The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis

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Grandayy : In episode 2 Michael decides to live the remainder of his life as one with the chimpanzees

E Field : Those are Asian chimpanzees of course they can do that

Usman Ghauri : basically we traded off memory for memes

Mike Messiah : This *Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis has been rejected long time ago* since its method of experiment is invalid and wrong,. I dont know why Michael is giving it attention... Ayumu was the only 1 of 6 chimpanzees to achieve this level of performance. Furthermore, these 6 chimpanzees were extensive training on a non-time-pressured version of the task, wherein the digits did not disappear until the subject touched the first digit. Training involved approximately 200 trials per day, 5 or 6 days a week, and began in 2005. At the time Tetsuro Matsuzawa published his article in 2007, 5 of the 6 chimpanzees (those other than Ayumu) were still being trained. From this, we can infer that training was quite extensive. In contrast, the human subjects received almost no practice of any sort. In a subsequent study, by Silberberg and Kearns, they showed that *humans can match Ayumu’s performance* when they get *extensive time-pressured practice* —that is, practice at the extremely short 210-msec stimulus duration that was used for the final test.

Zyrixia : if language was so good why isnt there a language 2

Prodigy Girl Gaming : I’m sad Vsauce is all YouTube Premium now 😔

Ster Chess : I think a human would do better if they were just coloured dots, because humans get confused and start reading the numbers instead of just remembering the image

Michael Davis : Thumbs down. You have to give Michael the apple reward or it’s not the same test result.

David S. : when Dad catches me masturbating 17:31

Zen Master : Millions of $$ spent on the building, thousands of days on observations, hundreds of hours on formulating a hypothesis. *Nobody thought to have a human compete with one of the chimps* 🙄

ShibeNation : Thank you Michael, very cool!

Michael H : Put a human through the same scenario., where they do nothing all day and their life sucks, the only joy they get is that puzzle where they get rewards. We would do just as good.

utubestas : seems to me there is a methodological shortcoming here: they are comparing a random human with a chimp who has been training to perform that task its whole life. we can't know what the performance limit for a human actually is unless they were raised doing the task since childhood! The entire hypothesis is based off the assumption that it is impossible for humans to succeed at that task. I wonder if the researchers address it somehow in their publications

Relatively Contingent : For a second, I thought this video was going to be about science.

will 88 : it is a HYPOTHESIS. Not to be taken as proven fact, very interesting though!

UnlawfulWaffle : I love mind field but the only problem is, i dont want to pay for youtube premium. You see, mind field is one of the only shows i like on youtube premium as, well to be quite frank, everything else is just bad. Im not gonna pay for a service just to watch one show, you know what i mean? Yeah it's fucked up because i want to support Vsauce and watch his amazing show but I am forced to watch it on sites like rulu because of the fact that im not gonna pay for a service that only has one good show. idk man, sorry for ranting. Thanks to anyone who read the whole thing

DjSapsan : *Actually its all a totally wrong. This guy studying only apes but not computing processing. In reality humans remember much more information, there not just numbers on screen. Human remember position/color/shape/high order/environment/etc (in subconsciousness). Only because human remember in high level of abstraction its harder to recall exact part of entire information. Its was proven long time ago with chess. Grandmasters can remember whole board in supershort period (faster than apes with this screen). Because they remember **_position_** instead of **_figures_** . Also its make us able to create infinity order of abstract layers. For example, people recognising exact model of auto when apes can see only vehicle (perhaps). Considering highway. Ape can recall exact position of autos (guess), but human can tell what exact models of autos was there. Humans remember much more information, its hard to process, so we need to abstract things. Programmers know what about i talk. Abstraction and BigData processing is superhard for hardware. Its all means that humans not "traded" with them but supremacy them*

Ajust : I'd like to point out that this wasn't fair. These Chimpansees have been doing this test for a longer amount of time and have had more time to practise. While I was "playing along" I noticed that my speed increased on this test aswell as Michael but I allso started guessing the order the numbers where placed and I was stil very accurate at it. I think within a week or maby two you should be able to this test at around the same speed.

