Mac Tonight vs. Modern McDonald's Marketing

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StickMaster500 : During the day, he’s a member of the KKK, during the night, he’s gonna Mac Tonight

Cyranek : aww yeah give it to me moon man oh baby

Justin Y. : Well you can go the route of Japanese MCdonalds and make a whole anime commercial to promote their burgers. It all depends on the region I guess.

Blao : Since then Moonman has a very successful career in edgy rap music.

LeonBelmont : E N J O Y Y O U R S E L F

Jerry Can : To be fair, the entire ad campaign had to be shut down after Mac Tonight joined the KKK.

Michael Opnv : Well I guess they now want their new commercials to reflect the quality of their food. Hastily made, lazy, and unpleasant to sit through.

Freddy Fabzar : Thank you, you said it perfectly. Mac Tonight aswell as the McDonaldland Campaign really needs to come back we dont need this repetitive bullshit we get these days.

quadro beam : The problem is that mac tonight didnt sell mcdonalds. I want it back as much as you seem to, but they never will.

The Purple Meanie : Mac Tonight may be a little off-putting but he’s better than those creepy McDonald’s boxes with the faces on them.

Acid Sev : Lmao the anti racist comments are more toxic than the actual moonman jokes.

marja 1 : Moonman moonman cant you see

Panelledsquid : When the clock strikes Half past six babe Time to head for Golden liiiiiights! Have a good tiiiime! For the great taste. DINAH! At Mcdonaaaaaaaaaald's It's Mac Toniiiiiiiiiiiiight! C'mon make it Mac Tonight!

The Anarcho–Nazbol Inquisition : Simple commercials for simple minded people. b r i n g b a c k m o o n m a n

Homerboy44 : These modern ads are sicker than your average... ...What was I supposed to say again?

Mr Slav : MoonMan MoonMan can't you see

Joseph Garfield : They're never bringing back mac tonight, for... reasons...

Solfilium : It seams like everything has lost style since the 90's

Ed_ward : Actually Mac Tonight was cancelled in the 80s because the son of the writer of song mac tonight was based on sued.

ShelfyAndCo : Mac Tonight is not moon man, he's our one true god of vaporware now

TBPepper : Them: "Do you dream in black and white?" Me: "moon man moon man can't you see?"

MOONMAN : Yeah good times

e-104 Epsilon : they had to stop mac tonight because it was copying moonman and moonman is infact copyright.

Seraphi Grimaldi : Moonman moonman Can't you see...


Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law : Heil moonman! He is God!

SammEater : Even markerting is bland nowadays, damn...

kanishq ruhil : The crescent 🌙 guy of McDonald's looks more like a killer... Like eat the damn burgers or I'll impale you with my chin

Brolygarcia 92 : it's a shame what happened to mac tonight,he was a character from my childhood

Double'sIronicContent : This is original content. Mac Tonight is truly a perfect commercial and somebody finally said it here! You earned a sub from me mate.

Bigbrovc : I will never forget the first time I listened to enjoy yourself

A Cool Gamer : this makes me want to have mac tonight in my local mcdonalds

Besaid Knight : Your so right...!! These commercials are #$!×in' boring!!! I'll eat the poisonous pink paste, but wow, at least package and advertise it right, or I'll just make my own burgers (I do it often, and no, it's not hard, but I'm frickin lazy, so entice me!!!)

John Notstamos : bro, are you a Marketer? This may not make you want a burger. But it'll make a non nerdy, super hip, moderate 20 something want a burger In a post-9/11 post-Super Size Me era of McDonalds, their marketers/advertisers have been working hard *NOT* on practical commercial effects *BUT* proving to the the public that they aren't *UNHEALTHY* This shouldn't be a discussion on what is appealing for a company but what's necessary for a company. It's an oppurtunity cost in itself, would you rather spend millions making a big budgeted circus that lasts for 1 minute just so some small percentage of dudes could say "Woah, that's cool" or a couple hundreds to thousands on a campaign that appeals to the majority of middle class Americans on both sides of the ideology spectrum?

Sean Eubank : yo man this guy has good vids where's all his subs at

SnakeHugz Official : Moonman, Moonman, can't you see? Seriously though, why didn't you mention the moonman controversy

nernerman : Oh boy! Moon Man, anyone remember that meme?

Drue-Michael Gazzola : There ads from the 80s make me go there more than their new ones ever have

FlipTheFrog : Calling it now, this guys gonna blow up in popularity

SealMeme6 : The best McDonalds commercial ever made was the one that featured Ben Garrison, and they fought off KFC customers. It's a great video, just look up Right Wing Death Squads and see if you can find it.

Mr. Pug : You deserve 1 million subscribers

Michael O'Keefe : Modern McDonalds ads starring stupid Millennials. I'm telling you that Millennials ruin EVERYTHING!

Alushu : Such a severely underrated channel. Deserves way more subs. YouTube recommendation actually did good for once.

The Crimson King - : I want a link to that mesothelioma song lol

Arismetical : Mac Tonight is sicker than your average niBBer


Virginboy3D : Mac Tonight is super aesthetic. Legs bring him back.

The DCUniverse Collector : i like McDonalds fries

BUBBLEGUM GUN : 80's media is superior what else is new

Lewis James : someone threw panties LMAO