was a narc.

Markus Magnon : Only 40.000 views? This is epic!

Dave Bryant : Almost looks like slow motion accident footage

sarcasmo57 : Elegant.

rkey16 : WKYK ??

monsterenergyaxe : 2018 I wish this should would come back.

Internet Account : 0:39

The Cereal Guy : lul

Saighdiúir ar Kek : It's whitest kids you know! Could at least throw it in there for reference.


Robert Chamberlain : Fake

Dan : Trash

2D : Stupid redditors find it funny.

Eli Bishop : I laughed entirely too hard at this. You get the same reaction when someone blows the cherry into their lap as well.

TheJohnathonHarvel : It happens more than you