Gio Villalba : It is not clear to me at all how the chimpanzees were able to understand the test in the first place. Somebody could explain that to me, please.

薛倩 : Why do they put English subtitles when Japanese speak English?

JesusChristVEVO : Season 3 of Mind Field is here *or is it?*

KudosK : The monkeys are paid disguised osu players

Lawrence Schultz : For me this "cognitive trade off" theory does not hold water. It's one thing to say chimps in the wild would need to be able to make quick decisions about the number of rivals in the nearby trees, but these chimps were not just remembering how many they saw, but the specific sequence of abstract numeric symbols--hard to imagine where that was necessary in the wild!! Seems clear they need a better theory to explain this.

Raúl Andreas Sanjinés Morató : hey, compare Ayumu to someone with photographic memory. Does it mean that the person is more evolved? or maybe less...

Crash Bandicoot : A middle-aged japanese scientist can still work the monkey bars while some of our kids today can't even hang on. Enough said.

Yurac Hunt : Yay free episode

Andrews Animations : "Look at Monkeyssssssssssssssssssssssss"

SunShd : But aside from the whole memory thing, what do you call 'language'? Vocal language? Don't chimps also have a language? They can obviously communicate with each other, I don't think us not knowing their language mean they don't have one, or that it's not as developed. But then, of course, our language developed as our conscience and intelligence so we can talk about more abstract things... Idk..

Marat : Lol why are there subtitles when the Doc speaks? He speaks english. It's like that one skit.

Sir MrMimeGuy712 : "Remember where the numbers are, because they're about to disappear." Me: "Okay." "Now can you name them in numerical order?" *internal panic begins as I realize that I have no clue where the number are and it's a weird mind trick* "It's easy! 1, 2, 3." needless to say I didn't guess the right spots.

i-win : 🦀 Vsauce released a free episode! 🦀

Sébastien W. : I think I can pass the Ayume's test, thanks to the game of Dr. Kawashima on Nintendo DS that I used to play often.

Ritesh Nemade : how does that chimp know the number order?

KudosK : “You can only have food, if you can pass this tests.

MrTILLA2011 : How dis Guy 14M subs impossible!!

nihonium : My favorite anime returns for another season :D

hedwegg : (1) Back to the Garden! Kicked out! (2) Now, chimpanzees kicked us out of the Jungle! Let Reason Prevail. (3) Back to the Cartoon Network!

Luan Lima : O youtube quer bater de frente com a Netflix kkkk

Drained : 11:42 when your mom dont let you play fortnite.

Black Batman : Mis huevotes pagarán YTPremium

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : We miss regular Vsauce uploads. Thanks for this one, Michael. And I think I am a monkey now.

Yui Poka : I was rooting for AI

Esmee Hulskamp : Okay but after 20 minutes (end of the video) I still know the position of the first 1,2,3 you showed me. Does the monkey know this as well? If I were raised doing these tests, like Ayumu I'm sure I could do this stuff as well. Also did anyone notice how he kept discouraging Michael? As if he wanted him to score lower.

kATiEWhO : Why is all the dsmn comments turned off on every episode except the first episode in the series!!! Super annoying cuz I love this series and I wanna write and communicate, and tell what I'm feeling at the end of the episode but I can't. Love these shows so intriguing and great for the brain to start thinking about things you dont usually think of.... love when the brain is flowing and going down the rabbit hole lol. And love Michael such a good fit for this series.

FunnyFox 204 : Anyone else sorta want to take the nine digit test just to try and prove it’s not impossible................

I WILL REIGN : And to think we outclassed almost every single species on the planet just because we can make funny sounds by flapping our food holes.

valor36az : This series has become shallow, he was doing a better job when he was on his own.

Hoioidoi Gaming : speed cubers be like

Paul Dirks : In Germany we had a contest with the goal of beating Ayumus time and people actually did it

Pedro A. Grilo UtL : First and foremost, I loved the video. Secondly, I think it´s rather unfair to have a human facing off a trained monkey to this kind of task. It´s like having an untrained wolf running against a trained dog. Even if the dog wins, it doesn´t mean he´s faster. It simply means he was better prepared for the task