The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis

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Humans are the only Earthlings with complex language. But at what cost was that ability acquired? In this episode, I visit Tetsuro Matsuzawa to learn about his influential cognitive tradeoff hypothesis. Available with YouTube Premium - To see if Premium is available in your country, click here:

Comments from Youtube

E Field : Those are Asian chimpanzees of course they can do that

JEFF SMiTH : So basically don’t ever type any of your passwords around these mfs lmfao...

Zyrixia : if language was so good why isnt there a language 2

KudosK : The monkeys are paid disguised osu players

Akshay Kumar : I miss the regular videos so much.

Dawnfall : _I dream of the day that Michael will remember his password and upload a normal video..._

Rdawgs : I got YouTube red just for mindfield

The Truth : I don't think the memory test is impossible, I would like to see someone trained in that memory test for 10 years and see his result.

Filip Bomark : *Michael, you have 10 fingers. There was 9 buttons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Grandayy : In episode 2 Michael decides to live the remainder of his life as one with the chimpanzees

Zo : Why can't we get these chimps to solve our "are you a robot" puzzle for us. :p

I'm Me : Did you know that Michael is HowToBasic?

James Sarkar : Think Chimp = GPU, Humans = CPU If you understand computer processing!!

Sébastien W. : I think I can pass the Ayume's test, thanks to the game of Dr. Kawashima on Nintendo DS that I used to play often.

Tim Sullivan : Tried a similar test - failed miserably. Tried again, but THIS time, rewarded myself with a piece of apple. Result? Perfect score ...but I forgot how to talk.

Noob Noob : Subtitle: [*clangs] Deaf ppl: /O\

Yuki Endo : I'm curious about how top OSU! players will perform on this test! It's pretty sad you didn't try it on rhythm gamers.

Garlic Mustard : I cant be the only one wanting to know how the hell chimps know the numerical order?!

FuryOfTheNight ! : Love how they put subtitles for the asian Dude speaking ENGLISH.

EllaX’s dream The bubble tea : I have a question for you, *how does ant man breathe when he goes smaller then an air molecule?*

Lee Miranda : I like the last part that he concluded what the Japanese guy said in an instant. So clever!

TaRuN ToMaR : i miss the regular videos so much. plz michael start up again. we need you so much

Pedro A. Grilo UtL : First and foremost, I loved the video. Secondly, I think it´s rather unfair to have a human facing off a trained monkey to this kind of task. It´s like having an untrained wolf running against a trained dog. Even if the dog wins, it doesn´t mean he´s faster. It simply means he was better prepared for the task

_ Bender : *at michael's wedding* I do! or do I?

Only Gameplay : Hey Micheal I think I see you on science TV that it names is Dark Matter : Twisted but true

FlyingAce1016 : My fav ep you have done yet!

morgan yeatman : I don’t know why it made me so weak when he said ”look at monkeys”

liberalmatt : Subbed, thanks to Rationality Rules!

TrotelHD : This seems like the kind of game Sherlock Holmes would play.

200000 subs with no video : I'm not crying You're crying

Doggo dog Roblox! : The only way to communicate, free episodes

Captain Ford : You can tell the scientist really loves his Chimps. So cute!

Prodigy Girl Gaming : I’m sad Vsauce is all YouTube Premium now 😔

Luigi Daniele : What if it has something to do with eyes? The high resolution part of the human eye is very small. I think its physically impossible for humans to move their eye fast enough to see each number that quickly, perhaps the cones and rods are less concentrated in other primates.

lastugro : ""And God said to the seventy angels who stood foremost before him, to those who were near to him, saying, Come let us descend and confuse their tongues, that one man shall not understand the language of his neighbor, and they did so unto them." Book of Jasher 9:32 "And the throne upon which the king sat was covered with gold and silver, and with onyx stones, and it had seventy steps." Book of Jasher 47:43 Book of Jasher 47: ''45 If he was one of the common people, he ascended to the third step, and the king would descend to the fourth and speak to him, and their custom was, moreover, that any man who understood to speak in all the seventy languages, he ascended the seventy steps, and went up and spoke till he reached the king. 46 And any man who could not complete the seventy, he ascended as many steps as the languages which he knew to speak in. 47 And it was customary in those days in Egypt that no one should reign over them, but who understood to speak in the seventy languages. " =70 languages given by 70 angels sent by God=

Marcos Paullo Rocha : conheci o canal só agora kk🤦‍♂️🙀 muito top

JasonStarRising : Chimp could solve this in like 2 seconds \int x\sin ax\;\mathrm{d}x = \frac{\sin ax}{a^2}-\frac{x\cos ax}{a}+C

atenahena : the only good youtube red show honestly

freeideas : Wait! Something they didn't talk about: The chimps have practiced this before, maybe for YEARS! Wouldn't a human, practicing this maybe every day for a year, become extraordinarily good at these tests? I think so. Am I missing something?

shado w : We should do an experiment where we put chimpanzees in caves for generations and see if they change

Holy Attack : Tetsuro Matsuzawa sounds like my spiritual sensei: "You is impossible..."

jackson cool beans : Am I the only one getting brain game vibes

Mister Theguy : Memory is sacrificed for language just as vsauces channel is sacrificed for youtube red

zuldo : Why do they present this as if there haven't already been studies where humans did this task for weeks and outperformed Ayumi? Its not impossible for humans to do it..

ZeGamer : I expected the reasearcher to step in and ace Ayumu’s test.

NFEm vibz : Wow now I'm in love with chimps

Mary Gonsalves : How do they know numbers?

DogBeef : ok so basically im monky.

Hans Neumann : It's so interesting!👍😆 P.S. I love Japan!)